Smart Savers Festive Money Binder

Plan and prepare your best Christmas


Are You tired of feeling:

  • Stressed about how much you spend every Christmas?
  • Desperate about the debt that happens every January despite your best efforts?
  • That you are scratching around trying to find money you haven’t got to pay for Christmas?
  • Constantly running around buying gifts for people you’ve forgotten?
  • Anxious throughout November and December because of all that you have to do?

Then you need:

The festive money binder

  • You decide what your Christmas will look like and include
  • You decide how much you can and will spend
  • No more running around trying to find more gifts to buy because you’ve forgotten people
  • No longer will you spend November and December stressed and anxious about what you need to do and the cost
  • Always know where you are with your spending, know what gifts you have got, for whom, and what you have left to buy
  • You’ll have detailed lists of what actions you will take to get Christmas ready for your family with NO stress
  • No need to worry about debt after Christmas, there won’t be any because you’re NOT going to overspend!
gold and silver wrapped Christmas gifts

Does this sound familiar?

Every year you plan and budget for Christmas but you always end up with debt you can’t afford.

They tell you to enjoy Christmas but they don’t mention the debt, the anxiety and the stress do they?

Worrying about money stops you from truly enjoying this special time.

You are not alone in wanting to have a fantastic family Christmas without January debt. 

I know exactly how you feel!

This was me before I worked out how to give my family a fantastic Christmas without a ton of debt.

I got so stressed trying to give my family the perfect Christmas, I always ended up over spending. 

You CAN achieve a great Christmas without debt

With the festive money binder you won’t have to struggle or worry.

I’m not going to encourage you to spend money you haven’t got.

I’m going to help you plan and pay for a fantastic Christmas that doesn’t leave you with debt.

Christmas pink decoration with balls and ribbon

What's Included

Plus so much more!

In total you get 35 pages of budget planning and tracking worksheets so you know exactly where your money is. At all times.

The festive money binder will help you:

Festive Money Binder

Plan your Christmas WITHOUT debt
$ 7
  • Detailed budgeting worksheets so you always know where you are with your festive finances
  • Multiple planners and to do lists to keep track of your Christmas plans
  • Goals and review worksheets so next year you'll be even better prepared

When will I get my Festive Money Binder?

This is a digital download product. You can download your binder, print and get started all within minutes!