How to Get the Most out of Amazon Prime Day 

Amazon Prime Day is right around the corner and so is a lot of confusion surrounding the 48 hour affair that has now become somewhat of a national holiday. While being frugal often means cutting costs, it is also important to learn the art of an amazing deal and find the bang for your buck.

Prime day can leave you feeling victorious or several hundred in debt, and walking that fine line is really important in being a frugal master shopper. You may see all the promotions on Amazon, they have done a good job in creating hype around all their “amazing” limited deals. But we should also keep in mind which deals are worth it. 

Combining the limited time and the misleading promise of thousands of deals, and it’s easy for us as shoppers to overspend. 

That’s where this article comes in to help.

I have been a prime user for several years, and am a proud frugal master shopper. 

Read on to find out how Prime works, how to access some deals without being a prime member, and which deals are worth it!

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When is Prime Day? When Do the Deals Start?

Amazon Prime day is officially starting on July 11th through July 12th, 2023. The sale begins at 3 am EST and runs for 48 hours, but some deals can be found ahead of time. 

Can you Access Prime Deals without being a Prime Member? 

Technically,  no. Prime members are the only ones able to access all the deals, but there are some ways to get around this. 

Amazon offers a 30 day free Prime trial for new accounts. You can use this trial to access all the deals and if you don’t want to pay for the subscription just be sure to cancel it before the 30 days are up. 

Some deals are accessible to non subscribers but they aren’t great. But don’t lose hope, most other big stores have sales running at the same time as Amazon.

They often try to match prices so it’s a good option to check out.

Check out Best Buy, Target, and Walmart for their upcoming sales. They are all running sales that rival Amazon Prime Day. 

Is Prime Day worth Shopping? 

Saying whether it is worth it can give you mixed answers. While Prime Day can give you the lowest prices, especially on Amazon brand products like Fire TV sticks and Kindles, there’s still other things to consider. 

Prime Day gives you a feeling of emergency, pushing you to buy things you might not need. Items get discounted all year long, so while the price may seem too good to pass, it is important to take a step back and see the bigger picture.

The amount of deals on Prime Day is both a blessing and a curse. It gives us an opportunity to buy things we have been wanting forever, without having to break the bank, but the amount of deals available can be overwhelming. 

To get the best out of deals, it is important to do research beforehand, create a list of things you want to buy so you don’t get tempted by other items. 

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 How Can You Tell If a Deal is Good?

To tell if any of the Amazon Prime Day deals are worth your money, it’s important to lay down some ground work. First create a list of items you need to buy. Make sure that list are items you would really use or benefit from, and that it all fits within a budget. 

Second, start researching and comparing prices between Amazon and other stores. You can use price comparison tools to see here to get the best deals. Watch out for inflated prices, this is where prices are significantly increased before a sale and dropped back to either its normal or even slightly higher price to trick buyers into thinking it’s a great deal. 

Finally, make sure whatever you are buying is worth the money. Think about how much use you will actually get and whether you really need it or if it’s just an impulse buy. 

By doing your research, creating a list of wanted items and seeing which deals are actually the best right now, you can make sure you are still being frugal, enjoy your new items without breaking the bank. 

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Don’t fall into the Shopping trap!

As frugal people, it is easy to fall into a shopping cycle. Since we usually limit our shopping, being open to buying new things during this sale can easily get you off your goals, and build a negative spending habit. 

Remember! You have a goal you are working towards that with discipline and patience you will see that reward one day. Whether that be working towards paying off debt, saving enough to buy a house, or simply not living paycheck to paycheck. 

Don’t feel the marketing pressure of this sale. If you don’t have enough to buy everything you want now, hit a couple items off your list and wait until the next sale.

Amazon has already announced another Prime Day later this year, as well as Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Their are still so many chances to hit these huge sales. 

Stick to your big picture and see how financial freedom can still be yours. 

Highlighted Deals 

Amazon Quick Links 

Back to School: Get school supplies like Sharpie and other tools up to 60% off

Off to College: Get College ready with deals on appliances up to 54% off

Amazon Devices: Deals as low as $12

Home: Get up to 50% on Kitchen Appliances and more

Beauty: Big Make-up brands for under $12 

Featured Deals

Kindle E-Reader Bundles

Get unlimited access to thousands of titles with the Kindle. Lightweight, water proof, and offers an anti glare screen. Find the deal with up to 41% off. Using a kindle saves loads of money over time as books are a lot cheaper on the e version rather then physical. Great as a gift or to enjoy for yourself. 

Amazon Echo Buds

 A great dupe for the Amazon airpods which can run upwards of $200. At only $35 dollars they are the best deal for those who want to the luxury of wireless earphones without breaking the bank. 

Amazon Fire HD tablet 

Another great alternative to the expensive IPad. The Amazon tablet gets the job done letting you access many entertainment apps as well as surf the web. Great deal at $55 dollars. 

Echo Dot with a Clock

Cash in on this AMAZING deal! At just $29 this is the cheapest the Echo Dot has ever been. Includes a built in speaker, clock, and room temperature sensor.

Audible Subscription

Get three months free when you first sign up for audible. Audible offers an amazing audiobook library, updated with all the lated releases.

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