7 Simple tips on how to organize a walk in pantry

How to organize a walk in pantry when it’s full of stuff?

Keeping your pantry organized can be extremely hard and annoying. You use it every day, and everyone in your house gets into it; they look for things and mess it up.

Once it’s messed up it takes you longer to find anything. You can even lose things you know for sure are there, you just can’t find them!

Small pantries and food cupboards are easily disorganized but can be tidied up pretty quickly.

Whereas when you are looking at how to organize a pantry and it’s a walk in one, the disorganization can be a little overwhelming.

Luckily organizing a walk in pantry follows similar rules that you would use for a single food cupboard and any other food storage areas you have.

Let me help you create a system that works for you. One that you can keep going with the minimum of effort.

The best way to organize your pantry

The best way to organize a pantry is the way that works best for you.
Whatever pantry plan and system makes your life easier when it comes to buying, storing and using the food you cook.

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7 Quick tips on how to organize a walk-in pantry

1. take it all out

If your pantry is really bad, then just take everything out.

You will probably find cans that you haven’t seen in months or years, bags, and empty containers of things that you used forever ago.

When I had a huge stockpile of non perishable food and finally decided to get it in some sort of organized order, I found pasta 2 years past its sell by date. Oops!

Even if your pantry isn’t that bad, take most of the stuff out. You want to get behind everything and clean it anyways.

You can leave the big and heavy stuff in but take out anything that isn’t in a specific place where it will stay after you have organized it.

2. check your dates

Check expiration dates on everything. If something is about to expire, just use it that night for dinner, or make a plan to use it pretty quickly.

Don’t throw it away just because, you could also donate it to somewhere that needs the extra food, especially if the food is still good.

If you have an over full pantry then consider doing a pantry challenge to reduce how much you have without throwing food away.

pantry shelves filled with food to show how to organize a walk in pantry
Your walk in pantry does not need to be messy!

3. Create pantry categories for your walk in pantry

Sort everything into categories. Put things together like all the pasta, all the cans, all the crackers.

For the cans, sort them into smaller categories like soups, sauces, vegetables, fruits, and others. A really great tip; put all the cans together.

There isn’t any sense mixing them up when you know that when you want chicken noodle soup, it will be in a can.

It doesn’t need to go next to the ramen noodles just because it’s chicken. It will make life so much easier.

4. Plan your pantry space

When everything is in a pile of the same thing, then figure out where it’s going to go before you put it in the pantry.

You don’t want to move around 20 cans again because there wasn’t enough space.

Figure out the general area of where you want things, and then start placing them back in the pantry. It may take a little extra time upfront, but it will save you lots of time in the end.

Put rarely used items up top or toward the back and items you need daily right where you can find them at the front, within easy reach.

Helpful storage products

Pantries and kitchens need effective storage. Creating a pantry stockpile requires organization. These are essential storage solutions you can use to store your stockpile and save money doing so.

5. Remember the kids

When you are deciding where everything is going to go, remember that your kids will want to get some of their own food themselves.

They need to have certain things like crackers on the lower shelves so that they can easily reach them. Or maybe not if these are usually off limits!

Also, when you are putting things away like cans, stack them and put the same of one thing behind the other same cans.

pantry shelves filled with food
Walk in pantry ideas start with how much storage you have

6. Stack and organize

You don’t need to see five cans of tomato soup right in front, but you can stack them and place them behind each other.

That way, you will have room to see everything that you need to without having to peer around other cans or move things around just to figure out if you have something.

7. Take your time unpacking

When you are unloading your groceries, make sure that you put everything back where it goes.

If you just shove everything in your pantry real quick, then you won’t be able to keep it organized. Just spend two minutes really putting everything away.

Put new cans behind the old ones if you don’t use the product very much so that you make sure and use the older ones first.

how to organize a walk in pantry and Keep it so

It helps you to know exactly what you have and what you don’t have when it comes to your food.

This way it saves you money because you don’t buy something thinking that you don’t have it.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve bought something I thought I needed only to find I already had at least one. And I’m sure I am not alone in doing this.

Keeping your pantry organized so you know exactly what’s in it will help you when it comes to meal planning and writing out your grocery list.

Plus, it looks so much better and is less stressful when you are trying to find something that you need for dinner that night.

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