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TuppennysFIREplace is all about saving money and making smart personal finance decisions. My motto is Build savings. Retire early. Tuppence at a time.

My readers are keen to make the most of living a fabulously frugal life with the potential to retire early if they choose.


Sponsored Posts

I’d love to hear your ideas for sponsored posts so why not email me with your ideas and budget? I will respond with my thoughts and enclose my media kit for your consideration.


Hosted Posts

If you prefer to write your own posts and are looking for the right audience and website to host your posts then please send me your proposals so I can review and send you my media kit.


Other Suggested Services

  • Social media mentions
  • Email advertising
  • Product reviews

I am open to discussing your ideas to help you achieve your marketing goals. Please get in touch with me for more details and my media kit.


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If you’d like to get in touch to discuss working with me then please email me at tuppenny [at]



Guest posts

I am open to accepting guest posts from other bloggers for my readers. My guest post guidelines are:

  • Minimum 900 words
  • Spell checked
  • Headings every 250-300 words
  • Relevant to my audience
  • No affiliate links
  • Provide a short bio
  • Link to one of your own posts

If you are interested in the idea of providing me with a guest post please email an outline of your idea.

This offer is for bloggers only, not brands or companies. If you are a company or brand then a sponsored post is what you are looking for.