The Perfectly Simple 12 Week Christmas Savings Plan

If you haven’t started your Christmas savings plan then read on!

I know it’s not December yet but, you know, Christmas is coming!

Another week or two and the Christmas decorations will be out in force in all the shops.

Now is the perfect time to ramp up your Christmas savings plan.

If you bury your head in the sand much longer it will be Christmas tomorrow and you still haven’t got yourself a plan.

I’ve learnt the hard way that I need to plan for big events like Christmas.

There’s been too many January’s where I have struggled to pay my bills.

I’ve had credit card debt due entirely to the Christmas holiday spending.

Planning ahead stops those January blues and helps you control your Christmas spending.

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The Christmas holidays are a big event in many households, mine included.

I’ve learnt to plan ahead, with both a Christmas Savings plan and an ideas board for presents.

Indeed I often start buying Christmas presents in January.

I’m a frugal soul at heart and I like to get the most bang for my buck so I need to plan ahead in order to achieve this.

I collect reward points from a couple of shops I use often and I save the cash back I get from my main credit card to pay for some Christmas presents.

But these don’t cover all my Christmas spending which is why I need a Christmas savings plan.

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Saving for Christmas on a budget

When you are on a low income there are many expenses you need to save for.

We can all have grand plans to save all year round for Christmas.

After all this would cost you less each month as you are splitting the saving over 12 months.

Indeed this would be the best option if you are an organised person.

I try to save all year round but in the early years of trying not to put the whole of Christmas on my credit card.

I often slipped up and found myself in August without a Christmas savings plan.

And so I devised my 12 week Christmas savings plan. It’s a shorter, more focused savings plan.

If you start in August or early September it finishes before December.

You have plenty of time to save but also the month of December to spend without continuing to save that month.

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12 Week Christmas Savings Plan

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Because I get paid monthly I know my 4th week is always a tight week for spare cash no matter how hard I budget.

By varying the amount and keeping every 4th week low this Christmas Savings Plan is much easier to achieve than say $50 every week for 10 weeks.

I always plan on saving money every month for Christmas but don’t always achieve it.

Life tends to get in the way of my plans so having this cash savings plan as a back up is really handy.

It means I do not get stressed when it gets to August and I haven’t starting planning for Christmas.

What would you do with 500 quid saved?

How much more relaxed and organised will you feel come the end of November and you have that $500 in your pocket ready to spend?

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pinterest image for christmas savings plan
pinterest image for christmas savings plan
pinterest image for christmas savings plan

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