How to become a mystery shopper – part 2

how to become a mystery shopper - part 2

Find out how I got on with my first ever mystery shopping gig!

Last week I wrote about the start of my first every mystery shopping experience. I set this up so I could tell you all you need to know to become a mystery shopper from start to finish.

I was a little apprehensive after booking it in, what would happen if the bank advisor didn’t do what they are required to do?  Today I can tell you what happened next and how it went.

This mystery shopper gig was to take out a bank product during a face to face interview which was booked in for last week.


What happened next?

Since setting up the appointment I have had various mini goings on culminating in the actual meeting.

Firstly I had a package delivered and it had recording devices enclosed – eek!

  1. Means I’ve got to record the meeting
  2. I’ve got to work out how to operate the blasted things!

It also had an outline script and parameters of what I should say and what I shouldn’t. All pretty straightforward and not too involved.

Two days before my appointment I got a call from the bank adviser I was booked in with. This was a preliminary chat, asking me questions including what product I was taking out and why.

Luckily I had read my brief when it arrived and was able to be on message.

Then I got a call the day before from the research company to say they had filled their quota for the month. They always book extra gigs in case people drop out at the last minute.

They asked me to re-book my appointment for early this month and offered me an additional £10 for my efforts. Well, I’m not going to turn down an extra £10!

And I’ve already spent a further 30 mins on this gig taking calls and playing with recording equipment. (You’ll be ok, even I can operate them!)


How to become a mystery shopper - part 2

Unexpected contact

The re-booked appointment was with another adviser. However I then got a call from the original adviser at the time I would have been due to see them – oops!

She suggested, if it was convenient, to change this 2nd appointment (again) to one where I would meet with her rather than this new adviser.

She explained that as she had already done the preliminary call 2 days ago, this negated the need for me to go through this again with the new adviser. All very helpful and amenable so I agreed.

Hoping even more that she was going to do a good job when we met. She’d be kicking herself later if she finds out she was mystery shopped as a result of actively booking me back in with herself!

And the underlying reason I think she called to get the appointment back in her diary? Targets! All bank advisers have targets, well that’s my understanding.

I was a target on a plate and she’d already done some of the work. I don’t blame her for using her initiative to get me booked back into her diary.


How to become a mystery shopper - part 2

The main event

Having booked myself in for the beginning of the month I received my pre-briefing call from the research company the morning of my appointment.

A short 5 minute phone call just running through the scenario, checking I knew what to do during and immediately after.

Bearing in mind that I am experienced in talking and presenting to groups of people I actually felt a little nervous when walking to the bank!

I don’t think I’d make a very good fraudster.

The bank meeting lasted approximately 40 minutes and I did all that I had been asked to do.

I had to phone the research company once I had left the bank’s premises and BEFORE I turned off the recording devices (yep, that’s right, there are two!).

Last week I was apprehensive about how the meeting would go, given I was there under false pretenses. What can I say? I’m a darn good actor once I get going!

No nerves and I feel that the bank adviser probably did everything that she is expected to do, there seemed no short-cutting going on.

Hopefully she will have ticked all the boxes her senior management are expecting and the branch will get positive feedback.

I posted back everything I received in the bank along with the recording devices and short questionnaire by registered post (this cost will also be refunded) and mystery shopping gig completed!


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Time taken

I was bang on the money when I said it would take a little over 2 hours. Factoring in travel time and the extra phone calls it took 2 hours and 10 minutes. Not bad for £60.


Wrapping up

The final loose ends are:

  • Email from the research company confirming receipt of paperwork/devices
  • Cancel the bank product and confirm to the research company this is done
  • I receive a cheque for £67.30 in the post (includes the £7.30 register post cost)

couple with shopping bags

Would I recommend you become a mystery shopper?

Absolutely I would. As long as you have a reasonable credit report and aren’t planning on taking out a new mortgage or other financial product in the next few months then if you haven’t already done it, why not go for it?

You can find the link to this mystery shopper gig in this post from Emma Drew. Hint, it’s the £50 one!

And no, I didn’t do my bit for the environment and walk. It was chucking down with rain, I looked like a drowned rat just getting back to the car via the post office!

Are you a mystery shopper? What’s been your favorite gig?

Learn how you can make money with your bank account.



How to become a mystery shopper - part 2. Earn money from home mystery shopping as a side hustle. make extra income to help you save money, pay off debt and budget better. #mysteryshopper #mysteryshopping #savemoney #sidehustle #hustle #sideincome #makemoneyfromhome #earnextramoney

6 thoughts on “How to become a mystery shopper – part 2”

  1. Ahhh I signed up with a mystery shopping company a while ago… they kept sending me emails for tire repair places. I never went. This sounds quite covert. I’d be sweating!!

    • Thankfully the adviser was very relaxed, personable and professional so made it easy for me. Wouldn’t have been quite so relaxed if I got the feeling that they weren’t doing their job properly. That of course might be the sum total of my mystery shopping side hustle, we shall see!

  2. Thanks for this update. Although you talk about how relatively straightforward it all was and that you were relaxed, I’m fairly certain that I would not have been relaxed, would have fluffed my ‘lines’, or given the game away – I’d make a terrible spy, haha!

    Still, if it’s something which you don’t mind doing, it could be a nice little earner.

    • Hi Weenie! I did have to try and remember to not chat too much just in case I gave the game away (I can talk for England given half a chance). Hoping to receive my cheque this week, will make it real then – a bona fide mystery shopper 🙂

  3. Hi Tuppenny
    I might sign up for this! It sounds like just the sort of thing I like! I remember once one of the managers in Aldi placing something on the very bottom of my trolley and told me not to put it on the checkout to see if the checkout person spotted it. I felt very important. (They spotted it). Lovely post.

    • What fun being approached by that manager – I’d have felt important too. Why not check it out? The research company seem to have a requirement to do a certain number each month so scope for you to get involved? Link is within the Emma Drew link in the post. That’s where I found the opportunity. Let me know if you do go for it and how you found it.


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