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Hi There!

Saving money can be hard can’t it?

You have so much going on in your life; work, family, activities, that making your money go further doesn’t always happen.

That’s why I am here.

I know what it feels like to run out of money before your next paycheck.

I know how it feels when you can’t afford to buy clothes or the basics for your child.

I know all about the wrong decisions you can make with your money.

Because that was me, for a long time.

I bought takeaway food while my child survived with just 3 sets of clothes to wear.

Because that’s what you do when you’re a working single mom out of the house for 11 hours every day.

Or so I thought.

I maxed my first credit card in just 3 weeks buying all the things we ‘needed’.

Not thinking about how long it would take me to pay it off (years) or how I was going to afford the repayments (I couldn’t).

Mistakes? I’ve made more than a few!

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Let me help you

Thankfully I didn’t keep on making mistakes.

I slowly learned lots of sensible things like; budgeting, emergency funds, cheap meals, grocery hacks and a million and one ways to save money.

But, oh boy, did it take me a long time!

Maybe I’m just a slow learner. But the good news is, you don’t need to be.

Because I am here to help you.

I don’t want you to be stressing about money and worrying how you are going to get by.

I want to help you learn how to make your money go so much further.

You’ve worked hard for your money so let me help you make the best of every last bit of it.

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Frugal living

Frugal living gets a bad rap because so many people think it means doing without (it doesn’t), being a cheapskate (nope!) or never having fun (not true!).

Frugal living is all about making conscious decisions about how you spend the money you have.

It’s about doing more with less, not doing without.

When you live frugally, you love the life you have. And you have money in the bank.

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Where we are now

Starting out I was frugal because I HAD to be, not because I wanted to be.

I wanted to manage my money better so I had more money to spend but eventually I worked out that not spending it all made much more sense.

But eventually we learned to spend less than we earned and saved the rest.

We had big goals and we’ve achieved them.

We paid off our mortgage 10 years early.

We were able to give up our jobs more than 15 years early.

And now we have achieved our dream of moving to The Lake District to pursue a more outdoor, active lifestyle.

We couldn’t have achieved any of this without living and loving our frugal life and saving money wherever we can.

We didn’t start saving money properly (as in, actually spending less than we earned) until our early 30’s.

If we can do it then I know for sure that you can too.

Tuppenny x

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