Grab Back Control Of Your Grocery Budget In Just 7 Days

Learning how to control your grocery budget is an important aspect of living frugally.

Your grocery budget and how much you spend on food is one of the most flexible parts of your overall budget.

It’s so flexible that your spending on food can range from super low to super high and everything in between.

When money is tight it makes good sense to focus on how much you spend on groceries because of this flexibility.

If you can shave off $100 or more off spending in this area then that’s $100 you can put toward something else.

Like paying off debt, building your emergency fund, saving for a vacation. Your choice.

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Spending Too Much On Groceries?

Do you worry about how much you spend on groceries? Or are you not actually sure how much you spend?

Is this you?

You have a sinking feeling every time you approach the checkout, worrying about how much you’ve gone over budget this time.

You have great intentions of creating a meal plan each week but by the 3rd day it’s all going wrong.

Every time you go to the store you end up feeling out of control, too much choice, too little money.

You open your full refrigerator and don’t know where to start.

You throw away food you know you could have used if only you’d had a better plan.

You hate wasting money on takeout but it’s an all too regular occurrence.

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Grocery Spending Is Too Easy

If this is you then you’re in good company. Because this was me years ago.

I was on a low income and didn’t have money to spare and still spent too much money on food.

I was a young mom spending way too much on food but didn’t even realize I was overspending.

I knew I should not be eating takeout quite as often as I was, but I never added up how much my food was costing me over a month.

I just knew I had no money after paying my bills and buying my food.

To the point where my baby daughter had just 3 sets of clothes.

I relied on credit cards, had no emergency fund and my parent had to be my mortgage guarantor.

Fast forward to now, I’ve got my finances in pretty good shape and I’m happy with my grocery budget.

Sure, the odd extra chocolate bar finds it’s way into my trolley but no-one’s perfect right?

And chocolate is an essential food item in my life – just saying!

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Learn New Tricks

I’ve learned how to make my money go much further than I ever thought possible.

And I’ve learned how to play the stores at their own game.

Ever wondered why milk, bread and the best deals are deep inside each store?

To make you go through the whole store instead of being able to nip in and out without seeing anything else.

Going through the store you can get sucked into seeing all the other ‘deals and bargains’ (that aren’t always bargains) and somehow they end up in your trolley.

Been there, done that. About a million times.

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Free Grocery Budget Help

That is why I have created my free grocery budget bootcamp e-course.

I want to share what I have learned so you can stop worrying and spending the way you do.

I want you to grab back control of your grocery budget right now.

Because you can.

My 7 day email course will help you take back control of your grocery spending and cut it right down.

You don’t need to spend too much on groceries.

You don’t need to resort to takeout

And you certainly don’t need to worry every time you hit the checkout.

Enroll in the my free Grocery Budget Bootcamp and you will learn:

  • How to create a grocery budget you can stick to
  • How to use your existing supplies to feed your family
  • Not waste money on groceries you’ve already bought
  • Create an easy to stick to meal plan
  • Tips and tricks to stick to both your shopping list AND your grocery budget

Let Me Help You

I want you to feel in control of your food spending. There is no need to spend all your spare money on food.

Your food budget does not need to be high, you can eat wholesome and healthy foods on a tight budget.

My free course is designed to help you learn to master your grocery budget and not spend more than you want on food.

Come and follow me on Pinterest for more money saving hints and frugal tips!

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