40 Amazing Ways For Teens And Kids To Make Money

If you are a teen reading this, I am sure you must have had that exhausting feeling when you felt you were done being dependent on your parents for money.

Perhaps you didn’t want to burden them with your expenses, or perhaps you thought earning your own money would provide you some liberation and sense of freedom.

Whatever the reason is, financial freedom is never a bad idea; because it’s not only money that you are only earning in the process but so much more.

Being a financially independent teen, you are training yourself to work under stress, to learn some responsibility, gaining knowledge, learning coordination, gaining confidence and so much more.

While most teens yearn for this financial maturity, it’s difficult to find some good options. They don’t know where to go, where to start. If you happen to be one of those many, don’t worry, I have got you sorted.

And if you are a parent looking for ways to help your teen develop their independence then please do keep reading!

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Use your tech skills to make money

  1. Start an Instagram account – This has to be one of the most popular options out there today. If you know you have a talent, then do not wait anymore to show it to the world
  2. Start a YouTube channel
  3. Become a virtual assistant or a personal assistant
  4. Create a book / eBook and publish it
  5. Help out in your parents’ business for some extra cash
  6. Take surveys (research and target Start-up companies, they depend on surveys)
  7. Start a blog and learn to monetize it
  8. Look for freelancing gigs on Fiverr and Upwork

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Do other people’s chores

  1. Clean furniture and homes
  2. Wash windows
  3. Change people’s car oil
  4. Water plants for older people – (trust me, it’s very relaxing and soothing and you are doing a great service!)
  5. Assist the elderly and neighbors with simple chores
  6. Paint walls, garages, fences, etc for people
  7. Put up holiday decorations
  8. Fix tires and do other basic mechanical repairs
  9. Learn basic home repairs and get on with some basic repair jobs
  10. Dispose of Christmas trees

Get creative

  1. Start a handcrafted jewelry business
  2. Sell your art and crafts on Etsy
  3. Have a bake sale (after all who doesn’t love some lip-smacking brownies and cookies!)
  4. Grow a vegetable garden (feed your family healthy, insecticide-free veggies in the process!)
  5. Provide make-up services if you think you are a pro at it.
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Earn money locally

  1. Organize a garage sale with your parents
  2. Do babysitting (couples with toddlers are always on the lookout for sitters!)
  3. Put up a lemonade stand (this one is perfect for younger kids)
  4. Wash cars (because it’s not a tough skill to acquire)
  5. Pet-keeping: dog walking or feed your neighbors cats while they’re on vacation
  6. Work part-time at a shop
  7. If you happen to be passionate about music and instruments, see if you could play gigs in restaurants (If Taylor Swift started this way, so can you!)
  8. Work at a movie theater
  9. Become a lifeguard at a local pool

Start a micro business

  1. Mow lawns (and burn calories in the process!)
  2. Tutor younger kids (I used a 15 year old math whiz to help DD1 improve her grades)
  3. Collaborate with your local newspaper distributors, and sign in for distribution.
  4. Start your fitness class if you are young, athletic, or a fitness freak.
  5. Collect and sell firewood
  6. Collect and sell eggs
  7. Operate and repair sprinklers (but just don’t bathe yourself in it!)
  8. Start a delivery service (or enroll yourself in a company looking for young delivery people)

Teens and kids making money

Well, I hope I listed plenty of options for you to try. Trust me, financial independence when you are young feels great. You learn so much, you get mature, and most importantly, you recognize the importance of money.

Yes, it might get difficult at times, you would feel like abandoning it, but you have to go on. Just don’t give up. Your parents did it all their lives, learn from them, and appreciate them.

Feel free to start today, and make the best of it while making money!

Have you got more ideas? Share them in the comment section below.

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