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Frugal Living Made easy

Saving money is easy when you know how, but so hard when you have bills piling up on top of you. If your parents weren’t good with money then you have no role models to show you how to manage your finances.

Frugal living helps you live within your means, to pay your bills on time and save money for the things you want. Frugal living helps you make the most of the money you have.

I’m here to help you save money

I want to help you get frugal, to save money. To help you pay all your bills on time and to stress less about your finances. To learn how to save money and get the most bang for your buck. Life is for living, not worrying about money constantly.

You can save thousands by becoming money smart and adopting the frugal life. Let me help you save money now, tomorrow and next year.

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Latest Articles

Cartoon of woman at desktop with money flying around her to show frugal living working.

200 Best Frugal Living Tips And Ideas To Save Money

Can frugal living save you money? Absolutely it can. Does it mean living on rice and beans and never going out? Absolutely not! Frugal living is about making smart, sensible choices with your money.

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9 Tips From The Tightwad Gazette Book That Will Change Your Life

It might sound dramatic but I stand by it. The Tightwad Gazette by Amy Dacyczyn has the power to change your life. It did mine, and countless others. The tightwad tips in this book are timeless.

woman in yellow workout gear with arms raised above head in woodland setting to show  easy ways to be frugal and green.

Easy Ways To Go Green When You Live A Thrifty Lifestyle

These days there are so many more things to consider with a thrifty lifestyle. You don’t want to be super frugal at the expense of the environment, you want to be eco-friendly on a budget.

cartoon of man and woman looking at oversized clipboard

18 Frugal Home Must Haves To Save Money

When you are frugal, you want to be economical with your money, make it stretch further so you can do more with less. If you want your home to be a fabulously frugal home what key things do you need in order to make the frugal magic happen?

vector of tiny woman thinking through how to be frugal.

38 Frugal Hacks To Save More Money

You don’t have to be a card carrying frugalista, wanting to save money is sensible for all of us. You can’t always make more money, so it makes sense to make your money work harder instead. The best frugal life hacks help you do exactly that.

Vector of woman holding child looking at laptop and so tired of being frugal.

Frugal Fatigue: How To Beat It

“I’m so tired of being frugal.” This is a sentence that so many people say to themselves at the end of every month. You’ve been doing without for so long that you’ve developed frugal fatigue. And that can be a problem if you don’t fight back.

Old fashioned blue kitchen collection to show how to be frugal

10 Frugal Homemaking Secrets

You’re doing everything that you can to try and save money. But frugal homemaking on a budget is not always that obvious or easy. You’ve cut down almost all your personal expenses, but still, your monthly household budget is not where you need it to be.

woman in apron whisking eggs on red checked tablecloth to signify how to be a homemaker.

How To Become A Successful Homemaker: 7 Effective Habits

How to become a homemaker extraordinaire when right now you’re finding it all so hard? Becoming a successful homemaker is not as easy as people think. Unlike conventional 9 to 5 jobs, homemaking has no fixed hours. It’s all the time, 24*7.

Vector of people with money and the things they want to purchase.

How To Stay Frugal And Avoid Temptations

How to stay frugal, not just now but next month, next year, next decade? How do you avoid the temptation to increase your spending a little bit once you’ve got your money sussed?

Pastel flower arrangement on painted old fashioned suitacse to signify easy self care ideas.

75 Old Fashioned Living Tips To Save Money Today

I have no doubt you have been told before that “in the olden days” people had to make do and do without. For me the best thing about old fashioned living is the lower cost to you and your family.

older man and woman in leather jackets playing guitar

20 Frugal Living Tips For Seniors

Frugal living tips for seniors need to focus not just on saving money right now but also about adjusting to life stage changes in the future. Older people are often on a limited or fixed income with little scope for making more money.

mouse trap holding a money roll to signify living stingy.

11 Extreme Frugality Tips To Be Super Frugal

When your finances are in a deep decline, going all out for extreme frugality can help you stay on budget. It can feel hard sometimes to get started with the more extreme ways to save money, where to start? What to do? How?