27 Brilliant And Effective Ways To Create More Time In Your Day

Never have enough hours in the day? Do you keep searching but nothing helps in your conquest to create more time?

Want to earn money on the side but can’t find the time?

If you are on a budget and trying to save money you may well have thought about getting yourself a small part time job or a side hustle as it is increasingly known.

Earning extra money is a great way to pay down debt quicker or increase your savings.

When you are busy bee it’s often difficult to find 5 minutes for yourself.

The thing is, you are already working your day job, have children or other commitments, have a partner and a house to keep tidy.

Where are you going to find the time to work on your side hustle?

Needing the money is one thing, finding the time is completely different.

I can guarantee you have spare time which you could use to earn extra money.

However you may already be using that time for things that aren’t now a priority.

You need to be honest with yourself and decide if you want to free up time or not.

You Have 24 Hours

At work you may well have undertaken a time and motion study at some point.

One of those fab studies where you record in 5/10/15 minute blocks what activity you were undertaking.

Personally I find these studies a pain in the backside.

If you struggle to complete your job in your set hours, undertaking a time and motion study just adds to your workload!

If you undertook a time and motion study of your 24 hour day including non-employment time I bet you would find spare time.

Time when you were faffing!

Time where you were browsing Facebook to see what everyone has been up to since last time you checked.

I know I shouldn’t but it’s addictive!

Nothing wrong with checking Facebook but if you want to find time to earn extra money this might be something you can reduce.

You may already do some of the time saving ideas below but I am sure you will find a few that can create more time for your side hustle.

So let’s look at where you can save time:

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1.Make Money Night

Devote one night a week to earning extra money.

Maybe your partner works late or is out every Tuesday – make that your night to work on your side hustle.

A concentrated blast of time and energy really makes a difference to how much you get done.

2. Have Realistic Standards

Do you think that you should be cleaning the house every night? Maybe to make up for working all day?


Lower your standards from the ideal to the realistic.

You can’t do everything. If you want to create more time to earn extra money then excessive housework time is an easy win.

Not that I’ve ever suffered from spending excessive time on housework – just saying!

3. Create Your Own Work Uniform

Wearing a uniform to work saves so much time in the morning. You don’t need to think about:

  • what to wear
  • whether it suits you
  • what accessories go with it
  • did you wear it last Tuesday
  • what shoes go with that item

Unfortunately many places of work don’t insist on a uniform but you can create your own uniform. Time every morning is one thing you will save.

4.Have A Clothing Ban

Instigate a clothing buying ban. If you don’t buy clothes then you won’t waste time shopping for them.

Let’s face it most of us who go out to buy clothes spend at least 2 hours if not all day (shudder) to pick up a couple of items.

You may also be tempted to buy a coffee or lunch whilst you’re out.

Having a ban on new clothes means you claim back all of that shopping time.

4 multi coloured old fashioned alarm clocks

5. Get Up Earlier

Many people espouse getting up early to create more time to work on their side hustle.

First thing in the morning you are fresh, the kids haven’t got up yet and the house is quiet.

5am may seem early but getting an hour or two head start on your side hustle is a great thing.

Then you crack on with the day job knowing you have already earned some extra money before you left the house.

6. Stay Up Later

Everyone’s sleep needs are different. There are studies that suggest an optimum number of hours per sleep.

But do you need that number every day?

Working later in the evening a couple of days a week could really carve out some great working time.

The combination of the two points above could equate to less sleep. You’ll need to figure out what works for you.

Just don’t end up with sleep deprivation, that’s not cool.

7. Create Money Making Appointments

Are you good at keeping appointments you have made? Struggling to carve out the time for you to work on earning extra money?

If yes, why not book appointments with your side hustle?

Treat them as professional appointments (they are!) and make sure you turn up on time.

8. Have A Social Media Ban Or Reduction

Are you on Facebook? Instagram? Whatsapp? Snapchat?

I’ve just created a Twitter account and yikes I can easily lose 30 minutes on there checking what others have tweeted.

How much time do you spend each day on your social media accounts?

An hour a day gives you 7 hours a week to work on earning extra income.

Social media can be such a time suck. If you want to create more time, here is a good place.

Gillian quit social media and tripled her income!

9. Use Your Lunch Hour

If you get an hour for lunch every day, what do you do with it? Read a book, chat with friends, check social media?

You could ring fence 30 minutes of your lunch break to your side hustle.

You could focus on planning, research or writing depending on what your side hustle is.

10. Utilize Waiting Time

Don’t you just hate waiting in your doctors surgery? At the hospital? In the bus queue?

Use this time wisely.

Whatever your side hustle is, there is bound to be something you can do for it whilst standing in a queue.

I write blog ideas and my to-do list whilst in a queue. Nothing too involved.

Being in a queue is an ideal time to take a step back and think about what you need to be doing this week, this month.

I downloaded a post-it notes app which I use for my to do lists. Others use Trello or Google docs to make notes.

Whatever works for you.

11. Multitask

Use your time to do more than one thing. If you commute to work, is there something you can listen to which links to your side hustle?

When you are washing the dishes, can you combine it with listening to something that develops your knowledge?

pale wooden desk with quotes, lamp and various stationery on it.

12. Maximize Your Weekend

Weekends are precious but do you make the most of them?

Do you get to the end of the weekend or Monday morning and ask yourself what did you actually do over the weekend?

Yep, I’m guilty of that one too.

Plan in some side hustle time and you’ll likely find you end up not only achieving that piece of work but you’ll also be more focused on achieving other non-work activities as well.

13. Negotiate The Day Job Hours

Depending on your job and your company you might be able to condense your working hours which will free up a nice block of time.

I condensed my working hours to 5 days over 4.

This means working a 9.5 hour day excluding lunch but gives me an extra day off each week.

You might be able to condense your hours maybe by opting for a reduced lunch break or longer days.

alarm clock and open book on brown table

14. Use Your Spare Vacation Days

It’s not such a thing in the UK as not only do we get more annual leave/vacation than our American counterparts, we also tend to use all of our entitlement.

However if you are in the habit of not using all your vacation time then use it for your side hustle.

Although I would actually encourage you to take it as vacation. The idea of only having 2 weeks off a year is yuck to me!

I love my 6 weeks annual leave – also means I have plenty I can use for a side hustle if I choose.

15. Holiday Down Time

This isn’t for everyone but if you are determined to make your side hustle work, why not use a little bit of your holiday time?

Those times when your partner is reading a book or having a nap.

Carve out a couple of hours a couple of days on your holiday and you’ve gained some quality side hustle time.

16. Work While You Commute

Commuting to work every day can be such a time suck. I worked in London for a while which involved a 2 hour commute each way.

If you travel by train you’ll notice many people beavering away on their laptops.

Who says it for their company? They could be side-hustling and you could be too.

If you travel by bus then you can still get online via your mobile phone . If your commute is by car then you’ll need to be a tad more creative.

Listening to podcasts or audio books is a great way to increase your knowledge and skill base whilst driving.

  • become more efficient with what you do
  • know exactly what you need to do
  • create clear goals
  • max the skills you already have
  • set a schedule and stick to it

17. Automate Your Finances

Get every bill you possible can on monthly or annual payment. This includes your savings, pension payments, childcare etc.

Automating all your recurring bills frees up your mind and your time to concentrate on other things.

18. Say No More Often

How many times have you gone along to events or shows that you feel obliged to go to? Because you’ve been asked?

Go if you and the family want to, but don’t if you don’t.

19. Online Grocery Shopping

If you don’t already do your grocery shopping online then now is the time to get it organised.

Your initial shop may take a little longer as you get used to the supermarket website but after that you will find it really doesn’t take long at all.

Most websites remember your previous orders and favorites making it very easy to re-order regular items.

Buying a bulk delivery passes bringing the cost down to as little as £1 a time.

You probably use more petrol than that driving to and from your local supermarket.

You may well save money ordering online as you are less likely to snap up extra items as you won’t see them.

20. Ask For Help

Embarking on earning extra money on top of your day job is something you are doing for your family and your joint future.

Whether that’s to pay off debt or save for your future selves. Either way it’s not usually a solo enterprise.

Therefore get your spouse and kids involved.

Ask them for their help. It could be with tasks associated with your side hustle or home jobs to create more time for you to concentrate a few extra hours on making money.

21. Use The Gaps In Your Day

That gap between coming home and taking the children to their swimming lesson? Use it.

We all have gaps between going to work, kids activities, making dinner or your favorite TV program.

You can achieve a lot in blocks of 30 minutes. Be aware of your daily time gaps and use them effectively.

22. Be Super Organised

I’m not doing so great on this one so it’s more about do as I suggest not as I do!

I know when I am having a super organised day I achieve sooo much! I just wish I had these days more often.

If you work on being more organised you will reap the benefits twofold.

You’ll achieve more in your side hustle and domestic activities. I know I do.

23. Delegate Tasks

Some aspects of your side hustle might lend themselves to being outsourced to someone else.

Many bloggers outsource the more routine admin activities required on their blog. Such as Pinterest pinning or creating printables.

At home why not delegate some of the household chores to your children?

It might cost you a raise in their pocket money but you can gain time this way.

24. Batch Cook

Do you cook from scratch every night? Make a fresh dinner or worse more than one dinner because of different tastes? Don’t do it.

Why not batch cook family favorites at the weekend or in your slow cooker/crock pot whilst you are at work.

Make enough for at least 2 dinners and freeze the 2nd one.

After a few weeks you’ll have a plentiful supply of meals that you can use every work night, freeing up precious time.

overhead shot of mans hands holding a black cup of coffee and looking at watch on left wrist

25. Watch Less TV

Hands up all of us who still have a TV? Hand up those with cable/satellite? Yep me too!

Now how regimented are you with your TV watching?

Do you switch on for your favorite program and switch back off again at the end? No? Me neither!

If you watch TV every night then here is a golden opportunity to re-prioritize that time and convert some of it to side hustle time.

Not all of it, we still need our decompression time, just maybe not quite so much of it.

26. Utilize Your Peak Energy Levels

I bet you know when you are at your most productive. Early morning? Late at night? Use your best time to work on earning extra money.

I am pretty useless after 9pm so reserve mundane activities for late evening.

Whereas first thing in the morning I can crack on with gusto.

So early morning is when I write my blog posts. They take half the time if written in the morning.

Organize your side hustle and domestic chores to make best use of your productive time.

27. Prioritize What You Love Doing

Slightly quirky here but if you are like me you probably prioritize your time to do the things you love to do.

And procrastinate on those we don’t.

If you want to make sure you prioritize your time on your side hustle and making extra money then learn to love that work!

If you love working on your side hustle you will prioritize your time to make sure you can do it.

All It Takes Is Effort

As you can see there are many ways to find and create more time to work on your side hustle and earn extra money.

Not all of them will work for you but I bet quite a few would if you are willing to do what it takes.

And that is the nub of the issue.

You have to be willing to do what it takes.

Earning money takes effort – after all you put a lot of effort into your day job don’t you? Why would an extra job be any different?

The difference between the two is that your day job pays the bills whereas your side hustle may be buying you your freedom.

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27 tips to create more time in the morning or any other time of the day. Save time, save money and be more frugal. Simple time saving ideas for moms, college students and those wanting to create a side hustle. #savetime #savetimetips #frugalliving #frugal #sidehustle #earnextramoney
27 tips to create more time in the morning or any other time of the day. Save time, save money and be more frugal. Simple time saving ideas for moms, college students and those wanting to create a side hustle. #savetime #savetimetips #frugalliving #frugal #sidehustle #earnextramoney
27 tips to create more time in the morning or any other time of the day. Save time, save money and be more frugal. Simple time saving ideas for moms, college students and those wanting to create a side hustle. #savetime #savetimetips #frugalliving #frugal #sidehustle #earnextramoney
27 tips to create more time in the morning or any other time of the day. Save time, save money and be more frugal. Simple time saving ideas for moms, college students and those wanting to create a side hustle. #savetime #savetimetips #frugalliving #frugal #sidehustle #earnextramoney
27 tips to create more time in the morning or any other time of the day. Save time, save money and be more frugal. Simple time saving ideas for moms, college students and those wanting to create a side hustle. #savetime #savetimetips #frugalliving #frugal #sidehustle #earnextramoney

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12 thoughts on “27 Brilliant And Effective Ways To Create More Time In Your Day”

  1. Some great ideas in this post and I couldn’t agree more – you have to be willing to do what it takes. I hear so many people at work complaining that they don’t have enough time to consider starting any side hustle, but they seem to know everything that’s going on in Love Island! It comes down to the fact that they really just don’t have the will for it – if you are truly motivated and engaged in something, you will find the time.
    You’ve made me think actually that I should resurrect my early mornings. A couple of years ago I read The Miracle Morning book and it changed my life. In a few short months, I seemed to move mountains in terms of getting things up and running. I even took a creative writing course, working on it every day before work. I’ve been a bit lazy lately and apart from walking the dog early morning, I don’t do anything on the side before the day starts. But it was a great feeling when I was doing it.
    Like you, I am hopeless after 9pm so late evening work is out really. Right now, I’m in a battle with myself every night – I don’t want to go to bed because then the work day comes around quicker. But because I stay up so late, I can’t get up early in the mornings. It’s a bad cycle, I need to try to break it.

    • ooo – I fall into the vicious cycle as well. Don’t want the day to end because it means when you wake up it’s all about the day job. I shall put that book on my reading list – I know I get much more done if I can get up early with intent. Has to have the intent, knowing what I am going to prioritise and then like you I get a lot done. Couldn’t do it every day though! Wow to undertaking a course and working on it before work, you really had focus. Means you can regain it if you can win your bedtime battle.

  2. This is a great post Tuppenny! Really motivating. I get up early but only to catch up with my You Tube favourites! I’m better in the morning too so maybe I should side hustle then and watch You Tube last thing at night. Keep up the good work!
    Helen 😉

    • That’s a great idea Helen – go for it! Your Tube favourites need to be watched of course, but don’t need to be during your most productive time. I use my 9pm+ time for You Tube or general internet surfing – doesn’t need much of my brain power!

  3. Wow so many great ways to carve out more time. I’m aware I don’t make the most of smaller chunks of time around the children, waiting at school pick up, before music lessons or clubs, after dinner etc. Thanks for the suggestions! #MondayMoney

    • I am likewise guilty of not utilising those smaller chunks of time all the time. It often starts with the preparation, having that something to get done at your finger tips to pick up when you identify 20 mins of free time. Sometimes you’re in the wrong place to use that time but I can definitely make more of the time I have.

  4. you are churning these posts out!
    didn’t realize i’d missed so many. that’s what i get for not checking email for a week…

    okay let’s see how i fare…
    automate finances – check
    online grocery shopping – nah, i love the food store, my fave kind of shopping!
    clothes stuff – i still get hand me downs… i think in general the world is not impressed by my clothing choices
    get up early/stay up late – check, much easier in summer and when there’s fun blogging stuff to do!
    watch less tv – NEVER!!!!

    ooo i like the make money night— hmmm, gotta look more into.. i don’t think i’d mind a little night hustle as long as i had to do no customer service!!! ahhhhh!!!

    batch cooking – more fun in gloomy weather… you feel more like hibernating

    definitely getting better about utilizing extra time…once i made my time schedule, i realized time wasn’t the issue for things not getting done…desire and will was 🙂

    what a fun list!

    • I’m impressed you managed to stay off emails for a week! I fail on the online shopping – specifically grocery shopping, just can’t do it. Online for everything else shopping wise though if I have a choice. Yeah Mr2p said the same about his TV watching too! Customer service is over rated when you’ve done it for a long time. Did almost 30 years of it in last job, was very glad to move away from it so definitely agree with you on that one. Side hustle with customer service? No thank you.

  5. Great tips! I’m definitely guilty of spending way too much time on social media doing basically nothing. Love about getting the kids involved, this week my daughter and I took part in a consumer study where we watched and evaluated some new kids TV, for £20. We ‘shared’ the money (well I kept half to put in her savings) and got to take her out to spend her earnings which was lovely – she’s only 4 so was super excited and we get to do phase 2 this week for another £20.

    • That’s so great Hayley that you get to earn with your daughter and combine it as an activity. Well 2 if you count the shopping afterwards!

  6. Although I check my Twitter daily, my friends are moaning that I’m not ‘liking’ their FB photos til days/weeks later! It’s nice to see what your friends are up to but it’s such a waste of time, I think!

    I’ve only bought two items of clothing this year – a pair of socks in Jan and recently, a summer dress (a small birthday present to myself!). I need to go through my cupboards and wardrobe as I have a LOT of clothes – I don’t tend to throw stuff away.

    Alas, I can’t make the most of early mornings but I can do late nights – I tend to have 6.5 – 7 hours sleep during the week, perhaps an hour more at weekends. I have to say I don’t make the most of my weekends and am really bad at procrastinating. This is where I could do with being more organised. My suitcase from my hols still hasn’t been unpacked properly (although dirty laundry has been washed) – I’m planning for it to be a weekend job haha!

    • I used to have loads of clothes in different sizes as I yo-yo’d with my weight. Finally got a handle on that, chucked the clothes and have been slowly getting rid of more. Can’t wait to chuck my work clothes when I FIRE!? Hope you had a fabulous holiday!


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