5 Ways to Have a Green Summer Vacation

More of us are aware of the damage that we humans can do to our environment. We want to be more caring, more green but we don’t want to wear sack-cloth and never have a green summer vacation again!

The good news is you don’t have to make huge sacrifices in order to have a green summer vacation. Nor does being more green with your holiday plans mean paying a huge premium.

There are many eco-friendly strategies that can help save you money and minimize your impact on the planet. They don’t require you to give up everything about a holiday that you enjoy.

Indeed many green strategies for an eco friendly holiday tie in very nicely with being more savvy with your money, more frugal.

Which is a good thing because once you’ve worked out how to be frugal and save money, the last thing you want is to drop it all because you want to be more eco friendly.

Make a commitment to green vacation travel to ensure a better environment for us all.

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1. Travel Green & Pack Light

The first thing to consider is what alternative modes of transportation could you use to get to your summer vacation destination?

Unfortunately, planes and aviation fuel are not environmentally friendly, although you can of course opt to carbon offset your flights (see tip no.5).

Carpool, ride bikes, or ride a bus to get where you need to go. Green vacation travel can be done by using a shuttle service too. There are a variety of eco-friendly ways to green your travel.

Most travelers don’t realize that having a heavy suitcase can be harmful to the environment. Try to pack only the essentials for your summer vacation.

How many times have you packed a full suitcase only to find you wear less than half of your clothes? Yep, me too! Ask yourself if you really need that extra pair of shoes or full-sized toiletries.

The less weight that you add to your trunk or luggage means less gas consumption for your car. Aim at bringing only one bag to save money on additional baggage fees.

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2. Unplug Before Heading Out

Turn off and unplug appliances before locking up your house. I make sure to unplug my toaster, television, chargers, and other appliances because they still consume energy even when they are not in use.

It’s easier to unplug everything if your appliances are plugged into a power strip.

NB. Don’t unplug your cable/broadband (if you have it) if you intend to record anything while you are away. It won’t work!

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3. Lower the Thermostat

Don’t forget to lower the thermostat before leaving. According to HGTV, you can save up to 4% on your energy bill just by lowering it by one degree.

Use a programmable thermostat to adjust settings while you’re on summer vacation. Sites like TreeHugger offer information on how to go green at home.

If you are looking for ideas and help in achieving a digital detox as part of your green vacation then Life Unplugged: A Digital Detox Workbook has lots of ideas for alternative activities to enjoy with family and friends on vacation.

4. Green Hotels

Green travel and ecotourism do not mean that you have to miss out on the luxury of a modern hotel. Go Green Travel Green has many tips on how to find a hotel that has green accreditation.

5. Carbon Neutral Travel

Offset the carbon footprint of your vacation travel by buying renewable energy credits. Buying credits will help neutralize your impact on the planet.

According to CarbonFund.org, a carbon offset is a donation to projects around the world that help reduce future emissions.

CarbonFund.org has a handy carbon footprint calculator so you can figure out the impact of your family’s summer vacation travel.

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