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I started life as a teenage single mum without tuppence to rub together and spent many years not much better off.  I want to share with you how I survived being broke, what steps I took to make ends meet and to start saving.

 How to survive the curve balls that life throws at you.  You don’t need to be earning a lot of money to have savings, everyone can save money and I hope I can inspire you to do just that.

It’s very difficult these days for many people to make ends meet.  You are bombarded with information on what you ought to be buying, how you ought to be living and working.

Everyone around you seems to earn more money, have more things, have a better quality of life.  You are not alone, so many people worry about the same things.

I hope to help you find your best financial life.  One where you have enough money for what you want.  Where you can make choices about saving, changing jobs, earning more or less and even retiring early.

Mr2p has been with me for most of this journey but stays in the background as far as our finances go.  While he earns his share, I tend to tell him how we are going to spend it.

Of course he doesn’t always agree or listen!



Cumbrian seaside

What is FIRE?

FIRE is Financially Independent, Retire Early.  Being financially independent means that you don’t have to earn money in order to live.

When you reach financial independence you have enough money to never need to work again.  However you may well choose to continue to work, maybe you love your job?  Maybe you want a little extra to be doubly sure?

Retiring Early is about leaving your 9-5 job.  You don’t need the money now and you have so many better things to do with your time. Why spend any longer than necessary working and earning?


Ennerdale and Great Gable

What’s with the FIREplace?

When Mr2p and I finish work we intend to (early) retire someplace new. We haven’t identified the exact location of where we will FIRE to but we are almost 100% sure it will be in Cumbria.

The nearer The Lake District the better.

Because we are FIREing early and have never earned large salaries we will be a little limited in our choices by house prices.

Especially as we want a house with a bigger garden – combining our current garden size with our allotment.

Hopefully we can narrow down our search area over the next 12 months to something less than an entire county!

Tuppenny x