7 things to do to save money fast today

There are times in all our lives when we need to save money fast.

It could be you are facing a sudden drop in income, you’ve had your lightbulb moment and want to kick debt once and for all.

Or you just know you haven’t been spending wisely and there is plenty of scope for you to be saving money right now.

No matter your income, low or high, there is always scope to cut your spending down and to start saving more money.

Money Focus Day

It’s a really good idea to start by having a money focus day or hour.

A time where you really dig into your finances, see where you are spending and leaking money.

Focusing on your money with laser intent, just for a couple of hours, can make a huge difference to your finances.

You gain a much better understanding of just where you money is really going

You can see where your money weaknesses are, and make a plan to strengthen them

A deep dive helps you join the dots to see spending patterns

With the knowledge you gain from this focus you will identify the necessary action to fix those leaks and start building your savings.

To save you time right now I have listed 7 things you can do to save money fast, that you can start doing today.

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1. eat at home

When you eat at home you have total control over how much you are spending. If you don’t buy a food item, you cannot eat it.

But too many times you can get sucked into going to a restaurant for a meal instead. It’s all too easy to justify someone else cooking your food isn’t it?

You’re tired after a hard day at work

You’ve had a bad day at work and deserve a treat

A meal out is better than the meal you haven’t yet planned

You have nothing in to make dinner so it would involve another trip to the grocery store, might as well eat out eh?

Thing is, restaurant meals and take out costs big money compared to cooking and eating at home every night.

A meal for two can easily set you back $50, do that twice a week and that’s over $400 a month! More than your entire grocery bill for two could be.

Fill your freezer

And I totally get that whole ‘too tired’ to cook thing as that was me for many years.

What I did to overcome this, because I truly didn’t have the money to spend on restaurant meals, was to batch cook at the weekends and fill my freezer.

Each night I could then come home to a meal that just needed heating up or a gentle cook, something every tired person can manage.

Get help with filling your freezer with Myfreezeasy, a personalized freezer meal plan to suit your time, tastes and budget.

The idea of Myfreezeasy is to make 10 meals in just an hour. With recipes that require little to no pre-cooking, you can quickly and efficiently get them ready to freeze.

Try Myfreezeasy for free when you join the Freezer Cooking 101 Workshop where you will get a sample freezer meal plan for free.

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Get help meal planning

My hubby is not a fan of batch cooking or filling the freezer with the same meal. When he is in charge of meal planning he’s all about different meals every night.

If you are more like my hubby than me, then $5 meal plans is what you need. Yes, it’s $5 a month and yes you will save money fast.

Why? Because you will be eating at home. No wasting money you don’t have on mediocre restaurant meals and no wasting money on groceries you throw away uneaten.

$5 meal plans will send you a meal plan and a shopping list every week. All you have to is buy the ingredients and follow the recipe instructions.

Your weekly menu will always include one slow-cooker meal, a 20 minute meal (hubby’s favorite) and a freezer-friendly recipe.

There is a gluten-free option too if that is what your family needs. Additionally they offer 4 specialty plans, you can choose from 30-minute meals, slow cooker meals, paleo and vegetarian meals so everyone is catered for.

Try before you buy by taking advantage of their 14 day free trial.

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2. cut bills

You have bills that have to be paid every month but it doesn’t mean you can’t save money fast on these too. In fact many bills are ripe for cutting back on right now.

Most companies rely on us not questioning our monthly bills, including internet, wireless and TV providers. However in many countries and states you have a choice of companies to provide these services.

This makes for a great way to save money as these companies always offer new customer discounts. You don’t always need to change company, just contact your existing provider and request a discount.

Recommended products to help cut your bills

Monthly bills can really eat into your budget. These products will help you reduce the amount of energy you use and bring your bill payments down.

3. drink water

The water that comes out of your taps at home is nigh on free, certainly by comparison to buying bottled water. So why buy bottled water?

Switching to using the water at home instead of buying bottled will help you save money fast starting right now. Filtering your water can improve it’s taste, especially if you live in a hard water area.

Keeping a filter jug in your fridge so you can access cool water whenever you want is the perfect way to stop you ever buying bottled water again. Brita’s 10 cup filter jug fits in your fridge and due to it’s size means you are not re-filling so frequently.

When you are off out of the house, use your Brita to fill your reusable water bottle. You are using a reusable water bottle to save on the cost of hydration when away from home aren’t you?

If not, this is yet another way to be saving money quickly from now on.

small brown and white dog sitting on a crumpled pile of money notes to signify how to save money fast

4. collect free money to save money fast

Free money is well, free money! Take advantage of these free apps to collect (almost) free money which can go towards your savings goals.


Sign up to Ibotta and get a free $20 welcome bonus just for using the app. Simply check Ibotta before you shop in-store or online, travel, dine out, or make a purchase in your favorite apps, and you can get rewarded with cash back.

Spend as you usually do, upload a photo of your receipt to Ibotta and grab your free money.

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Fetch Rewards is a free grocery savings app that rewards you just for snapping pictures of your receipts. Fetch Rewards works anywhere you buy groceries.

No hoops to jump through. No scanning barcodes, just scan your receipts and you’ll earn points! You can cash out rewards as low as $3. Use the same receipts for both Fetch and Ibotta for double free money.

Use code “APREWARDS” to redeem 3K points with Fetch

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Reward Survey

Get $30 in Reward Points to spend IMMEDIATELY! $30 to spend on great rewards just for sharing your opinion. Surveys take only minutes to complete, plus no credit card information is needed.


Companies are eager to get their deals in front of consumers like you, and to get your feedback. In fact, your opinions are so valuable, they’ll even pay you for them! All you need is a few minutes and an internet connection.

From answering surveys to watching videos, there are always great, easy tasks for you to choose from with KashKick. Complete as many as you’d like – there’s no limit!

KashKick offers the lowest payout thresholds on the market, and they deposit your money quickly, securely, and conveniently – starting at just $5 at a time.

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Survey Junkie

With Survey Junkie, you take surveys and get paid. Its that simple! This is your opportunity to be an influencer (and make a little money). Share your opinion to help brands deliver better products & services.

In the UK?

Yet again, some of these cash back offers exclude the UK. However there are UK specific ones you will want to take advantage of, because again, free money right?


Quidco works in a very similar way to Ibotta. Sign up using this link and you’ll receive £5 once you’ve earned £5 cash back. How to earn that cash back?

  1. Check the Quidco clicksnap grocery offers, buy the ones you want, upload a photo of your receipt and receive your cashback.
  2. Whenever you are shopping online (something we do more and more right?) go via Quidco and earn cashback for all your favorite retailers

5. Dump the junk

Too many times we justify small purchases by saying “it’s only….”. Doing that once a month might be okay, but multiple times every week? If you want to save money fast you need to get out of this mindset.

Starting thinking like a frugal person, build your frugal mindset. Treat everything you earn as a precious commodity not to be handed over for some cheap thing that won’t last and you’ll get bored of in double quick time.

Not buying a ton of stuff also means you house will feel less cluttered, you’ll have more time too as you won’t be spending it trying to find something that “was only….”

womans hands in padlock holding cash to signify how to save money fast

6. Wait to buy

Like buying junk, we are often all too quick to see something we like and buy it immediately. Not giving any thought to whether we had wanted it before we saw it. Or whether we do actually need it!

You know it’s all about want versus needs but still, you’ve seen it now and you want it so what can you do?

Wait to buy it.

Sometimes it’s good to employ the 30 day rule and sometimes it’s enough to just press pause. To wait a little while to see whether perhaps you don’t want it so desperately after all.

If you see something you suddenly think you want, make a deal with yourself to wait for a few days and revisit whether you do want or need it.

This gives you the chance to a) forget about it – more often than not this happens – and b) to decide whether you do want to hand over your money for that thing – and often you don’t.

We often buy in the heat of the moment. Let that moment pass, and you look at things differently. You can still think that something is really nice, but with the moment past, you may well not feel you need to buy it.

Money well saved.

glass jars with coins and notes in them to signify how to save money fast

7. simplify life

The more stuff you have, the more things you try to cram into your life, the more your life costs you. Slow down, have less going on, simplify your life.

Simplifying your life helps you save money and focus on what matters most. Because the things that are important to you are not crowded out by everything else.

Look at your average week. How much have you got going on each day and evening? What are they costing you in terms of money and time?

Prioritize those that are most important to you and dump the less important.

save money fast today and every day

These 7 tips will help you save money fast right from the get go but don’t scrimp on that money focus time. It will help you identify even more ways that you can save money, that perhaps apply to you alone.

Knowing how you spend money gives you a huge amount of knowledge and information that you can turn into action and create savings goals that matter to you.

Grab your copy of the money saving mini bundle to start identifying your savings goals

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