The Best Work From Home Jobs When You Need Flexibility

Fact of life: we all need a job to earn money, and there are plenty out there. But genuine flexible work from home jobs? They are a little harder to find.

I’ve always loved the idea of flexible jobs and working hours that you can set to fit your family. But I spent way too long in a classic 9-5, which ended up more like 8-7.

Now I have one of the best flexible work from home jobs you can find. I can work from home with no set schedule if I want to.

Although life is always easier with a schedule, in my book anyway!

It’s not just mom’s with small children that want to work from home. I’m not, heck my girls are all grown up and gone!

Being able to set your own schedule, your own working hours allows so many more of us the opportunity to earn extra money.

I’ve found 7 legitimate work from home jobs that give you the flexibility you want whilst still earning good money and providing you with the opportunity to have a new career.

These jobs all have really flexible hours and you can work them part time from home or full time.

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The Benefits Of Flexible Work From Home Jobs

When people start looking for flexible work from home jobs there are usually very compelling reasons for it.

You don’t just fancy the idea of working from home, you NEED to do so.

It could be you need an extra part time job to pay the bills and get debt paid off. You could be a carer with limited away from home time.

Being able to work from home allows you to combine your existing commitments (caring, homeschooling, studying etc) with the ability to earn good money using your existing skills or building new ones.

And you’re never too old to gain new skills. Before I started this blog I had never written a blog, used WordPress or Pinterest or create a pin graphic.

Now I do it without thinking every week. Check out my pin at the bottom of this post.

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7 Truly Flexible Work From Home Jobs

1. Become A Proofreader

As a proofreader you review content that other people have written and proofread it with a fine-toothed comb to make it perfect i.e. you check, find and fix spelling, capitalization and punctuation errors.

There’s nothing worse than reading a book or article and finding errors is there? As a proofreader you stop that from happening

Because you are proofreading someone else’s work it doesn’t matter when or where you do it. You could work in the small hours of every morning or whilst travelling in your RV.

Totally your choice.

You can be US or UK based and your clients vice versa. You don’t even need to pay out for equipment to get started.

Caitlyn from Proofread Anywhere started out working as a freelancer and earned over $40k part time, whilst travelling.

According to the average earnings for a proofreader are $51k with an average hourly rate of $25.


How Can I Start?

The best and easiest way to get started is to sign up for Caitlyn’s free 76 minute workshop.

In her workshop she shares lots of information about the skills you need and more about the proofreading profession.

image for free workshop on proofreading

2. Virtual Assistant

Simply put, a virtual assistant is someone who offers services to other businesses on a remote basis.

It doesn’t matter where you live or where your clients are based. You can work for, and with them through the power of the internet.

What services does a VA provide?

How does 275+ different services sound? The reality is you can offer and conduct any service that a client wants. Here’s just a few for starters:

  • Customer support
  • Processing online orders and refunds
  • Calendar management and travel arrangements
  • Email management
  • Social media management
  • Bookkeeping
  • Managing product launches

If you don’t have experience of a particular service (e.g. bookkeeping), then you don’t offer it.

Grab a copy of this free list of 275+ Services You Can Offer as a VA and use it to identify your own ready-to-go VA skills.

Gina started as a VA 5 years ago and withing 6 months she was earning $4,000 a month on top of her day job.

She provides tons of valuable information in her post about Everything You Need To Know About Becoming A Virtual Assistant.

As a virtual assistant you can be charging $20-$50 an hour. £16-£40 an hour in the UK.

You can learn how to become a VA in 30 days or less in Gina’s fact filled blog post.

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3. General Transcriptionist

A transcriptionist simply converts audio files, videos and podcasts into text format. Your clients can be authors, businesses and big companies.

With the explosion of video across the internet the demand for transcription has increased hugely, to turn that video content into eBooks, training and blog posts.

If you’re a fast typist and have good grammar skills you can use these to become a transcriptionist.

General transcriptionists (see below for legal transcriptionists) can earn $45,000 a year working full time.

But as a work-from-home, flexible worker, you choose your hours and set your own rates of pay.

If this sounds interesting then I highly recommend Janet’s free 7 day mini course to find out more about what transcription is and how to be successful.

With over 30 years in the transcription business, Janet has been passing on her experience to students for more than 10 years.

Her free e-course gives you the perfect insight into learning this skill which allows you to work when and where you want.

Lisa, an ex-student says “simple, quick process while giving a thorough understanding of general transcription. Janet was great throughout the whole process and was available to answer all my questions”.

details of free course for transcription services

4. Become A Blogger (Like Me!)

As a blogger you are sharing your ideas, thoughts and content with your readers.

You don’t need to be an expert or have a degree, you just need an interest in writing about stuff you know.

I love blogging, I’m not an expert in any field and I don’t have a degree. But I do know a lot about frugal living, having been frugal for most of my adult life and that’s what I write about.

I have blogging friends who write about plants, Ikea hacks and dogs!

How Can I Start?

You can get started for very little money, less than $4 a month. The best thing you can do is watch the free Blog Simple Framework Master Workshop.

I’ve been a member of Odd Noodle for over a year and I cannot recommend it enough.

The workshop will give you the information you need on how to know who your readers will be, how to connect with them and how to write.

There are plenty of free courses on how to set up the technical side of blogging but only Paul digs deep into finding your audience and creating the right content.

Paul also offers the Blog Simple Guide which is a detailed (FREE!) guide to blogging, warts and all.

He is what I would call quite unique in the blogging world. He ain’t fluffy, he’s real.

How Much Can I Earn?

The world is your oyster when it comes to earnings over time. Many bloggers start out earning a few dollars from basic ads and affiliates.

Get your readership up to around 10,000 monthly page views and you can join the likes of Monumetric and Ezoic ad networks.

Reach 55,000 page views or so and you can join Mediavine which is a premium ad network with earnings to match.

If your are interested then why not find out more about how you can become a blogger? 

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5. Become An Amazon Seller

Running a part time business and working from home is highly attractive to stay at home moms, the retired and college students alike.

But we’re never going to be in the same ballpark as Amazon are we? Or are we?

What if you could sell THROUGH Amazon without the need for thousands of dollars in upfront costs? Amazon sells it’s own products and those provide by people just like you.

Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA) is where a customer buys a product from Amazon, who stores and ships it but you earn money from it.

You source the product, send it to Amazon and they do the rest. Jessica has been doing this since 2009 and started by finding items in thrift stores and yard sales.

All you need is a smartphone, computer and some stationery. You certainly don’t need a website.

Read about the top 11 reasons you should be selling on Amazon FBA and how you can be earning money within 2 weeks.

For even more information Jessica has a free 9 part video course that tells you everything you need to know in order to start selling on Amazon.

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6. Buying And Selling On For Profit

Often known as ‘flipping’. Some people flip houses but that costs serious money.

If you love visiting thrift stores, charity shops, yard sales and flea-markets to unearth bargains then why not use your passion and turn it into a profitable reselling/flipping business?

It’s the perfect excuse to shop more, without going into debt!

Rob, from Fleamarket Flipper, has been buying and reselling/flipping since 1996 and now does it full time. He describes flipping as:

“the art of finding things that nobody else sees value in and selling them for a profit”.

What Can I Earn?

The more hours you put in and the better you are at unearthing those bargains the more you earn.

You are in control of what you earn, and can work from home with no set schedule or create one to suit your family.

Rob has written an ebook on how to find free stuff to flip. You know me, I love free! It’s a great introduction into the world of flipping used items for profit.

And his free book is the perfect place to start if you want to make some extra money but are hesitant about investing anything initially.

If you love finding a real bargain and like the idea of making money from your thrifting skills then you should sign up for Rob’s free 75 minute workshop.

In the workshop Rob talks you through how to turn your bargain finding passion into a business in as little as 14 days.

You can sign up here for the free 75 minute workshop.

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7. Legal Transcriptionist

A legal transcriptionist specializes in working for attorneys, insurance companies, research institutions and others who need help with transcribing their documentation from people who have been trained in the legal field.

As with a general transcriptionist, the key skills you bring to the table are being a fast and accurate typist with good grammar skills.

It helps if you have a legal background but it isn’t essential.

Janet has been a successful general and legal transcriptionist for many years and shares her wealth of knowledge in the courses she has been teaching for over 10 years.

What Can I Earn?

As a legal transcriptionist you have the potential to command higher rates of pay than a general transcriptionist, up to $60,000 if you were working full time.

But the beauty of Janet’s courses are that they teach you how to work as a freelancer and find your own clients.

That way you can work from home and make great money.

Cynthia, an ex-student, says “I am amazed at all the information and templates that Janet includes with this course. She leaves no stone un-turned. Janet is a top-notch instructor, she wants you to succeed.”

If this sounds interesting then I highly recommend Janet’s free 7 day mini course to find out more about what transcription is and how you can be successful in this flexible work from home job.

8. Online Tutor

A tutor doesn’t just teach children, you could be tutoring adults as well. But your goal is the same. Provide your student with support to learn new information.

Being an online tutor is an extremely flexible job, one where you can make your own hours work and from home to suit the rest of your busy life.

VIPKID is an online teaching platform that specializes in teaching English to children in China.

Their parents place a strong emphasis on learning English and VIPKID tutors provide one-on-one instruction.

You do need a bachelors degree (any subject) but you don’t need to be a qualified teacher. Nor do you need to commit to a minimum number of weekly hours.

You could just work on a Thursday morning or at the weekends. Other benefits include:

  • No teaching materials to prepare
  • No curriculum or lesson planning
  • You don’t communicate with the parents

My son-in-law is a teacher and I know parental communication can be a big time suck and it’s always out of hours so this is a huge bonus for ex-teachers me thinks!

Being able to teach where and when you want, from the comfort of your home makes working with VIPKID an attractive flexible work from home opportunity.

To find out more why not check out the VIPKID website and read the teacher testimonials there?

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Find Out More About Working From Home

These are some of the best, most flexible work from home jobs out there right now.

But I can understand if you hesitating about the whole work-from-home thing. It can feel like a huge step.

This book will help you build your confidence in making the right decision for you and your family. It has detailed information on:

  • How and where to start with your own business
  • What actionable steps you should take so you can thrive at home
  • How to build more skills (more skills = more money folks!)

Work At Home is written by Caitlyn Pyle who has been running her own work from home business for many years.

She shares all the knowledge and inside tips about flexible work from home jobs she has gained with you in her book.

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