Budgeting and Managing Money

Managing your money is crucial to your future financial success and your personal happiness.

Budgeting, paying off debt and living below your means are all within your grasp.

You can manage your money no matter what your financial situation.

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I am here to help you learn how to manage your money so you can pay off your debt and save money.

Achieve the life goals that are so important to you.

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Vector of budget for single woman with list complete and savings in a piggy bank.

How to successfully budget as a single woman

Budgeting can be difficult, but budgeting as a single woman is even harder. Budgeting for yourself requires you to budget your time, your money, your desires and so much more.

Vector of woman cutting up credit cards.

You’re Cutting Up Your Credit Cards…Seriously?

Given how useful we find them, abandoning old credit cards and reducing your credit usage might seem like a drastic measure to many people. How will you live without them?

Vector of woman getting into debt

How To Break Bad Money Habits And Create Good Ones

The bad money habits that we develop as children can have a lifelong impact on how much money we make, and the quality of life we lead. And like all bad habits, they are completely avoidable if you know what to do.

image of budget on a smartphone with a family around.

How To Create A Family Budget: 7 Key Questions

When creating a family budget, it’s really does help to involve the entire family. Creating a budget for your family is an important step in making sure that everyone understands what they need to. That your money is not a bottomless pit.

Vector of man sitting on books thinking about breaking bad money habits

Living On A Low Income Successfully: 25+ Top Tips

You’ve read about people successfully living on one income but they all seem to earn 6-figures. Hello real world! You want tips for low income living that don’t rely on one of you earning big bucks or giving up everything that you enjoy just to make ends meet.

Vector of pregnantnwoman putting money into savings to show the benefits of budgeting.

11 Remarkable Benefits Of Budgeting

We all know that we need a budget whether we have one right now or not! Sticking to a budget is much easier when you know what the true benefits of budgeting are.

Vector of money going up concept

10 Money Truths You Need To Know

Do you want to know the truth about money? How money works? Do you want to understand money better so that it doesn’t control the choices you make in life too much?

cartoon of woman and man thinking.

15 Real Ways To Save Money On A Tight Budget

If you are on a low income then finding ways to save money on a tight budget can make the difference between staying on budget or getting into debt. The good news is that small changes in your monthly spending can make a huge impact on your budget.

Vector of woman watering growing piles of money to signify home hacks to save money.

How To Build An Emergency Fund: 7 Strategies For Your Financial Safety

Building an emergency fund can be difficult if you are constantly juggling your bills, but peace of mind is just as important. That’s why you need to know how to build an emergency fund now. Not tomorrow, not next week. Today.

Vector of concept of how to raise your credit score 100 points.

How To Raise Your Credit Score 100 Points: 5 Easy Steps

If you’re looking for ways to raise your credit score 100 points or more, there are many helpful tips out there – but how do you know which ones will work best? The truth is that building a strong credit history can be simple.

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