Frugal Living’s Greatest Secret – A Simplified Life

You can achieve a simplified life through embracing the frugal movement.

Do you think frugal living is hard, time consuming and means you have to do without?

Do you think achieving a simplified life is impossible these days?

If you do then I’m happy to say you are way off bat.

When you first start down the path of the frugal life, yes it does require a little bit more effort.

But then so does anything that you are doing for the first time.

Living a frugal life is a skill.

And skills need to be learnt, practiced and honed to a fine art.

Frugal living skills include: budgeting, making your own, managing your finances, saving for your future and thinking outside the box.

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If you’ve not done any of those before then when you do these for the first time they can be a tad hard.

But that’s okay because you get better at skills the more you practice them.

Once you’ve got a handle on frugal living and managing your finances you’ll suddenly realize that perhaps you are living a simplified life, without even trying.

Frugal living and simple living are all about less, and more.

So how does frugal living lead to a simplified life?


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A Simplified Life Involves Less Stuff

When you live frugally you are more conscious about where your money goes and you make decisions on what you will buy but also many decisions on what you won’t buy.

As a result you consume less and perhaps inadvertently start enjoying simple life pleasures more than things.

Your carbon footprint is less because you are not consuming everything in sight, whether that is food, clothes or nights out.

Being frugal means you have less but exactly enough, for you. There is simplicity in your life because you don’t waste your money.

And you don’t waste precious time having to earn more money in order to buy the extra stuff that clutters up your life.

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Having more stuff complicates your life and makes it busier

  • More clothes = more decision making on what to wear, every day
  • More jewelry & accessories = yet more decisions about what to wear & where to store them
  • More house = more cleaning, more organizing, more bills to pay
  • More cars = more money you need, more organizing of maintenance
  • More general stuff = more cleaning and moving about
  • More electronics = more to go wrong, more storage needed, more clutter
  • More toys = more storage needed, more clutter, more tidying away every night

The sum total of more stuff is you need more money to pay for it all so you have to work more or go into more debt.

Working more means you have less time to enjoy the stuff you’ve bought.

Because you don’t have the time to enjoy what you have, you seek out the next new thing and buy it hoping you will be able to enjoy it. But you won’t.

Being frugal and cutting back makes for a simplified life. Simplicity in life comes with less stuff!

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Your Simplified Life Is More Organised

Living frugally means using your time to do tasks that perhaps you might previously have outsourced.

Tasks such as grass cutting, cleaning, washing cars, baking and cooking.

These tasks could take up more time than if someone else were doing them so you plan your time more carefully to ensure you do them.

Living frugally you will plan your meals ahead of time, you will ensure your weekend routine has space for you to wash the car or mow the lawn.

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Life Is More Simple With More Skills

Because you undertake more of your household tasks yourself you become more skilled. DIY, gardening, fixing things are all skills that a frugal person learns.

There is a simplicity in life when you use the traditional skills that our grandparents used.

These frugal skills are great for money saving and when you are skilled in them they don’t take too much time.

Traditional skills such as:

  • Baking your own bread
  • Mending clothes
  • Gardening
  • Preserving
  • Cooking from scratch
  • DIY

A simplified life, one where you don’t need to seek outside help, enables you be more self sufficient and naturally frugal.

No need to find a gardener or a seamstress.

No need to to be researching new items or going shopping last minute to replace broken things.

And no need to be out working 2 jobs just to try and pay for everything.

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There Is Less Stress In A Simplified Life

Stress is a modern day health hazard.

I know it’s said that low levels of stress can be good for you but I don’t know anyone with low level stress any more.

When you are stressed your body reacts physically in a negative way and you get sick.

Stress causes us to react badly in so many situations damaging our relationships and friendships which in turn affects our mood and our happiness factor.

It makes us less efficient in what we do, in our work and stops us from focusing on what we want to achieve.

Frugal living reduces our stress because we stop trying to fit everything in.

We live according to our life goals and stop doing things just because we think we should.

As a result we achieve a simplicity in life and are more focused

One of the biggest stress reducers that frugal living provides is relief from stressing about our finances.

Financial stress can be overwhelming for so many people.

Worries about debt, paying bills and emergencies are all eliminated once you have embraced the frugal life.

You will have stopped living beyond your means and cut out all unnecessary bills.

You will have embraced living within your means with a budget that enables you to save some money every month.

You’ll also have an emergency cash fund which stops you worrying about unexpected bills.

Getting rid of this stress allows you to focus on enjoying life and nourishing your relationships.

With stress reduced or gone completely you will be more efficient in what you do, getting more done in less time without even thinking about it.

You start living a simplified life because you can just get on and do without worrying about stuff. Simply living and enjoying life are the fruits of a frugal life.

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More Time For Simple Life Pleasures

People can get sucked into thinking they should always be doing something which involves spending money.

Not so! Doing does not need to cost.

And there is a lot to be said for finding the time to JUST BE.

As a fabulously frugal person you make wise choices about what to spend both your money and your time on.

You choose quality over quantity and enjoy the simplicity in life.

You recognize that you and your family do not need to be busy every night of the week.

The sum total of these wise choices is that you have more time.

More time to spend with your family, more time to relax, more time to JUST BE.

Just being is a great way to re-claim your life and be able to take time to appreciate what you have.

And all of these tie in nicely to living a simplified life.

Are you living more simply now you are frugal? Do you love the simplicity that life can offer?

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Find out how living frugally helps you simplify your life. A simple life is less stressful, less cluttered and you will find enjoyment when you simplify life. Frugal living's greatest secret is a simplified life. #frugalliving #frugal #simplifyyourlife #simpleliving #simplifiedlife #minimalism #lessclutter #simple
Find out how living frugally helps you simplify your life. A simple life is less stressful, less cluttered and you will find enjoyment when you simplify life. Frugal living's greatest secret is a simplified life. #frugalliving #frugal #simplifyyourlife #simpleliving #simplifiedlife #minimalism #lessclutter #simple

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2 thoughts on “Frugal Living’s Greatest Secret – A Simplified Life”

  1. Tuppenny, I absolutely love the message behind this post! You are completely spot-on on so many points – Having enough is better than having too much, being skilful makes you self-sufficient and thus more independent, and having a low-stress life is much better than a life filled with financial stress.

    I especially understand how tiring it can be to live a life that’s filled with financial stress. Ever since that time, I’ve made it a point to escape the rut I was in and to become more independent. And my main success is attributed to frugal living! I’ve never regretted it since 🙂 Thanks for the wonderful reminder that frugal living is the way to go. 🙂

    • Hi Liz! I’m so glad frugal living has helped you be successful in escaping your rut – never a nice place to be. Financial stress really is the pits isn’t it? Frugal living is the bee’s knee’s!


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