How to Become a Successful homemaker: 7 Effective Habits

How to become a homemaker extraordinaire when right now you’re finding it so hard to run a household? Are you just sick and tired of learning how to be a homemaker?

Do you often wish to leave everything and be elsewhere, at some distant place, where you do not have to work at all? 

All I can say is, I feel you.

Becoming a successful homemaker is not as easy as people consider it to be. Unlike conventional 9 to 5 jobs, homemaking has no fixed hours. It’s all the time, 24*7.

In fact, homemaking can be so hectic that it can make you lose peace of mind.

It steals your Me-Time, burdens you with tons of tasks to take care of, and a gazillion things to be worried about.

But, even when you are well accustomed to the struggles of homemakers, do you sometimes see some of your contemporaries managing it all so well?

I bet your immediate questions would be:

  • How do they do it?
  • What should homemakers do every day?
  • How to be the perfect homemaker without sacrificing you?
  • How is it even possible? 

Turns out it is possible. Becoming a homemaker is about creating some new habits and creating a homemaker daily schedule that’s a perfect fit for you. It is possible and you too can be the perfect homemaker if you so choose. For that, learn from the best. 

What is a homemaker?

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, a homemaker is someone who manages a home and often raises children instead of earning money from a job.

And of course, in the 21st century, being a homemaker by choice is not restricted to just women!

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woman sitting on a yellow sofa having done household chores to show how to be a homemaker.
Cleaning is only one small part of learning how to be a homemaker who enjoys her role

Is being a homemaker a career?

It’s recognized more nowadays as a worthwhile career. More so than 40-50 years ago when women were often pigeon-holed as ‘just a housewife’.

If you’re worrying about whether to put it on your resume/CV then absolutely do so. It shows you were busy multi-tasking looking after the home and children. Not unemployed.

How much do homemakers make?

Unfortunately homemakers make nothing! Of course if you had to pay someone to do all the duties a homemaker covers you’d be spending a lot of money.

If you’re asking how much is a homemaker worth? Then the answer would be very different. According to this article, a homemaker could be worth as much as $178,000. If only!

What makes a perfect homemaker?

The perfect homemaker is someone who keeps the whole household running smoothly and well fed. If there are children then the perfect homemaker keeps them entertained, on a schedule and feeds them too!

The reality is what makes a perfect homemaker is what works for everyone in the home. Which will be different for each of us.

What kind of job is homemaker?

A homemaker is the chief contributor to the running of the household and is responsible for most of what happens within it. A homemaker will typically manage all the laundry, feeding the family, organzing and keeping the children entertained.

As well as everyday more minor household tasks, such as doing the dishes, tidying the house and organizing family things. A homemaker is a jack of all trades and great at them all. Never think any other way.

How wise is it to decide quitting a flourishing career to become a full-time homemaker?

This is very much a personal decision about your own life path, but one that many people have done in the past and no doubt will continue to do so. A homemaker is the lynch-pin in many households, without them the family could not function.

As a homemaker you may not contribute a wage but you contribute hugely to the health and welfare of your family. A decision like this is not taken lightly. It’s about weighing up the pros and cons. Wage and time away from the home versus no wage but always being there.

Woman with many hands doing different jobs screaming to signify how to become a homemaker.
How to be a homemaker extraordinaire has got to be easier than this!

how to become a good homemaker: the 7 best tips for Homemakers

1. They have a healthy sleeping schedule

Homemaking for beginners: consider sleep as your magic potion. A must have for every wannabe homemaker.

It refreshes you and fills you up with energy to carry out your operations effectively throughout the day.

However, despite being aware of its many benefits, we tend to neglect it. We sleep late, and even after that we wake up early; not allowing our body enough time to charge itself. 

If you have been a homemaker, chances are very high that you do it. You don’t sleep enough and that’s why you feel tired all the time.

If you find yourself in this category, there’s still time you can change yourself and establish a sound sleeping schedule. 

Just so you know, as a homemaker, waking up early would help you greatly.

You’ll have extra hours of the day to be done with your chores, and you’ll be free as a bird later. But to do that (if you are not doing it already) you have to go to bed on time.

Don’t scroll your phone; don’t run around doing chores at the dead of the night. Just sleep.

2. They have an intensive cleaning schedule 

Who do you think an effective and successful homemaker is? Someone who cleans perfectly every day?

Well, you are wrong, because there’s no such thing as a perfect homemaker.

In fact, those effective homemakers, do not desire to achieve perfection at all. They do not deem it necessary to clean every day, and they do not just pile their day with all sorts of cleaning.

Thankfully, as I am not a big fan of cleaning!

All they do is, create a schedule, and clean a little.

You might wonder…why?

Why do they not clean every day despite being one of the best?

It’s simple, cleaning every day is just so overrated and unnecessary. Your house will still be hygienic if you clean it every alternate day or even less. Phew!

Everyday cleaning as part of a homemaker routine was just a standard set to play with your mind and exhaust you unnecessarily.


So please, don’t exhaust yourself when you don’t need to. Rather, like them, you too can operate by creating your cleaning schedule. Here’s how to be the makedo homemaker:

  • List down all the cleaning chores
  • Research well, and see which kind of chores need to be done every day. For instance, it’s not necessary to do laundry every day but maybe clean your kitchen counter and dining table every day because it might have food stains and debris on them.
  • When that is done. Allot particular chores to particular days, and you would have a cleaning schedule in hand. For instance, vacuuming on every alternate day, laundry on Saturday, bathrooms on Thursdays, and so on.

My basic cleaning schedule

Believe it or not I actually have a cleaning schedule (go me!) It’s not set in stone but some tasks get done together:

  • Sunday = clean bathroom (a leftover from when I started work at 7am, cleaning did not happen on a workday)
  • Tuesday = Vacuum upstairs and mop floors
  • Thursday = Vacuum downstairs and clean kitchen
  • Laundry gets done as soon as I have a load, unless it’s raining when it gets left because I don’t have a drier.
  • Everything else get’s done as I feel like it!
Different house plants in pots on white table at grey background. .
Routines are key habits of a make do homemaker (who does a great job!)

3. They learn the importance of a routine

If there’s a secret that almost all successful people have, it’s that they have a set routine. In the sense, they are regular with some good habits that form a routine.

They do not go with the flow but are more intentional, and they do everything backed by a reason. They do all the things that might help make their lives better and easier.

When you are learning how to be a homemaker, you too should create a routine of your own. You can include peaceful morning coffee, meditation, exercise, cooking, or cleaning. 

The benefit of following a routine is not just that it makes being a homemaker easier, but it helps you stay organized in other aspects of your life as well. 

4. They plan meals 

Just when you think cooking is the hard part, and it is not for everyone. Turns out for some of us even to think what to cook for the day can be exhausting.

This is me to a tee!

There could be a million options for us to cook, but we still think that there aren’t any (sound familiar?). As a result, we waste most of our time thinking, rather than getting the work started. 

When it comes to tips for homemakers to make life easier, meal planning can save the day and is my top tip. When you would know what to cook in advance, you can do things faster.

Therefore, every Sunday, try to plan your meals. Ask your family what they would like to eat, and what you would too, accordingly plan your meals, and go grocery shopping for it.

You can even do it the other way around; just see what groceries you have, and accordingly, plan your meals to make use of them. This is the frugal way to meal plan.

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5. They embrace decluttering

When you have too many things in your home, they can keep you from performing your best, and add heavily to your workload.

Do what many effective homemakers do – declutter from time to time. 

I am sure your house has got plenty of things and ‘stuff’ you do not use anymore. Clear that up. Keep less stuff and your job will be much easier. 

At the same time, be more organized. Fix proper places for things, give everything a home, and keep them where they belong. It will help you avoid unnecessary mess. 

Beautiful living room with pale furnishings
Homemaking for beginners: break tasks down

6. They don’t procrastinate 

Just so you know, procrastination doesn’t diminish your workload, it adds jobs on to the next day. There is no point in procrastinating unless you are just too dead tired to finish things.

So, if you think you can finish it, but still are just being lazy about it then, please change this habit. 

I am a terrible procrastinator so I am talking to myself at least as much as to you!

Perfect homemakers never procrastinate because they know it will create an additional mess.

They know throwing their clothes on the bed would only add to their work later, so they do everything right then and there. 

7. They spend time with themselves and their family

Happiness is not a phase, but it is those multiple tiny moments of joys and smiles.

Perfect homemakers cherish these little moments and do not let their work affect their relationship with themselves and their loved ones.

They maintain a healthy balance between their work and personal life by creating boundaries between the two. They know when to stop, and give their family the time they deserve. 

It’s obvious that you have to do the same. Just remember, a happy person is the best at doing work. 

How to become an orderly and successful homemaker

Now that you have grown familiar with the best habits and tips for homemakers, I hope you witness that it was just so easy, and you had been only overburdening yourself unnecessarily. 

Let us know how these tips work out for you in the comment section.

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Pinterest image for how to be a homemaker.

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