Easy, Tasty and Healthy Summer Vegetable Recipes

Summer is the time to eat light meals that are tasty and low in calories. In the summer, the food is fresher, and that includes the vegetables, so you will want to make healthy summer vegetable recipes that bring out the flavor of the fresh veggies.

The less you put on your veggies, the better to let the individual flavors of them come through. I wholeheartedly believe a nice dish of cut-up vegetables is a welcome dish at any meal in the summertime.

colorful summer salad

4 Extra simple Veggie Recipes

Veggies and dip

You can take some carrots, celery, tomatoes, cucumbers, and cauliflower, or any vegetable and cut it up and place them on a plate to make a nice plate of vegetables that everyone can enjoy.

Place the vegetables in a pleasing manner, and everyone can take their favorite vegetable. You can make a dip of your choice if you like, but then you are dipping the fresh vegetables into a dip that covers the flavors of the fresh vegetables.

Grilled Corn

If you like to grill food, vegetables are a good choice for your party. You can take sweet corn and place it on the grill fresh and still in the husks.

Grill the sweet corn on one side for about ten minutes, and then turn the corn over so that it can cool on the other side for ten minutes.

You can then repeat the cooking of the corn for ten minutes on each side until the corn is done to your liking. If the husk burns as it is cooking, that is ok since your going to take the husk off of the sweet corn anyway.

barbecued corn cob on plate with a tomato

Roasted spiced potatoes

Roasting potatoes on an open fire is a great way to cook potatoes. Just take some aluminum foil and slice up some potatoes onto it.

Then take an onion and cut the onion up into small pieces. Place the onion on the potatoes and shake on some salt and pepper to your liking.

You can add other spices that you like too, like chili powder or cumin. You can also put some other vegetables like tomatoes or carrots into the aluminum foil.

Then cover the vegetables in aluminum foil and cook the aluminum foil vegetables over coal or open fire for twenty minutes on each side.

Simply baked squash

Cook vegetable squash or other squash over a grill by cutting the squash in half and scooping out the insides. You can season the squash any way you like with salt and pepper or some cayenne pepper.

You can also put some olive oil or butter inside the scooped-out whole in the squash too. Then cover the whole squash in aluminum foil and cook it on the grill for about forty minutes.

In the summer, when vegetables are fresh, you don’t need to use any flavorings to make them taste great. Let the true natural flavor of the vegetables be tasted.

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