41 Creative Ways To Make An Extra $500 A Month

Just by asking yourself, “How can I make an extra $500 a month? “You’re already in the select few that actively want to improve their financial situation.

Whether you need the money to pay off any debts you might have, or you just want to save money for a rainy day, everyone could use the extra cash.

Congratulations! You have gotten past step 1.

That’s the idea phase, now it’s time to put that idea into action.

If you’re already working a full 40 hours a week at your current job, this might be a little bit more challenging.

But, with good time management there are multiple ways for you to earn an additional side income even if you’re working full-time and your income is not enough.

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Make An Extra $500 A Month Where You Currently Work

1) Grab More Overtime

You have already spent more than enough time at work. But, volunteering for some overtime is a good way to earn more money throughout the month.

A lot of the times your boss/manager will be relieved to have somebody to call on for overtime and that might get you a few extra perks in the future.

2) Referrals

Some businesses have a bonus system for referring new employees, if you have any friends who are looking for a job and fit your companies agenda make sure that you refer them.

Just like an employee referral program, companies also have customer referral programs.

Any new customer you bring in could earn you a hefty commission as well.

3) Do The Jobs Nobody Else Wants To Do

Maybe there are a few jobs or projects that others in your company don’t want to do.

Take advantage of that to earn yourself some extra money and make a lasting impression!

Sell Items You Currently Own

4) Sell Items On Craigslist, Ebay And Other Online Platforms

These are the ultimate platforms to sell items you currently own.

You are bound to find a buyer on these popular platforms that will take anything you are willing to give!

5) Drop Shipping

Selling used items isn’t the only way you can make an extra $500 a month.

When it comes to Drop Shipping, you sell new items from a manufacturer or distributor through online portals like Ebay Or Amazon, they’ll ship the items to the customers for you.

6) Sell Items On amazon

FBA – Fulfillment By Amazon.

You can become an Amazon Merchant and sell new or used items through the online portal. They will fulfill the delivery of the order for you.

7) Market Directly

Direct marketing is the process of selling directly to the public, without the use of any retailers or online retailers.

This saves you money from an advertising perspective and lets you pitch your product or service to your target audience.

There are also 100s of different direct marketing companies that you can join. A quick Google Search will tell you all you need to know.

direct marketing is a great way to make an extra $500 a month

8) Pawn Items You Own

If you’re really in a tight spit financially, consider selling your valuable items to a pawn shop.

They generally give you a decent rate for your stuff as long as you haggle a little!

9) Resell Any Unused Gift Cards

Maybe you have some unused gift cards lying around from Christmas or Thanksgiving.

You can resell these back to the vendor or on online portals.

The same logic applies for sporting event or concert tickets.

10) Sell Unused Electronic Items

If you don’t have a use for an old smartphone or tablet.

You may not earn a lot selling these old electronics, but something is better than nothing!

As long as your gadgets are in good, working condition you should get a fair price for them.

Rent Items You Own

11) Become A Driver For Uber, Lyft etc.

One of the best side gigs available right now!

Becoming a Driver for Uber or Lyft can get you anywhere between $11 – $16 per hour at the moment!

It is also an independent side hustle, meaning you can work anytime that is convenient for you and stop working at anytime.

12) Rent Your Parking Space

If you live in a crowded city or close to a sports stadium, consider renting out your available parking space.

You could rent it out for as high as $20 an hour depending on the event and how crowded the area is where you live.

13) Rent An Extra Room In Your House

Using AirBnb, you can rent out an extra room in your house or even your whole house if you’re on vacation.

It’s a great way to make some passive income and use the property you live in to help you generate some cash flow.

renting an extra room is a great passive income source

14) Become A Postmate or Uber Eats Delivery Rider

If you have a vehicle, Postmates & Uber Eats are also great options to consider!

You will deliver everything from take-out to groceries. Don’t forget about the tips!

People who order take out are a lot more likely to tip well.

15) Rent Your car, Bike Or Bicycle

If you have no intention of using your vehicle for the next day, week, month etc.

You can rent it out via sites like Spinlister. This is also a great source of passive income and will get you closer to earning an extra $500 a month.

16) Become Someone’s Friend

You read that right! There are people out there who’d pay for someone to be their friend. Sites like RentAFriend are a great place to look.

If you like talking to people, you could even apply for jobs at retirement homes.

Online Hustles

17) Freelance On Various Platforms

Sites like Fiver are a great place to find freelancing opportunities.

You’d be surprised how many people started freelancing and turned it from a side hustle into their main hustle!

18) Affiliate Marketing

If you can plug a businesses link on your existing website or blog, you will earn a commission every time somebody buys something through that link.

If done properly, this can be a healthy and passive side income. It takes a little bit of know how but if you’re determined enough it shouldn’t be too difficult!

19) Create an online course

Maybe you have more knowledge than the average person on a specific subject. Creating online courses on sites like Teachable or Udemy are a great option.

From Arts & Crafts to Music to SEO, everything is in the realm of possibility.

Write up a class schedule & plan what you want to teach.

20) Tech Support

If you don’t mind talking to strangers on the phone, you can sign up to be tech support for various companies during the nighttime.

This can be a little bit more time consuming but it amounts to a decent chunk of extra money over the weeks.

providing tech support is easy if you're good with people

21) Peer To peer lending

Lending money peer-to-peer and charging interest on it is a very easy and passive way of earning some extra money.

There is a catch however, you have to make sure you’re lending your money to the right person.

If they default, your invested moey goes down the drain along with whatever interest you were planning on charging.

Make An Extra $500 A Month Using Your Hobbies

22) Start a blog

Well this is rich coming from me! But starting a blog about something you’re passionate about and selling the ad space on it is a great way of making some passive income.

The more users you can get on your site the higher your earnings could potentially be.

23) Consulting or coaching

Maybe writing blog posts and articles isn’t really your thing.

You can offer coaching or consulting classes over Zoom, Skype or even in person to help people.

A lot of people just need help to be pushed forward and your idea should be to provide that help.

24) Public Speaking

If you have an inspiring origin story or maybe you just have no fear of talking in front of large crowds.

Public Speaking is a very lucrative side hustle which gives you great bang-for-your-buck.

Your extra income could range between $100s to $1,000s per gig!

25) Become A Part-time trainer

Whether you’re a trained gym trainer, yoga instructor or aerobics teacher, you could always find some part time work at your local gym or yoga studio.

The same logic applies, where people need others to push them and hold them accountable.

You can be that person.

26) Umpire/referee In Different Sporting Events

You could earn $30 – $50 a game if you refereed your typical little league baseball game.

10 games a month and that’s an extra $300 – $500 a month!

You can pick up some games after work, and if sport is something that you’re passionate about consider getting a referee or umpiring certification to move up the ranks.

if you're active consider being a referee for some side money

27) Build Websites

This one obviously takes a bit of technical knowhow.

You don’t need a ton of technical knowledge but it does help.

Going on sites like WordPress and build sites for individuals or small businesses.

Aim to charge at least $150 for a site that you create.

The better you get at it the more you can increase those rates and the more technical expertise you will gain.

28) Interior Design

If you have an eye for design, take the evenings after work or the weekends to decorate the homes of the people that live in your neighborhood.

Make a presentation and an action plan and keep it ready so whenever the opportunity arises you’re the first one on the scene.

29) Tutor High school or college kids

Start tutoring kids after work or on the weekends.

A lot of parents are overwhelmed with tutoring their kids and this provides a great opportunity for you to earn an extra income.

Start by looking in your own area and then branch out into other neighborhoods.

30) Teach english

There are so many people around the world that need help learning English.

You can help them out on a part time basis or even become a full time instructor on sites like Cambly.

Offline hustles

31) Babysit/housesit

Do you have people in your neighborhood that have children?

Offer to Babysit and watch their children. Being somebody that is already known to the kids is a massive advantage.

Make sure you research what the going rates are and set your price accordingly.

On the flipside, maybe there are people in your neighborhood who are on vacation.

Offer to Housesit for them to protect their home and keep it safe. These people like having someone staying at their home for safety reasons.

It’s a relatively easy gig but you will want to form a connection with the person whose house you’re sitting in.

32) Mow Lawns

If you enjoy being outdoors and have access to a lawnmower and other basic landscaping tools, mow lawns in your free time to earn some extra money.

The better you get at it the more you can charge your clients.

There’s nothing more satisfying than a beautiful yard!

mowing lawns is an easy way to make an extra $500 a month

33) House Cleaning

Sometimes, people are too busy or maybe they don’t have the physical capacity to be able to clean their house themselves.

This is where you come in. Make sure the work is done well and in a professional manner without cutting any corners and chances are you will have a repeat customer for months!

34) Deliver Pizzas

This is a great way to make an extra $500 a month! As long as you’re reliable and on time.

Most pizza places always have a shortage of delivery riders and you can use this as a great weekend gig.

35) Donate Yourself

Not the way you’re thinking!

By donate I mean sell. You can sell your blood, plasma, sperm or eggs.

You’d be surprised at the going rate for these commodities.

Note – If it’s your first time donating plasma, you could get almost double the money since you’re plasma is special!

36) Participate In medical research

If you don’t mind playing the role of the guinea pig, you can participate in some medical research studies for some quick cash.

There are also a lot of product tester jobs available on hand for you to make a quick buck.

Just make sure to check that you adhere to all the requirements set by the research institute before applying to be a part of the study.

37) Do Some odd jobs on craigslist

If you browse through Craigslist, you’ll find a bunch of cool, whacky jobs that you can do in your free time.

I once saw a job that was to just go in front of a guys house and just beep my horn and drive away, I got $30 into my Paypal account 5 minutes after!

You never know what you find sometime.

38) Shovel Snow

Grab a plow or a shovel and knock on peoples doors offering to shovel the snow out of their driveway.

People generally pay good money since it’s generally a physically taxing job. It’ll help you stay fit while putting some money in your pocket at the same time.


shovel snow to make some extra money if you don't mind physical work

Source: DepositPhotos

39) Set-up holiday decorations

If you’re a lover of the festive season like I am!

Offer to set up holiday decorations for other peoples houses and offices.

A lot of offices don’t want to do the hard labor of decorating their offices during the holiday periods. They generally pay top-dollar to somebody that is offering to set up the entire decorations for them.

The first or second week of November is a great time to start approaching people for these jobs.

40) Try your hand at bartending

Bartending is less about being able to mix drinks and more about being a people person.

It’s a great way to earn an extra $500 a month by bartending in bars and nightclubs on the weekends.

41) handyman work

If you’re good at DIY home repairs, you can make a decent income by helping people who might not be as handy as you.

So many people have turned this side hustle into their permanent jobs!

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