How To Make $1000 A Month in 2023 (20 Ways That Actually Work)

For a lot of people, learning how to make $1000 a month more than what they currently make can be the difference maker between barely getting by and saving money to retire.

Whether you’re already working and living on one income or a stay at home mom, extra money is always a good thing.

If we break it down further, $1000 a month is about $33 a day which translates to $12,000 a year!

That amount of extra money could go towards:

  • Mortgage repayments
  • Credit card debt payments
  • Investments to secure your future
  • Savings for your emergency fund
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20 Fantastic Ways To Make $1000 A Month In 2023

Luckily, there aren’t any shortages of ways to earn extra money.

You just need to have the dedication to put in the work to make it happen!

Depending on how much you earn, you could also learn to save a $1000 a month!

Embracing frugality is something that I have always preached but sometimes the only option is to make more money.

Are you ready to find out how you can make $1000 a month in 2023? Here are the most realistic options for you:

1) Food Delivery Side Hustle

I’m sure you’ve heard this one before! To this day, it’s the most commonly mentioned side hustle out there to make an extra $1000 a month.

You could go to your local pizza place and offer to deliver pizza, most places are in dire need of their own delivery people anyways.

But now, with delivery platforms like Uber Eats, Postmates and Grub Hub, you can expect to earn between $13 – $20 an hour (sometimes even more if you can deliver late nights or during rush hours)

Since the (hopefully!) now forgotten COVID – 19 pandemic, the food delivery industry has exploded!

So that means there will always be a steady necessity for new delivery drivers.

The biggest advantage with this side hustle is that you can work it whenever you want.

Ideally though, you’d want to clock in at least 13 – 16 hours a week if you’re goal is to make 1000 dollars a month. That would average out to about 2 hours a day.

food delivery side hustle to make $1000

2) Invest Passively

Learning how to make passive income is such an important life skill to have! It’s how the rich stay rich!

If you can make enough passive income to cover your expenses, you’ll never work a day in your life again!

Granted, you need to have a substantial amount of money saved and ready to invest to make $1000 a month.

But, we all start somewhere! Over time you will slowly but surely get there.

Here are a few ideas to make 1000 dollars a month if you want to passively invest:

  • Start a business in which you put the initial legwork in but you can outsource it quite comfortably
  • Invest $250,000 in dividend stocks. Even on a lowish 5% return per year that will still net you $1000 a month.
  • Invest into a real estate housing unit which is making at least 1000 dollars a month in rent.

3) Babysitting Or Pet sitting

This is almost a fool-proof gig for most high school or college students to earn an extra income.

Even if you don’t fall into those categories, babysitting or pet sitting can still be a very lucrative side hustle to make $1000 a month.

Depending on the ages of the kids, how long you need to be there for and various other factors you could expect to earn anywhere between $10 – $20 an hour! That adds up pretty quick.

Maybe kids aren’t your thing, that’s why I’ve also mentioned pet sitting!

Sometimes it could be as simple as taking someone else’s dog for a walk, or maybe taking care of their pet while your customer is out of town.

Generally, people pay good money to take care of their pets. They’re an important part in most pet owners lives.

Portals like Rover help you find potential pet sitting gigs but I’ve found advertising locally to pet owners you know is the best way to go about it!

Babysitting is a great way to earn extra money

4) Handyman

If you’ve hired a handyman (or woman) before, you’d know just how expensive they are!

Maybe you’ve got a knack for household projects. I can confidently tell you that I don’t!

So grab your set of tools, advertise online and offer your services to people. I can almost guarantee that you will find customers who are in need of someone to complete or fix their household projects.

It’s a great side hustle cause you make a great bang for your buck, it makes your goal of making an extra $1000 a month much easier.

5) Proofreading

Are you a Grammar Nazi? Does it annoy you when you see spelling mistakes or bad grammar?

Then Proofreading might be the job for you!

There is more written content that people engage with then there ever has been before.

Proofreaders are needed to clean up and refine that content before it can be published.

I have a few friends that make close to $20 an hour as proof readers, so it’s definitely lucrative. If you have a couple of hours to spare everyday it could turn into quite the decent side income.

6) Social Media Manager

Social Media is critical to most businesses, it provides brand exposure as well as helps businesses in acquiring new customers.

Put your Instagram and Facebook expertise to the test!

Most small businesses don’t take their social media seriously enough. Many of these businesses are willing to hire a social media expert to manage and market their social media accounts.

If this is something you’re savvy with, it could be like a 2nd job more than a side hustle, and an amzing way to make an extra income!

Which would almost guarantee you $1000 a month if not more.

manage others social media to earn $1000

7) Photography

While Photography might seem easy to do. There’s actually a lot of skill and preciseness that goes into it.

Photographing at family functions or weddings might seem like the most obvious choice. But there are alternative options as well:

  • Photograph houses for real estate agents
  • Take photos of peoples dogs (you’d be surprised how many people want this!)
  • Offer to take pictures or a video compilation of peoples cars
  • Walk into small businesses and offer to shoot them an ad for a fee

8) Personal Training

All the hard work you’ve put in to get in shape, eat well and overall have good health.

Use that and profit off of it!

Contracting through an established gym is generally the easier way to go if you want a consistent stream of side income.

But, going out and finding your own clients to train is what can make this REALLY lucrative. There are trainers who make close to $100 an hour!

If you’re at the gym anyways, why not make some extra cash while keeping yourself fit?

become a personal trainer to earn some extra cash

9) Get A Part-Time Job

Sometimes when we think about making $1000 fast, we tend to overlook traditional employment.

Working a 2nd job or a part time job, is a great way to bring in a stream of extra income!

The best part about working a part time job is you know how much you’re getting for the time you’re putting in.

It’s generally a stable type of income and you can plan future finances well in advance if you choose this route.

10) Becoming A Real Estate Agent

It’s a common trend nowadays for people to get real estate licenses to represent themselves in their own transactions.

Maybe you already have a license, or maybe real estate is something that has always peaked your interest but you never took that plunge.

Joining a brokerage firm is a great idea since a firm generally has a platform to generate leads through marketing and your job would be limited to just selling the property.

But, the real money is where you build your own clientele. Friends and family referrals is a great way to slowly start.

Averaged out over a year, you’re surely going to earn an extra $1000 a month if you give it your all!

real estate is a good option to earn more than $1000 a month

11) Substitute Teacher

If you’re free during school days, being a substitute teacher is great way to make some extra money.

Depending on you’re state, you could get upwards of $80 a day for being a substitute teacher.

12 days at $80 a day and you’ve nearly made $1000 a month. Of course, it’s a lot easier said than done but if you have the time it could make you a 1000 dollars relatively quick.

12) Donate Blood/Plasma

This is probably one of the most popular and obvious ways to make some extra money.

Donating your blood or plasma is a great way to make an extra $1000 a month, depending on your blood type.

Blood types like O negative have a much higher demand so if you’re lucky and have that blood type you could fetch yourself a pretty healthy payday by donating your blood.

Donating Plasma is somewhat similar but you need to be eligible to donate.

Check with your local donation center for your eligibility to donate your plasma and how often you can in a month.

13) Advertise On Your Car

This is a good option if you want to make some extra money by doing virtually nothing.

Advertisers will wrap your car in their branding and send you on your way, you could expect anywhere between $400 – $1000 dollars a month for this.

As long as you don’t care that other people will see your advertised wrapped car, it’s a super easy option if your goal is to make an extra $1,000 a month.

advertise on your car is a passive way to make $1000 a month

14) Do Odd-Jobs For People

This is one that helped me a lot when I was younger!

I mowed lawns and shoveled snow for my neighbors front yards for some extra cash.

I’d rather not say how long ago this was but you could expect at least $35 for a decent sized front yard (ask for extra if you’re doing the back yard too)

Book 15 lots a month and you’re halfway to your goal of making a $1000 a month.

While mowing lawns and shoveling snow are pretty seasonal activities, here are a few more Odd-Jobs that can work:

  • Garden Landscaping
  • Cleaning Gutters or Pipes
  • Putting up decorations (Christmas, Halloween etc. )
  • Mending or replacing fences

15) Freelance Writing

This is one of the best ways to make an extra 1000 dollars a month!

You might be thinking that there are millions of freelance writers out there, how would you be able to stand out?

Fear not! Even if writing isn’t your cup of tea, you can learn how to write like an SEO and take those skills to the next level.

Most blog owners look for writers who can appeal to their audience while adhering to the best SEO practices at the same time.

Getting your first few clients might be a challenge but once you start to make a name for yourself you’ll have more clients than you know what to do with!

16) Resume Editor

People are always looking for ways to make their resume stand out while looking for a job.

If you’ve got a good creative touch, you can offer your services to edit those resumes and make them stand out to a potential employer.

Employers go through 100s if not 1,000s of resumes a day so having one that truly stands out is rare.

Try being a little creative with how you price your work, most likely if your customer wants you to edit their resume they are not going to have a huge budget to pay you with.

You could say that you will collect your payment after your edited resume lands them a job!

This is a great way to make an extra $1000 a month and help people in the process.

help people with their resume to earn $1000 a month

17) Start Your Own Blog

If you’re reading this you might be thinking ” What a surprise! The blogger is recommending you to start your own blog ”

While it takes hard work, determination and most importantly strong will. It most likely will pay off in the long run.

The best advantages of starting your own blog is that you can grow your audience organically while writing about things that truly interest you!

Mine being Personal Finance and Frugal Living.

There are various ways you can monetize a blog, a few of them are:

  • Display ads (networks like Adsense, Mediavine or Adthrive)
  • Affiliates (this means you earn a small commission if someone clicks a link on your site and purchases the product you’re trying to sell)
  • You’re own courses or digital products (LIKE THE ONE YOU’RE ABOUT TO SEE BELOW)
promotional image for grocery budget course

18) Become A Youtuber

I’ve personally never been someone that’s comfortable in front of a camera so this is probably not the best idea for me!

But, if you’re a social media person, someone who thrives in front of a camera and can act natural.

Consider starting a Youtube Channel and express yourself to the world!

It will definitely take time for you to build your following but don’t give up!

Most Youtubers give up within the first three months of starting their channels.

Keep producing content on things that interest you and if you’re passionate enough about it eventually you will get people that are just as passionate about you’re topic watching you.

19) Create Your Own Course

Picking a topic that you think you might have more knowledge about than the average joe and creating a course around it can be a great way to make some extra money.

Others can always benefit from learning something new and you can capitalize on that opportunity.

You can create a video course, write a book or even just a series of emails.

create your own course to make extra $1000 a month

20) Sell a Product on Etsy

This is a great opportunity for aspiring artists or for anyone who has any ideas to sell a product.

Etsy provides a good platform to expose your products to a wide range of buyers. Your target audience is a lot easier to expand to then if you were to sell locally.

While making $1000 a month may seem hard you can use social media to promote and boost your sales.

Creating a good following for your products, can help increase your sales as well as give you the satisfaction of selling to an audience you have built a relationship with.

etsy on the phone with a small cart

Can I Guarantee $1000 A Month?

Of course, guaranteeing $1000 a month is difficult no matter who you are. (Don’t fall for any scams where people can guarantee you a certain amount of money)

Your best bet to guarantee $1000 a month is hard work, dedication and perseverance.

You need to be willing to put yourself in potentially uncomfortable situations and think outside the box.

Saving more money can help you build your savings goal further as well as living frugally.

Learn How To Make $1000 A Month Starting Today

Whether your goal is to make $600 fast, a $1000 or even $10,000! The principles are the same.

In this extensive list that you’ve just read, the best way you could start your journey to make $1000 is to focus on one or two of these side hustles that apply to you and get to work.

Let me know in the comments which ways have worked best for you!

I believe in you and don’t forget to stay frugal!

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