Unique Christmas Gifts For Hard To Buy For People

Buying Christmas gifts for hard to buy for people, is well, hard!

Hard because you want to buy the right gift for them, and hard because as much as you know what they would like, still you seem to be unable to find the right present for them.

And it happens every year, you have a few people that you can’t decide what to buy for them. You don’t want to be wasting your carefully budgeted money on a gift that doesn’t work for them and could end up either in the thrift shop or being re-gifted next year.

Buying gifts for hard to buy for people, whether that’s your parents, your partner, female or male friends, is stressful and something I think all of us have experienced at some point or other.

But you need worry no more! Because I’ve collated some unique christmas gift ideas that are hard to shop for, right here for you. These are unique Christmas gifts that your loved ones will love!

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Amazing, unique and fun gifts that even the fussiest will love!

#1. Glow-in-the-Dark Jungle Animals Puzzle

Have you got younger children in your life that love jungle animals and puzzles? This gift combines the two with a fun twist. Kids (and maybe their adults) will get a kick out of this Glow in the Dark Jungle Puzzle. Once complete, they could frame it and then enjoy the glow in the dark features shining out every night from their bedroom wall.

#2. Light Up Drawing T-shirts  

Let your children or grandchildren break the cardinal rule of never coloring or drawing on their clothes with these Light-up Drawing Tees. They come with a mini light wand and no telling off from their parents. The pictures drawn gradually fade so that the T-shirts become a new blank canvas for them to draw all over again 5 minutes of so later. 

#3. Glowing Slime Kit 

Every kid loves playing with slime, although us parents are not so keen (the gunk, the mess!). You certainly can’t go wrong when you give this Glowing Slime Kit as a Christmas gift to the younger children in your life. This slime not only has a gooey and fun sensation that kids will love, but it also involves science and problem-solving which should please the parents. 

#4. Crystal Growing science Kit 

Watching real crystals grow with this Crystal Growing Science STEM Kit is something kids of all ages will be fascinated by. The growing crystals are actually a chemical reaction so will appeal to the kids and even mom and dad will find it interesting.  

#5. Erupting Dinosaur Bath Volcano

Bathtime is a fun time for little ones that you will take to a whole new level with this Erupting Dinosaur Bath Volcano. Every child will want to jump into the bath and get squeaky clean when they have a volcano to play with!

#6. Automatic Pan Stirrer with Timer 

When the cook of the house already has a lot going on in the kitchen, wouldn’t it be wonderful for them to have a tool like the Automatic Pan Stirrer with Timer to assist? This gift is especially perfect for those that love to bake but are finding life a little more difficult due to age, arthritis or shaky hands. 

#7. Mandala Wind Spinner

Do you have a special person in your life who enjoys sitting outside in their garden or patio in the morning or evening? Then they will love gazing at this calming and mesmerizing Mandala Wind Spinner as it gently spins in the breeze of a fine day. 

#8. Traditional Mexican Hot Chocolate Set

Most of us love hot chocolate on a cold winter’s day, but have you tried traditional Mexican hot chocolate? This Traditional Mexican Hot Chocolate Set comes with the richest high-quality ingredients, as well as traditional tools that have been in use for centuries, designed to create a delicious cup of hot chocolate. 

#9. TikTok Challenge Game

Do you have family members that are completely obsessed with TikTok who spend many minutes and hours watching the latest TikToks? Then this TikTok Challenge Game will be the perfect gift for them under the tree this Christmas. This game makes it seriously fun to see who’s video receives the most views.

#10. Winter Paint-by-Number Kit

Many of us aren’t artists and painting anything is not something we would try. This is where this Winter Paint-by-Number Kit comes in. Your family member can paint a beautiful masterpiece without any painting tutorials at all. 

#11. Science of Whiskey etched glasses

For the whiskey lover who insists their drink is in the correct glass. These sand etched whiskey tumblers detail the molecules found in whiskey, with brief notes on how each molecule contributes to this age old, classic drink. The perfect gift for science and chemistry lovers who love a wee dram (of whiskey or bourbon).

#12. Deluxe Hot Sauce Making Kit

Trying to find the right gift for that special someone that who loves everything super spicy? This gift not only let’s them create several different sauces with the Hot Sauce Kit, but they get to make them as hot as they want and to name them too! 

#13. long lasting beverage chiller

The perfect gift for the person in your life who loves a cold drink but hates the watered down taste of their favorite beverage over ice. Whether they crave ice cold white wine, iced tea or iced coffee, the Long Lasting Beverage Chiller will chill their drink in just 60 seconds.

#14. Bourbon Infused Coffee

Make getting up on the weekend more enjoyable for the special man in your life with this Bourbon Infused Coffee.

This morning roast contains 100% Arabica ground coffee beans that have been infused with Kentucky bourbon. You get the caffeine and the bourbon without the alcohol content. 

#15. Floating Globe Lamp

This gift will be the talk at the office with this Floating Globe Lamp sitting on their desk at work.

Co-workers of your gift recipient will also be wondering who thought of such a cool gift to buy.  

Unique gifts that everyone will love

When you’re having a difficult time figuring out what to get someone for Christmas, it’s always a safe bet to get them something that’s unique. These Christmas gifts are sure to be a hit with your loved ones this Christmas.   

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Pinterest image for Christmas gift ideas for hard to buy for people.
Pinterest image for Christmas gift ideas for hard to buy for people.

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