How To Make 300 Dollars Fast: 30 Proven Ways To Make Money

I know what you’re thinking. How to make 300 dollars fast without selling your soul or doing something illegal?

And I can understand why your first thoughts are that it isn’t going to be possible in a week or two. Not without doing things illegally.

We’ve both seen too many ads for shady money making activities haven’t we?!

You need to make $300 fast but quite rightly you want to stick to doing things that feel right for you.

We’ve all been there, needing extra money quickly because you have no access to credit, no quick way of getting a new, higher paying day job.

You see all these adverts for making big money quick through gambling (or worse) but I promise you, you won’t get rich doing those, instead you’ll dig yourself a deep hole of debt.

The most wonderful thing about right now is there are so many ways for you to make money quickly. The internet effectively doubles your chances of making $300 dollars fast.

But it’s not just via the internet, you can earn money in your local community too. All you have to do is be willing to do it and be flexible.

How to make 300 dollars fast

To make money fast this week you need to be willing to do what it takes, to try new things, to work extra hours and to think outside the box.

Do these and you’ll make the money you need, easily

how to earn money fast in a crisis

Needing to make money fast today is always about a crisis isn’t it? You thought you had your money planned out and then boom! Something happens and you are rushing around trying to find extra money while still working the day job.

Reasons you need to make money fast:

  • Getting an unexpected bill
  • Needing to buy groceries because you’ve run out of money
  • You’re a student and money just got harder
  • You’ve had your hours cut and need extra cash for rent money

Crisis’s make us switch up a gear, make us do more, achieve more than we would usually think possible. So yes, you can make money fast, $300 or more, if you are willing to try things you might never have done before, and quickly.

can anyone do these money making ideas?

Many of these jobs are perfect for everyone, including teenagers. How many teenagers have you heard about starting their own online businesses?

Teens can wait tables and do yard work but they are also very adept at learning how to make money fast using their tech skills.

All of these money making ideas can be done whether you have a full time job but need 300 dollars now, or you’re currently a stay at home parent with an emergency.

And most of these ways to make 300 dollars quickly are about using your existing skills and knowledge to generate some immediate cash, many don’t even require you to leave your home. Perfect if you’ve got childcare responsibilities.

1st step to make 300 dollars fast

The very first thing to do when you hit a crisis and need money fast is to look at your budget.

I know you might think that you have no spare cash but this is an emergency! Your normal budget needs to be cut and sliced so no money this month is wasted. At. All.

Can you put off a bill until next month

This doesn’t stop you from needing to know how to make some extra cash but if you can find that magical $300 dollars from your existing budget, you effectively get some free money fast. You’re giving yourself more time to learn how to earn cash for the future.

Cut your grocery budget

In desperate times you would resort to eating the cheapest foods to keep your food bill very low. Why not now? You don’t need to eat rice and beans every day for life, but for a couple of weeks it won’t do your any harm and will save you a decent sum of money.

Cut $100 from misc spending

No matter how hard we all try, we all have misc spending. Whether it’s coffee, chocolate, or a bagel. Instigate a spending freeze to reduce this spending to zero.

If you stop spending 5 dollars a day then in effect you get 5 dollars free, without having to work for it by just not buying that coffee. And it’s only for a little while.

Cut $100 from your budget

Can you find $100 from other areas of your budget? Eating out, clothes, entertainment are all categories that can easily be frozen for a few weeks or a month to free up extra cash.

Finding $150 from your budget through the above means you have half way to your target already without doing a thing. Now let’s get onto the ways to make 300 dollars fast.

woman working online at a desk to signify how to make 300 dollars fast
Make money fast online from the comfort of your home

How to make 300 dollars fast online

Only trying one way to make money fast is putting all your eggs in one basket and likely to make it difficult to achieve your money target. The best way to make that 300 dollars fast is to spread your efforts to cover different ways.

complete online surveys to make money

Surveys are not the answer to how to make 300 dollars in a day. They won’t make you 300 dollars in a day or even a month. But you could easily make 50-100 dollars and you get paid fast.

The best way to make these work for you is to do them in the evening, when you have a spare 5 minutes, when you’re waiting in a queue, on public transport. Basically time fillers when you can’t be doing anything else more productive.

Companies offer you these ways to make extra money for completing very easy tasks because they need opinions from customers to improve their products and services.

How to make money with online surveys

Different survey companies offer slightly different tasks but the main ones are:

  • watching videos
  • web browsing and searches
  • shopping (but please don’t spend)
  • paid surveys
  • playing online games (no gambling)

Survey companies you should try

MyPoints – get $10 Amazon card on 1st purchase (only if buying anyway)

Opinion Outpost – surveys

Toluna Influencers – surveys, discussions and daily lotteries

Branded Surveys – daily challenges, polls, surveys

YouGov – share opinions on politics, sport, entertainment & more (surveys)


Survey junkie


Reward survey

Pinecone research

woman using a laptop while holding a coffee to signify making money fast online
Use your laptop to earn money quickly

Use a cashback app

If you haven’t already signed up to the Ibotta and Fetch apps then they both offer welcome bonuses which you can withdraw almost immediately. If you’re already signed up then uploading pictures of your receipts will generate you a few dollars but not so fast.

Register with Ibotta and grab yourself a $20 welcome bonus here

Sign up to Fetch here using code “APREWARDS” to grab 3000 points (worth $3)

How to make $300 dollars fast online with your bank account

Banks want your business so they often offer cash bonuses if you transfer an existing account over to a new one with them. I’ve earned over £700 doing this in a couple of years. Most bonuses are around $100.

Read the small print as you don’t need to close and transfer your main checking account. I always have a 2nd account that has a couple of monthly automated payments and regular money transfers in and out.

That’s the account that gets moved around to earn me money. You don’t want any hassle with moving your main checking account with all those direct debits and automated payments coming out each month.

How to make free money with a credit card

Credit card companies, like banks, want you to spend money with them so often offer introductory bonuses that can translate into real cash. Read the small print carefully to maximize the cashback or bonus you can claim.

How to earn cash with online focus groups

Being part of an online focus group is basically you being paid to do market research. You can choose what discussions to join on almost any topic. Whether that’s local politics, your shopping habits or your TV watching preferences.

There are a number of focus groups that pay good money.

  • Survey Junkie pay up to $150 for their online focus groups (completely different to their short surveys)
  • Respondent offers a huge range of focus groups and you can be based anywhere in the world and still take part
  • Google Usability – We all know Google! Their surveys focus on your opinions on Google products.
  • User Interviews – once signed up their system will match you with relevant surveys
  • Ipsos i-Say are a huge market research company and accept participants all over the world.
woman sat on green park bench using latop with coffee cup next to her
Join online focus groups to make money quickly

Sell photos online

Bloggers and online companies are always in need of pictures of basically everything. And many people prefer to buy their photos to ensure they have the correct licences (I certainly do). You can sell your images to online companies like Shutterstock and Getty Images.

Foap is an app based photo sharing company and designed for phone picture and videos. No need for a digital camera, your phone is the right tool.

Sell unused gift cards

Got a gift card you’ve been saving or not used? Selling unused gift cards is one of the super easy ways to make money at home. No point buying something you don’t need right now. You can get up to 90% of the face value of a gift card when you sell them online.

Refinance your loans

If you’ve got loans then refinancing them to a lower rate could give you extra cash not just this month but every month. Proceed with caution as you don’t want to be paying a switching fee.

woman in striped shirt putting money into a white piggy bank with money notes beside her to signify how to save 300 dollars fast as a teenager
Organize your finances if you need 300 dollars now

How to use your skills to make money fast online

Online gigs

There are websites dedicated to helping you offer and complete online gigs for others. Getting started means offering your services at a low price level initially.

I paid $6 for someone to design a logo for me, he only had 4 reviews hence his very low price. But he got a lot of work very fast and increased his prices at the same time.

Another time I paid someone to do some tech on my website, it cost a lot more than $5 but I wasn’t complaining as I am no techy!

Anything that can be done online or remotely is up for sale. Web design, music, programming, writing, online tutoring, fitness classes. You name it, you can offer it. If you’ve got the skills then offering online gigs is an easy way to make money online.

Best sites include:

  • Fiverr
  • Upwork
  • Freelancer
  • Problogger

Teach English Online

You’re not going to make 300 dollars in a week from the get go as the sign up process takes a little while. But get started this month and next month you could be looking at making $600 fast on a part time basis.


How do you bake yet make money online? By baking at home and selling them via an online marketplace.

I sent gluten free chocolate brownies to my Mother-in-Law this Christmas. I didn’t bake them but bought them online and had them posted direct to her. So easy and simple for me as a buyer.

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Start a Long term side hustle

Become a proofreader – sign up for this FREE 76 minute workshop to find out more

Become a Virtual Assistant – grab your copy of this FREE ebook detailing 150+ services you can offer as a VA

Freelance writer – download this FREE list of 200+ writing niches to identify what you can get paid to write about

Selling on Amazon – sign up for this FREE email course on everything you need to know about selling on Amazon

Become a transcriptionist – sign up for this FREE 7 lesson mini course on how to become a transcriptionist

young woman checking cook book whilst preparing food to signify how to make money fast
Use your skills to make extra money

How to use your skills to make 300 dollars fast offline

gardening & yard work

Many people have gardens they can no longer cope with or have the time to look after. Offer your services to people in your local area and you’ll find your hand being snapped off.

Mowing lawns and keeping weeds at bay are jobs many people dislike. As is keeping yards and patios slime free and clean.

wait tables

Many local companies are always on the look out for waiting staff. The pay isn’t great but you can make good money very fast through cash tips. Any wages you get will take longer to be paid.

Become a cleaner

Cleaning peoples homes is not an unskilled job. Be good and thorough and you’ll have more clients than you can handle. Cleaners are hard to get and harder to keep. Clients also pay cash on the day.

overhead shot of a pair of bright red sneakers with white laces with a money note poking out from underneath them
So many different ways to make money when you think outside the box

real ways to make money fast that aren’t online

sell on etsy

Have you ever fallen down the rabbit hole of Etsy? You can buy and sell anything there. It doesn’t take long to set up your Etsy shopfront and then you can sell whatever you want.

medical Research Participant

A friend’s son earned himself £2000 for 3 weeks work when he signed up to take part in a local medical study. DD2 has earned £300 being tested once a week for Covid-19. A quick Google search will show you how many studies are available right now.


Babysitting is another job that many people dislike doing. You give up your evening to sit in someone else’s house while their children are asleep.

You watch their TV and eat the snacks they provide. And get paid cash at the end of the night! Going rates in the UK are around £6-9 per hour, more if there are multiple children.

Pet sit

Many pet owners prefer not to put their dogs and cats into kennels when they’re away. You can register with pet sitting companies to look after pet’s in peoples own home or board a pet in your own home.

Someone I know makes £200 a month looking after other people’s dogs in her own home.


Get paid to make alterations to people’s new clothes. Or turn your hand to making face masks. You can even make these without any sewing required (YouTube it). Face masks are in demand right now but so is someone who can tailor and mend clothes.

Flip items

Shabby chic and vintage looking items are very much in at the moment. Take an old piece of furniture, sand it, paint it vintage style but modern colors and sell it on for a big profit. You could flip 2 or 3 items in a week to make 300 dollars.

Deliver food

Uber Eats, Deliveroo and Door Dash are always on the look out for drivers. Not great if you need 300 dollars now because you don’t get paid top dollar, but you can certainly earn some cash very quickly.

Events assistant

Big conferences, festivals and one off events require a lot of event staff. It’s one shift of bar work, kitchen work or similar and you get paid usually there and then.

A friend of mine works at Glastonbury Festival every year. Long hours but when she’s not working she’s at Glastonbury! People pay big money to get into Glastonbury every year to see the acts perform and she’s being paid while she watches them.

wash cars

Washing cars in your local area has good potential. Your neighbors won’t need to travel into town and queue at the car wash and you will likely do a much better job for a similar price.

ask for extra hours

Let’s not forget that your current employer may have extra hours you can do to earn money. If you don’t ask, you don’t get. You might have to wait until next pay day or later to receive the cash so don’t not try the other money making ways I have listed.

womans hands holding a fan of dollar bills over a brown wooden desk to signify how to make 300 dollars fast
Sell your stuff to make instant cash

make money fast from things you own

sell plants

Got a garden? Like your plants? Why not sell cuttings and plants you have grown on.

During the first pandemic lockdown all garden centers in the UK were closed and we had a brand new garden to fill. Luckily there was a woman not far from us doing exactly this, selling plants on a table outside her house.

Her tables was regularly stripped bare as there was nowhere else you could buy plants. Much cheaper than online too.

And she still does a roaring trade now the garden centers are open.

Power wash for money

Got a power washer? Rent it and you out. My husband uses our power washer but if he wasn’t around I’d pay someone to jet wash our pathways. It’s a mucky job so many people will be willing to pay you to do it for them.

drive for uber or lyft

Who hasn’t grabbed an Uber (or Lyft) to get somewhere instead of driving their own car? Register as a driver with Uber or Lyft to start earning money. More money is earned during the peak periods, which will be the unsocial hours that many don’t want to work.

garage sale

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Sell the stuff you no longer need or want at a garage sale. You could easily make $300 in one day doing this.

When I say trash, people pay good money for things like toilet roll inners and big money for smelly shoes, go figure!

sell plasma/blood

Earn money selling your plasma (blood). In the UK you can earn up to £100 for one donation. Donated blood is used for medical research purposes and is separate from the usual voluntary blood donation process.

pawn your valuables

This will cost you more money in the long run but if all else fails and you need to make 300 dollars fast then pawning your valuables is a viable option. Get them back ASAP as the cost can quickly grow.

so many ways to make 300 dollars today

This list on how to make 300 dollars fast has something for everyone. Don’t focus on just one money making way, spread yourself across a few to ensure you make that money as fast as possible.

Pick the ones that fit with your skill set and interest.

Once you hit the 300 dollars you need you can either stop or keep going. I would encourage you to create an emergency fund of at least $1000 so that you never have to worry about an unexpected bill again.

Start taking back control of your money by grabbing your copy of the Money Saving Starter Guide today.


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