24 Easy Recycled Gift Ideas Your Family Will Love

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Why am I talking about upcycling and recycled gift ideas?

Because gift giving can be hard when you are on a budget or knee deep in debt.

Yet I know you still want to give beautiful, thoughtful gifts.

You love your family and friends and you want them to know how much you appreciate them being in your life.

But at the same time you don’t want to be going into debt or giving up your frugal ways every time a holiday comes round.

And then there is your growing awareness of the environment and the impact so much spending on stuff can have on it.

So how do you marry your budget, your environmental concerns and your keenness to give thoughtful, useful and beautiful presents to family and friends?

I tell you how, by making your own handmade unique gifts through focusing on recycled gift ideas.

Up-cycle and re-purpose things that you already have around your home into something completely new and unique.

All for a few pennies and a little time.

You can be frugal, save money and be eco friendly when you know how.

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Recycled Gift Ideas Are Fabulously Frugal

Up-cycling, as it is known, is very much the thing now.

By up-cycling something you are taking something you have, recycling it into a new item and giving it a new purpose.

Up-cycling is a fantastic way to keep things out of landfill, give new life to something and it can all be done on a small budget, possibly even for free if you have enough bits and bobs lying around.

These 24 recycled gift ideas are all focused on re-using items for another purpose, breathing new life into something that has been discarded.

Where you haven’t got some of the materials then you will be able to find them cheaply in thrift stores, car boots or yard sales.

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Love Frugal Gifting

Being frugal is not about saving money at the expense of others.

You can still give beautiful gifts when you are on a tight budget or living on one income.

Some of the best frugal living tips focus on doing things for yourself.

When you do your own gift making, gardening or home maintenance you gain new skills.

Making your own eco friendly presents using recycled gift ideas will save you a good chunk of money and stop you going into debt.

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24 Easy Recycled Gift Ideas

I love how creative these up-cycling and recycled gift ideas are. So many easy gifts that you can make, some in only minutes. No matter your creative skill level you are going to love making and giving these crafts.

Recycled Gifts On A Budget

When you want to treat family and friends to the gifts they deserve what better way to do so than with something homemade.

Being frugal is not about going without or keeping your money to yourself.

Being frugal is about making smart decisions about your money and choosing to do things differently without.

These recycled gift ideas are not about buying something and then making it into something else.

These are absolutely about using what you already have.

With 24 fun and unique recycling gift ideas you are bound to find gifts to make that you already have the basics for.

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