20 Amazing & Frugal Things to do Before Summer Ends

Don’t let summer pass you by! Make beautiful memories without spending too much money with this bucket list of summer fun. These frugal things to do before summer ends will make sure you enjoy yourself as well as keeping it light on the pocket.

With so much extra time on your hands during the summer, you might not want to just stay home watching tv. With some of these suggestions, you can have so much fun!

Outdoor fun

  1. Make a summer playlist and drive around with the car windows rolled down and the volume turned up. It puts you in a great summer mood!
  2. Roll down a giant hill like you used to do when you were a little kid. It sounds dumb, but it is still just as fun as when you were younger.
  3. Go to either a pool or the beach and bring a giant beach ball. You will make tons of new friends with people of all ages because the beach ball looks like fun to almost everyone.
  4. Have a picnic somewhere unexpected, like your roof! Or in a tree!
  5. Be active! Go hiking, but be sure to bring water, snacks, sunscreen, and BUG SPRAY!
  6. Go camping with friends or family and make delicious s’mores by the campfire.
  7. Play Laser Tag! Either wear dark clothes to be sneaky or wear white if you are bold and want to glow in the dark.
Plasticine sun and 2 waves to show summertime

Crafty ideas for fun memories

  1. Tie-dye a shirt! But instead of the standard colors, use bleach on a black shirt to have an unexpected, fun look. (Let completely dry in the sun and then machine wash)
  2. Get together with a few girlfriends and have a craft evening. If you’re stuck for ideas, why not roll back the years and craft like you were kids again? You could do beading – make yourself a keyring or some earrings.
  3. Make friendship bracelets to remind you of your summer fun, even when school has started!
  4. Make cute hair accessories, like cute crocheted hair bows! Though this task seems difficult, the internet has tutorials on how to learn to crochet and how to make almost any accessory you can imagine. So just search away for a headband, necklace, bracelet, you name it!
  5. Make your own beauty products! This website has a ton of natural beauty recipes.
  6. Have you ever wanted to ecord your own music video for your favorite song and upload it to YouTube. Watch how many views you get!

change things up

  1. Give yourself a manicure. If you want to be bold, paint your nails a white or off-white color and dip them in rubbing alcohol. Then, grab a piece of newspaper and place the ink on your nail. Hold for 30 seconds, and then peel off. You will have transferred the letters onto your nails and will have an awesome Newspaper print Manicure! Or, even try water marbling for your nails.
  2. Learn a new way to wear your makeup; it’s always fun to go back to school with a new, fun look.
  3. Try out a new hairstyle. YouTube has tutorials on there for almost every hair type. Braided headbands are the perfect look for summer and look great with every hair type.
  4. Look for a local organization to either volunteer or work for. Even though you are distracted with summer fun, working and volunteering over the summer looks great on your resume.
  5. Clean out your closet and donate your old clothes. Your trash is someone else’s treasure!
  6. Explore a neighborhood garage sale or car boot; you never know what cool items you might find!

Make Summer memories

Finally, take pictures of everything that you do over the summer and make a scrapbook for documentation. This way, you won’t forget all of the fun that you had.

Well, I hope you guys have a great summer and can try out most, or all, of these fun activities!

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