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Life can feel so busy, so full of difficult things to do and constant juggling that you never have the time to reflect on how your day has actually gone. Was it good or was it not so good?

You don’t have time to find the positives in your daily life because you are too busy constantly doing. Which means your focus can easily become negative because we always remember the bad stuff don’t we?

This free daily gratitude journal can help you change all of that. Writing down just ‘one good thing’ each day can be just what you need to become more positive.

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one good thing a day Free Gratitude journal

Journalling can often seem like something you don’t have time for right now. I get it – I feel like that too!

Trying to carve out even just 15 minutes can be a mission impossible some days. But time to write down one good thing that happened today? That’s easy and achievable.

I love using this gratitude journal because I know I can always find time to fill it out each day. A few seconds, maybe a minute, is all it takes. One line a day. One good thing a day. But it mounts up into a whole week of good things. A whole month.

What are the benefits of using a gratitude journal?

Psychologists who focus on the study of happiness (yes they really do!) have found that practising gratitude on a regular basis can improve your mental wellbeing, significantly.

Taking time to practice gratitude helps to increase the positive emotions you feel. The more positive you feel the more you can fight against negative emotions overwhelming you.

And if that wasn’t enough you also have the physical benefits.

A healthy mind = a healthy body

The benefits of using a gratitude journal include:

  • Being grateful helps you to feel happier
  • Writing down something positive is a powerful reminder of that situation
  • It’s great to focus on the positives that have happened each day
  • You can review all the positive things that have happened to you recently to get an added boost

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How to use the free one good thing a day journal

At the end of your day, grab your journal and pen. Write down one good thing that happened today. It doesn’t have to be the absolute best thing that happened, it can be a small thing.

No need to spend time sifting through your day to find the best thing. Write down the first thing you think of when you open your journal. Make it a quick, natural action to complete your journal. Not a task in finding the exact right thing to write down.

Consider each entry you make in your gratitude journal as a gift. Be grateful for having experienced this one good thing, it’s a gift to reflect on momentarily and relish the positive feelings it gives you.

I like to spend a few minutes at the end of each month reading through the entries in my gratitude journal. There are positive things there that I have already forgotten. And more that spring to mind as I read through.

The simple art of writing something positive down, however small in action or short in words, helps to cement it into your mind. Filling your mind with positive memories helps to push back on negative emotions and memories.

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image of the free one good thing a day gratitude journal

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Pinterest image for free gratitude journal.

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