5 Frugal Living Tips For Moms on a Budget

Are you stressed about finances? Looking for advice on how to save money? Below are a few tips that can help trim your family’s budget.

While it might not seem like much at the moment, over time, it could equal hundreds of dollars in savings.

This could help build your child’s college fund, pay for braces, or allow you to splurge on a weekend family getaway.

When you are on a budget you want to make sure every cent and penny works hard for you. To stretch your money as far as you can.

These quick frugal tips will do just that.

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1. Hang Clothes To Dry, Instead Of Using The Dryer

You have probably heard this tip before. However, you might not have realized how much you can truly save.

Depending on where you live, running the clothes dryer could cost you up to $0.75 or more per a load of electricity. Over a month, that could mean roughly 20 dollars or more per family.

It can soon add up!

If you have a backyard, and if the weather is right, consider investing in a backyard clothesline.

If space allows, purchase an indoor clothesline. There are many choices to choose from, such as this indoor wooden rack.

Obviously, this does require some extra effort on your part. And, there are some cases where it is just not feasible because of the time involves.

But, even if your air dries just half of your laundry loads, you will save some extra cash each month.

I have not had a dryer for over 10 years now. I dry my clothes outside all year round, weather permitting. And when the weather doesn’t permit, I dry indoors.

I hang shirts and trousers on hangers in a doorway, they dry so much faster this way. Just remember to have an open window nearby to keep the air flowing.

And mind your head and back when you want to walk through that doorway!

Essential products to help you live frugally

Frugal folk know the value of having the right tools to help them save money. These are all essentials in my book. They will pay for them selves in the savings you will make in a matter of months.

2. Frequent The Library

Your taxes pay for your local library; take advantage of it!

This not only means borrowing books and DVDs, but you can also find free entertainment for your kids, such as story-time, music programs, and more.

In most libraries, you can even check out magazines, which can save you the cost of a magazine subscription.

Some libraries will even let you borrow a kill-a-watt meter, which detects how much electricity the appliances in your home consume. Unfortunately not mine but I would definitely take advantage of this if yours does.

For the worst frugal lliving tips you don’t want to try, check out this post!

3. Mix Powdered Milk With Regular Milk

Okay, this tip is not for everyone. But, if milk prices have hurt your budget, it is something to consider.

I have used powdered milk instead of regular when a recipe calls for milk or cream. When using it as a cream replacement, just make the powdered milk mixture that much thicker – works a treat.

And the family never notice!

With powdered milk costing less than fresh milk (especially generic brands) this could translate to several dollars in savings per month.

You can even buy powdered milk from Amazon, perfect for bulk buys and using your Prime membership to it’s full potential.

Read this article here on the Hillbilly Housewife website for more tips.

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mother and yound daughter baking together

4. Use FreeCycle

Freecycle is an online network where you can find free items such as used kid’s clothing, furniture, and more.

If you live in or near a large city, there is probably a group in your area. Visit the freecycle website for more details.

Freegle is another free stuff website. Many local Facebook Marketplace groups also have items listed as free to a good home and the like.

5. Join Frugal Living Message Boards

Frugal forums can help you find support for living frugally, provide additional tips, and even make online friends.

You can ask for advice on just about anything for living frugally.

When I first started out trying to live more frugally and save money I frequented frugal forums constantly! I picked up so many tips, ideas and fun hacks from people who had already used them successfully.

Even better they showed how to use these hacks and the problems they came up against. Frugal forums were also where I found out about the best frugal living books to read.

These 4 are my favorites and I recommend everyone reads them. You may be able to get them from your library or as a used book from Amazon.

Best books to help you live frugally and save money

These books will help you learn more about frugal living and saving money. Packed with actionable advice and creative ways to save money.

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