The Best Money Saving Tips Of 30 Frugal Living Bloggers

In my humble opinion frugal living bloggers can provide you with a wealth of information on the best way to get the most out of your money.

They will help you save money, get out of debt and achieve the money challenges you set yourself.

As a long time frugalista, I (think) I know a good deal about frugal living but there is always more to know.

When you are working full time and managing the family finances there are frugal things you want to do.

Frugal things you think you ought to do. And then there are the things you actually do.

There is a whole, big, frugal world to explore but it takes time.

Time you haven’t got to go searching for the best frugal living tips from all the experts out there.

To help you with your quest I’ve reached out to fellow frugal living bloggers for their very best money saving tips for you.

Some of these frugal tips you may already know and been doing, but perhaps there are a few you don’t.

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The Best Money Saving Tips Of 30 Frugal Living Bloggers

As a frugal living blogger my no.1 tip has got to be:

Pay Your Future Self First – your future self is completely reliant upon the present you to pay for their future lifestyle.

Keep your future self in mind when deciding on where to be frugal and not so frugal.

Planning ahead and putting money away for your long term future is the best present you can give yourself. Make this your number 1 financial goal.

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Kristy from Moneybliss says:

Make it a challenge.

Now, you are seeing my competitive side, but when you are starting out and trying to live a frugal lifestyle, it may seem overwhelming at first.

Pick how much you want to spend on a certain category and save on a certain category. It can work either way.

For example every month, challenge yourself to stretch your grocery budget to under $500 for a family of 4.

That is the quickest way to get a win as a frugal newbie!

Kristy loves a challenge and often ropes me into them as well. And they really do work that’s for sure!

Mrs Five Senses of Living says:

When I’m looking for ways to cut back and save money I go through my bank and credit card statements to see if there are any charges I missed or any subscriptions that can be canceled.

I typically find at least 2 charges per year that can be reduced, eliminated or credited when I do this.  I recommend giving it a shot, you’ll probably be surprised at how many charges go unnoticed.

Brianna from One Smart Couple says:

My biggest tip is to use either a software, spreadsheet or paper to keep track of your budget and transactions. We love YNAB (or You Need A Budget) to keep track of everything.

It allows you to create “envelopes” like Dave Ramsey but keeps everything in one area so it’s way more flexible. We love it and highly recommend using it.

Monica from LuckyMojito says:

Automate your savings! As you reduce or eliminate expenses, put that amount into a separate savings account. When we were working our way out of debt we temporarily got rid of our cable bill.

This saved us over $100 a month. I automatically put that $100 into a separate account. Once it built up I used that money to pay down our credit card debt.

Now that we are debt free (with the exception of our mortgage), I use multiple bank accounts to build up our savings and investments.

Living And Eating Frugally

Thiscraftyhome says:

My best tip would be to meal plan! We started doing that years ago and immediately cut $400 off my budget. Even with a daughter with multiple food allergies we spend less than $100 a week.

melsmoneysavingandbargains says:

One of your main expenses is your food shopping. Plan your meals and make a list to take shopping, you can save a fortune by just buying what you need and not grabbing at things randomly in the supermarket.

misspennymoney says:

Pad out meals with beans and pulses (e.g. lentils in Spag Bol), or substitute for dried soya mince.

Buy bigger packs of meat to split for more than one meal. Batch cook if possible and downshift your usual branded goods.

Armed with your meal plan and shopping list, eat something filling before you go!

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Living-thrifty says:

Always try the value brand products – often they can be the exact same product in different packaging.

My mother used to work in the factory for a very well known toiletries company and they were putting the exact same product in high end bottles for another brand as their own and the exact same thing was being put in a value brand bottle.

Lidl and Aldi do some inspired products that I am certain are the same product as the original. Often you are just paying extra for the name and fancy packaging.

I completely agree. I buy many value brand products. Sometimes they may taste a little different. But different isn’t bad, it’s just different!

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Reducedgrub says:

If you have a super tight month, stock check your fridge, freezer & cupboards. Devise some meals around the contents and shop around that to see what limited extras you need.

Check out the internet for recipe ideas and inspiration. You may surprise yourself by discovering a new favorite.

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Mashupmom says:

Meal plan!

Short but sweet and so true!

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Money Organization

Thelifespotters says:

I’d definitely say tracking your spending for 2 reasons:

1) When I first started out trying to live frugally I honestly thought I already was… and so to prove it I spent one month spending as usual and writing down everything I bought. And it came as a massive shock to see how much I was actually spending!

So I always recommend starting there and after you’ve got an accurate account of what you typically spend in a month, you can look at where you could potentially make savings etc.

2) Knowing you have to write a purchase down really forces you to think about whether or not you need something in your life!

Matt from Method To Your Money says:

My best tip is to know what you spend and spend what you have. The best way I’ve found to do that is by using a digital envelope system.

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Pixiedustsavings says:

Avoid bank fees at all costs.

I couldn’t agree more! In fact I’d go one step further and say you should be getting your bank account to pay you.

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Joleisa says:

Get the kids involved in money-saving endeavors, for example, choosing snacks they will actually eat.

Appoint one as the energy saving expert for the home (checking and switching off appliances that are not being used etc).

Also get them involved in budgeting for the family’s needs.

This is such a good idea from Joleisa, having the whole family on board with frugal living really makes a difference.

Nicola from thefrugalcottage says:

Track every penny you spend and see where your money actually goes. You can then work on saving money in various areas!

Cheaprecipeblog says:

Get rid of cable and you can save $100 a month just like that!

If only I could persuade Mr2p to do this – an ongoing discussion that I never ‘win’.

Olivermoney says:

Don’t exchange short term luxury for long term poverty. Most of the time, people you see living the perfect lifestyle are broke.

Have a read of my my about what rich people do, they follow this tip and always look at the long game

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Missmanypennies says:

Think about your goals, and what your reasons are for being frugal – what is it going to help you achieve?

This will help keep you motivated, and keep your spending intentional and prioritized on what’s most important to you.

Charlotte from lookingafteryourpennies says:

Don’t assume that you can’t save money on something. Get creative and find a way.

Simon from penniesforthepiggybank says:

Start by making sure you’re getting the best deal on all your monthly expenses – energy, mortgage deal, insurance etc – these are your quick wins.

Once you make a habit out of shopping around for everything all the small savings add up over time.

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Daily Deals UK says:

Spreadsheets and/or online budget planners. Always make sure your essential bills are number 1 priority and that it’s all written down on a monthly basis.

That way you will know exactly what you have left over every month to spend on things like nights out, clothing etc.

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Becky from thrifty-home says:

Be proud of your savings see budgeting as a challenge and consider it a win every single time you make a saving. Changing your mindset will make this all really positive.

I totally agree with Becky. I recently wrote about how to love living within your means as a positive mindset makes all the difference.

Jade from thriftyyorkshiremum says:

Don’t expect miracles overnight. A lot of spending is habit. Getting out of that habit can take a while!

Katie from studentskint says:

Use money making apps to help boost your income a little.

They won’t make you rich but £5-15 a month extra can make a difference and you can do them as a way to fill wasted time like sitting on the bus…earn money instead.

Emma from beemoneysavvy says:

We all buy things we don’t need from time to time. But for the sake of your budget you need to reduce your non-essential spending!

Look into how much you are spending on ongoing contacts that you don’t need such as streaming services, entertainment packages, and gym memberships!

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Frugal Spending

Swiftsalary says:

Never spend money that you don’t already have.

This seems like the most obvious thing, but I know tons of people who will make purchases on their credit card(s) with the idea that their next paycheck will be able to pay for those purchases.

The problem with this is that when you purchase something with money you don’t have yet, you’re just screwing over your future self.

That future self may seem far away right now, but eventually, those purchases will catch up with you.

By waiting until you have the money in your bank account to buy something, you’ll avoid impulse purchases, regret, and debt.

Fiona from savvyinsomerset says:

Budget and only take the cash you need out with you so you can’t spend any more. Leave the debit card at home!

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Comparism says:

Sometimes, we overpay on things without even realizing it – for me, travel money is one such thing.

Most people just exchange money from high street vendors and lose a lot of money in hidden fees that the companies charge by giving bad exchange rates.

I realized this mistake a few years ago and I no longer use these high street companies (including post offices and banks) to exchange money any more and instead started using Monzo.

With Monzo (or similar banks like Revolut and Starling), you get real mid-market exchange at the time of spending on all card payments abroad. Plus, you can withdraw cash for no hidden fees.

mrsmummypenny says:

I am certainly not thrifty, but I always save money. There will be a way to save money on 99% of things that you buy with research, vouchers, friend discounts and negotiation.

Negotiating is my favorite I have been known to ask for a discount in John Lewis and my hubby even negotiated my engagement ring! If you don’t ask you don’t get.

Faith from muchmorewithless says:

Get paid when you do spend. I click through from cashback sites like Top Cashback and Quidco when shopping online, pay with a cashback credit card and use the Natwest Reward current account to earn cashback on my household bills.

The Best Money Saving Tips Of 30 Frugal Living Bloggers

So there you have it. The no.1 tips of money saving and frugal living bloggers from around the world.

With special thanks to all the frugal living and money bloggers for sharing their very best tips so you can live super frugally.

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