53 Old Fashioned Frugal Living Tips to save money today

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I have no doubt you have been told before that “in the olden days” people had to make do and do without.

And if it was your thrifty Grandma talking I bet she talked about old fashioned living, the way it had to be.

It had to be because in those days you didn’t have credit cards and many people didn’t have bank accounts, being paid in cash every week.

Once your cash was gone that was it.

You might not have had much, but one thing you didn’t have was debt. Apart from the tab at your local store.

Unfortunately many people no longer have access to a thrifty Grandma.

Because their Grandparents aren’t that old and didn’t grow up in the Great Depression or even through the war.

As a result, our society reminiscences about old fashioned living without real knowledge of what it was like to live it.

But there is a core of people who are keeping alive the ideas and ways on how to live like the old days.

These people are frugal folk who like the idea of living like Grandma.

Who are happy to and actively want to be living like the past.

And they are onto something you know.

Because old fashioned frugality didn’t impact our environment the way it is being impacted now.

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The Environmental Benefits Of Old Fashioned Frugal Living

There is a growing need to do something about climate change and our impact on the environment.

Old fashioned frugal living is the perfect way to reduce our impact on the environment and to do our bit for climate change.

Learning how to live like the old days, you don’t throw things away, you don’t buy new because fashions have changed.

And you don’t even buy the latest time saving device.

Because with old fashioned living, you don’t want to be wasteful. Of anything.

Everything you have you want to make the absolute best use of.

You don’t want to throwing stuff away because it’s going to go into landfill.

You don’t even want to donate too much to charity or thrift stores.

Because if you did you might be doing so to replace it with something new.

And these days, many things bought new have been manufactured and produced at the expense of our environment.

If you don’t buy new then you are not adding to the need for more things to be produced.

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How Old Fashioned Frugality Benefits You

Living like Grandma isn’t quite so easy as life can be these days.

Nowadays you don’t need to lift a finger and things can still get done.

You can get food made and delivered to your door.

You can have someone choose your clothes for you through a subscription box process.

Other people can mow your lawn, fix your car, care for your children.

But only if you spend a lot of your money on paying for these services.

And of course you have little say in how these services impact the environment.

Old fashioned living gives you back control. Control of your money, control of your environmental impact and control of your life.

You gain time at home through doing diy chores rather than paying for and outsourcing them.

You gain quality time with children and family as you do old fashioned homemaking things like baking bread, mending clothing, hanging out your washing.

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The Benefits Of Old Fashioned Life

For me the best thing about old fashioned living is the lower cost to you and your family.

No more relentless spending in pursuit of the latest, biggest or best.

No more chasing after the latest must have, latest décor style or new car.

And when those are no more, your financial situation will benefit.

And the stress of constantly trying to find more money or more debt to pay for these things will fall away.

Old fashioned frugal living is perfect for millennial’s who are concerned about climate change.

You may not have lived through the Great Depression or WW2 rationing but some of the best frugal living tips come from those times.

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Old Fashioned Frugality Quotes

There are so many sayings from yesteryear with their roots in living like the old days. Sayings like:

“Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without”

“Look after the pennies and the pounds look after themselves”

“Don’t spend what you don’t have”

“Neither a borrower or a lender be”

“A bargain isn’t a bargain unless it’s something you need”

“Reduce, reuse, recycle”

These are the sayings that frugal folk of today and yesteryear live by.

Keep these sayings in your mind and they will serve you well.

Start your old fashioned frugal living journey by building your frugal foundations:

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53 Old Fashioned Frugal Living Tips For living like grandma

Old Fashioned Frugality In Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of your frugal home and is often where people who are newly frugal take their first baby steps.

In Grandma’s day there was no plastic so if your aim is to become plastic free, your kitchen is a great place to start.

  1. cook from scratch
  2. bake your own bread
  3. use cloth instead of paper towels
  4. eat at home
  5. learn to stock a frugal pantry
  6. make meat a minor part of a meal
  7. eat cheap and easy meals such as beans or soup
  8. make your own chicken broth
  9. drink water instead o f soda or juice
  10. make you own biscuits
  11. always fill your oven when using it
  12. wash your aluminium foil and reuse
  13. use butter wrappers to grease pans for baking
  14. always use pan lids when cooking
  15. turn bottles upside down to get every last drop out
  16. have bread as a side to fill up
  17. don’t be a slave to expiry dates
  18. use more beans and lentils
  19. use a price book to track lowest prices
  20. substitute if you haven’t got the exact recipe ingredients
  21. use your leftovers to reduce food waste
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Old Fashioned Living In Your Home

Living simply and frugally is the thrifty way to be more eco friendly and save money.

When you live by the Three R’s maxim of “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” all of the following tips make good money saving sense.

The focus of the Three R’s is not recycle, or even reuse. The focus is on reduce in the first instance.

If you reduce your consumption of things then you reduce your impact on the environment.

Reduce what you need and reuse what you have. Recycle only what you cannot reuse or re-home.

Living like Grandma you would:

  1. save old containers for reuse
  2. mend your own clothes
  3. heck, make your own clothes
  4. fix your own stuff – DIY & YouTube
  5. save old sheets/clothes and make a rag rug
  6. make your own homemade cleaning products
  7. make own quilt covers from old clothes
  8. use soaps bars not soap pumps
  9. clean windows and mirrors with newspaper and vinegar
  10. make your own laundry detergent
  11. line dry clothes
  12. cut ends off tubes to get the last bits out e.g. toothpaste, face lotion
  13. consider saving water with “if it’s yellow let it mellow, if it’s brown flush it down” sorry if that sounds TMI!
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Old Fashioned Frugal Gardening

Growing your own garden is an integral part of how people lived in the old days.

If you didn’t grown some of your own food, you would struggle to feed your family.

Buying fertilizer, compost and special garden products is not required to grow good food.

Your garden is where reusing things comes into it’s own.

  1. grow your own food
  2. learn to preserve what you grow
  3. grow your own flowers for bouquets
  4. use old sheer/net curtains to protect your young seedlings from butterflies and birds
  5. store garden produce such as squashes and onions in old nylon tights
  6. use crushed egg shells to keep slugs away from plants

How to live an Old Fashioned Life

In the olden days, life was all about making do and being creative with what you did have, not going out and buying what you didn’t.

What you did have, you looked after, and you worked with friends and neighbors to manage the things you didn’t.

  1. make your own cards from old greetings cards and scraps
  2. use both sides of paper before recycling it
  3. use age old natural remedies instead of over the counter products
  4. live in a small house
  5. exercise for free, outside
  6. create your own free entertainment with friends, at local events and picnics
  7. swap babysitting duties
  8. cloth diapers/nappies
  9. barter and trade your surplus produce with neighbors
  10. pay with cash
  11. do your own oil changes, check tires and wash your car
  12. look after expensive appliances, clean filters, oil moving parts
  13. increase your knowledge by reading frugal books
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how to live an old fashioned life and be eco friendly

With the worries of our impact on the environment, embracing a more frugal way of living, one which not only saves money but saves the environment makes good sense.

We are all much more aware of how what we do can damage the world around us.

What better way to get the feel good factor than when we become more eco friendly and save money?

Old fashioned living and living like Grandma is becoming the new fashion. Jump on board and enjoy saving money.

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Start your old fashioned frugal journey by building your frugal foundations:

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