50 Helpful journal prompts for manifesting money

When you are an adult who is responsible for your family, having financial stability is essential.

But with a lot of bills and expenses both in the present and future, you need more than just financial stability, you also need to grow your money.

However, for that to happen, having the right money mindset matters. A. Lot.

The question is, do journal prompts for manifesting money help at all? Can you change things by the sheer force of your mind?


Your thoughts about money, life, happiness, growth, and investing all contribute to your ability to really grow your money and be financially stable.

For many of us, our thoughts about money actually hold us back. We have fears, money blocks, mental obstructions and we are usually completely oblivious to them!

Not helpful.

Manifesting is simply purposefully thinking positive and aspirational thoughts with the belief that this will make them real. If you believe it, it will happen.

If you think you can, or you think you can’t: you are probably right.”

This quote is attributed to Henry Ford and encapsulates the whole positive and negatvie thinking movement in one sentence.

male writing in a notebook to signify journal prompts for manifesting money
Journal prompts for manifesting money can be a great comfort in difficult times

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The Mindset for journal prompts for manifesting money

And if we don’t know that these thoughts are holding us back, we don’t realize that we could be achieving so much more with our money, if only we created the right money mindset.

To create the right mindset, to start manifesting money and be more conscious about our money thoughts, we need to ask questions to know ourselves better.

Journalling to manifest money can help you work through the questions and gain clarity about your mindset and your ingrained thought processes.

How to do this? How to become clearer about our money?

Taking some time out to work through your thoughts, to ask yourself those questions that you’ve not thought about is a great way to understand yourself better.

Use positive affirmations about money as part of your journey to being better with money as they will help you get rid of negative thinking.

Many people use journaling as a way to put their thoughts down on paper, to answer the questions that you might not want to ask of yourself.

By using a journal, or just answering a series of questions over a few weeks, you can gain some real clarity of your money mindset.

More importantly, you can identify where you can make changes to become better with your money – that’s the most important outcome right?

Use these questions and prompts to know your money self better and to start making the changes you know you can achieve and deserve.

For all things money, I prefer a separate and plain bullet journal – it makes me feel more business like! This is my favorite one and it’s Amazon top choice too!

bullet journal spread for bedroom vision board.
Writing prompts about money or positive affirmations keeps you focused

50 journal prompts for manifesting money

1.     Which are some financial achievements that you are proud of?

2.     How would you define your relationship with money?

3.     What do you like about your financial position?

4.     What do you think is your worst purchasing decision?

5.     What is your worst investment decision? What did you learn from it?

6.     Where do you see yourself financially in the next five years?

7.     How do you plan to achieve your financial goals?

8.     What do you need more in life?

9.     Do you believe in savings or investment more?

10.  How do you deal with financial loss?

11.  What do you think is the best way to deal with a financial loss?

12.  What is the best piece of advice you have ever received in terms of money?

13.  What would you like to tell your future self about money and money management?

14.  What financial tips do you give to people?

15.  Do you follow them as well?

16.  What is more important to you – savings or multiplying money?

17.  How open are you when it comes to taking financial risks? What are your ideas?

18.  Describe one of your most memorable experiences regarding money.

19.  What is one skill or talent you think you can financially benefit from?

20.  Who are you most thankful to in life?

21.  Do you find yourself comparing your financial situation to others? How does that feel?

22.  Did you ever hold yourself back from growing financially because of some fears?

22.  What can you do to make today better than yesterday, and tomorrow better than today?

23.  What do you think is most important for financial success?

24.  What do you value most in life? Money or relationships?

25.  Describe your perfect day in detail.

26.  What are your three mantras to swear by for financial wellbeing?

27.  How do you practice financial self-care?

28.  What’s your perception of failures?

29.  What are your favorite money affirmations that make you feel better?

30.  How do you cope up with lost motivation?

31.  What is growth for you? Does it ever stop for you?

32.  What do you want your legacy to be?

33.  What is the one thing that often refrains you from attracting money?

34.  Do you find yourself satisfied with what you have, or do you yearn for more financially?

35.  What do you think is most important for a business?

36.  How do you deal with financial setbacks?

37.  Which things do you find annoying concerning money?

38.  Can you recognize some problems or mistakes people make that affect their financial growth?

39.  Do you think money can buy happiness?

40.  What is it that makes you feel alive? Does it require a lot of money?

41.  Who do you aspire to become financially/ Are you inspired by some leading figures?

42.  Do you think it’s better to start investments early?

43.  What according to you is an ideal way to generate income? A dream job or a thriving business?

44.  How would you describe yourself?

45.  What are some financial goals that you are yet to achieve?

46.   How your darkest and most sad moments in life influenced your current financial situation?

47.   Describe one toxic bad money habit that you need to let go of to grow financially?

48.  In what areas of your life other than money, would you like to witness growth?

49.  Are you living authentically? Are you honest with yourself? Why or why not?

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bullet journal desk layout with pen, coffee cup and notebook to signify journal prompts for manifesting money
Jounral prompts for manifesting money can be a real help

Money confidence starts today

Invest in yourself by spending some time using these prompts to work out your money mindset. Writing prompts about money down gives you the opportunity to focus and reset your thought patterns.

Don’t be half-hearted, pour yourself into these answers, let your unconscious mind rise to the top. By doing this you enable money to be a positive in your life.

And being money positive helps you attract and manifest money which in turns provides you with the financial stability you need and crave.

Start taking back control of your money by grabbing your copy of the Money Saving Starter Guide today.


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