15 Money Affirmations That Will Inspire Your Life

Do money affirmations really work? Like in the real world, not just a woo-woo, fluffy world?

And will they help you to save money and get out of debt?

For a long time, too long, money scared me. I never had enough of it, when I had money it got spent, far too quickly.

I didn’t control my money, money controlled me. Heck, it didn’t even feel like my money was my money.

And in some ways perhaps that was because it wasn’t.

I was on welfare benefits at 19 and trying to live from benefit check to benefit check.

I hated being on welfare benefits so hated the money it provided me. Ergo, I hated money.

When you don’t have enough money you have very negative thoughts about money.

All your life problems feel like they stem from money – not having enough of it.

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Money Problems

That was certainly how it felt to me.

Money and lack of it was a constant problem for me, not made better by going back to work when my baby was 6 months old.

If you had said to me at that point in my life, “girl, here are some money affirmations that work really fast, do them and your money situation will change”.

I think I would have laughed you out of town.

a money statement    a money statement

I was convinced that my money situation would be great once I got my next promotion.

All my problems would be solved.

I would immediately have a great relationship with money, I would have enough to last until payday every month.

Of course that wasn’t true and that promotion did not solve any problems, just made them slightly less painful.

And yet, fast forward to now and I am here to sing the praises of money affirmations.

They take practice and you do have to get over the whole fluffy, woo-woo feeling you get when practicing them.

But for me affirmations do work, if you can find the right ones that resonate with who you are.

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What Are Positive Daily Money Affirmations

Affirmations are really best described as being positive statements to help you overcome negative and self-sabotaging thoughts.

The idea is that you choose the right words that will work for you, repeat them often and believe in them.

Believe in your words, take the time to repeat them to yourself, preferably out loud because the spoken word is always more powerful then a thought.

And you will become more positive about money and it’s part in your life.

Positive thinking = positive action

Find and download the money affirmations in my free resource library.

Combat Negative Thoughts

Henry Ford is said to have said “If you think you can or think you can’t, you are right”.

Think you can, and you will. Think you can’t and you won’t.

You can often be your own worst enemy. Thinking negative thoughts like:

  • I am rubbish with money
  • I don’t know how to budget and if I did it wouldn’t work
  • I’ll never be rich, I will always be in debt

lead you to act in such a way as to make these statements come true.

You don’t try to learn how to budget your money because you believe you can’t and therefore you don’t budget.

You don’t work out how to pay off debt because you believe it’s your lot in life to always have that debt.

And you would never think to look at what rich people do in order to be rich.

a written positive affirmation     a written positive affirmation

Money Affirmations Break The Negativity

Being negative about money is extremely natural when you don’t have enough and are in debt.

But you need to break the cycle of negativity in order for your money situation to change.

And this is where money affirmations can really help.

But plucking 5 money affirmations out of the air and saying them to yourself daily is not likely to lead to any real changes.

And then you’ll be doubly negative about the whole money thing.

The thing with affirmations that so many people do not realize is that you (that’s you personally) have to believe them.

You have to believe what you are saying otherwise you’ll be saying for the sake of saying and that is no good.

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a written positive affirmation    a written positive quote

The Right Money Affirmations For You

There is little point in jumping right in, feet first and choosing the top 5 money affirmations that Google returns for you.

For instance I found these 5 after a 20 second search:

  1. I am a magnet for money
  2. I am able to handle large sums of money
  3. Wealth constantly flows into my life
  4. Money comes to me easily and effortlessly
  5. I constantly attract opportunities that create more money

If these resonate with you then great!

But they would never have resonated with me in my younger days and in all honesty, I don’t buy into them now.

They are just not me.

If you are like me then repeating these daily affirmations, no matter how positive they are, is not going to make the changes you want.

Because you don’t believe them.

Money affirmations done right help to redress the negativity around you and money.

They help you to become more positive about money and you will change how you handle it, deal with it and earn it.

Choose the wrong affirmations and you’ll be thinking that it’s all just a bit of cheesy nonsense and won’t work, so it won’t.

Choose the right ones and you’ll believe what you read and say and see positive changes as a result.

a written positive quote    positive quote

A Calming Process

Affirmations are also used for other activities like reducing anxiety, stress relief and becoming calm.

The affirmation process has links to mindfulness and meditation.

You are focusing on one thing and one thing only at a given moment in time. All other thoughts are pushed away.

Mindfulness has really helped me during stressful periods.

When you’ve too much going on in your life, taking time out to concentrate on just one thing through mindfulness really does quiet your mind and still your soul.

My daily affirmations have helped me feel calm about my money.

Even during extremely stressful, financial times like buying a house and supporting DD2 through university.

I have no doubt that you will find calm and quiet when you pursue your own unique affirmations, like I have.

15 Money Affirmations To Get Started

You can create your own affirmations from scratch or use any or all of these 15 if they resonate with you.

These inspire me and my money.

I love that they are truly positive about money without going over the top about wealth and making millions.

That’s not me and it probably isn’t you either.

These feel real and that’s why the work.

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Practice your affirmations every day, twice a day. Read them out loud as the spoken word is more powerful than your thoughts.

Be positive about you and your money and notice how change starts to happen.

Good luck!

I have created a printable that you can download from my free resource library of these 15 affirmations.

Why not print them off and pin them somewhere noticeable so you can read and gain positivity from them every day?

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