The Best Way To Get Started With A Mortgage

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I’m all about saving money and paying for things with cash or debit card.

Debt is not something I encourage for anyone but there are exceptions.

When you are ready to settle down somewhere buying a house makes good financial sense to me.

I know there are some people who would argue that buying a house is not sensible and it is better to rent and invest your money.

But many people, like myself, want to put down roots. They want security of tenure by owning their own place.

These days it’s nigh on impossible to buy your own house outright. Even tiny houses cost a good chunk of money.

Something most of us don’t have when we are at the home buying stage.

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Good Debt

So a mortgage is an important part of your home buying process. And a mortgage is debt, no getting away from it.

But for me it’s good debt. Because it helps you buy a home.

Debt is debt though so you do not want to be paying over the odds for a mortgage that is going to take years to pay off.

These days you aren’t limited to just your bank for a mortgage.

There is a wide choice of mortgage companies that you can approach to get yourself a good deal.

Using an Online Mortgage Advisor is the best way to ensure you get the best deal for you.

They can search hundreds of mortgage companies through their database and often have exclusive deals that you wouldn’t get if you approach the mortgage company direct.

Because it’s online you can apply at a time that is convenient to you.

Your adviser will take details of the type of mortgage you want and having searched their database will give you details of the best rates available to you.

They will talk to you about your finances such as whether you want a fixed rate or the lowest interest rate.

Using their knowledge of the mortgage market they can guide you to choosing the best mortgage for you.

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An Easy Process

When we took out a mortgage a few years ago to buy a house (long story but we had 2 houses for a short while trying to find our forever home) we used an online mortgage adviser.

Our adviser helped us get a mortgage through a high street lender at a better deal than we could have got direct.

(I checked this by using a comparison site and checking the mortgage company’s own website).

We chose to take a 3 year fix to give us peace of mind when it comes to our monthly repayments.

We didn’t need to take time out from work to make appointments to visit the lender, our broker facilitated the whole process.

We were able to sign forms at home, in the evening, and scan them back to our adviser.

Best Things In Life Are Free

And the best part of it was that we paid no fee at all. The whole process was free and extremely simple. And fast.

Whether you are buying your first home or remortgaging, getting a fee free deal makes good frugal sense.

And you know me, I love a frugal deal or two!

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    • Hi Alice. I try and do everything online these days. Means you can do things at a time that is convenient to you. No need to book, just get online and start the process. Definitely made my life much easier last time we used one so highly recommend online brokers over someone face to face. Thanks for your comment!


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