Best Stocking Stuffers – Your Last Minute Perfect Gifts

You have grand plans to be organised every Christmas and then you get to December and feel like you are behind with everything.

When you’re buying for family you can often concentrate on the main presents, making sure everyone has lovely presents to open on Christmas Day.

Stocking stuffers can sometimes be forgotten or are an after thought.

You might have the chocolate coins and an orange ready to go but what about those choice few presents you always pop into their stockings?

Fear not, I have some of the best stocking stuffers available right now which are just perfect for your loved ones, old and young.

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Stocking Stuffers For Kids Old And Young

Bananagrams Word Game

Bananagrams have been a firm family gathering favorite for many years.

Kids love them and adults get sucked into them.

The competition ramps up when you have someone like my brother playing – no-one can keep up with him in the quick fire round.

Fun for everyone of all ages.

bananagrams game

Bananagrams Word Game

Banagrams Appleletters Game

Younger family members will love Banangrams Appleletters as it is easier than the original Banagrams game but don’t be fooled, this is not just a kids game.

Build a word worm which gets longer and harder as you add more words.

Fun for all the family and a great teaching resource for budding or existing teachers.

bananagrams appleletters game

Banagrams Appleletters Game 

Chocolate Stocking Stuffers

Ferrero Roche Selection Box

No gift guide from me can be complete without at least some chocolate making an appearance.

Who in your family wouldn’t love a Ferrero Roche selection box?

A ribboned gift box of their 4 best flavors of hazelnut chocolate will go down a treat with whoever you decide to gift them to.

The original is still my favorite Ferrero Roche, no matter how many times I try the white ones!

ferrero roche selection box

Ferrero Roche Selection Box

British Cadbury’s Chocolate Bars

If you are not based in the UK, why not try some of our chocolate?

Cadbury’s are the number one chocolate seller in the UK and I may be biased, but I consider their chocolate bars some of the best I have tasted.

Twirls are my favorite Cadbury bar and the Caramel bar is my go to bar when I need a real sweet, sugar hit.

cadburys british selection box

There are 10 full sized candy bars and a lovely retro pencil case.

If I became an expat I know that Cadbury’s chocolate would be on my wish list for every person visiting me.

Along with Marmite of course!

British Cadbury’s Chocolate Bars

Kids Stocking Stuffers

Twisty Pets Collectible Bracelet Set

Twisty Petz are little bejeweled pets that turn into sparkly bracelets.

I can just imagine kids the world over will love these.

But they’re not just bracelets. You can turn them into accessories for your backpack or even necklaces.

Kids will love making different items out of these.

twisty pet collection set

Twisty Pets Collectible Bracelet Set

World Football Stars Top Trumps Game

Top Trumps have been around longer than I have and they are still going strong.

These top trumps focus on world football (soccer) stars and come in a nice gold case.

Top trumps aren’t restricted to just sports, you can even get Friends Top Trumps!

world cup trumps

World Football Stars Top Trumps Game

Relaxing Sky Starlight Projector Lamp

This is a beautiful grown up version of the classic night light.

The Relaxing Sky Starlight Projector Lamp is an innovative light that projects star light and moonlight around a room, transforming the room into a relaxing sky-like environment at night.

This lamp projects not only onto the ceiling but the walls too for an all-round experience.

With 4 films and 2 different light settings, you won’t get bored of it.

The fun thing is that in the reviews, the adults love this lamp more than the kids they bought it for!

sky starlight reflector lamp

Relaxing Sky Starlight Projector Lamp

Stocking Stuffers For The Adults In Your Life

VIZ Annual 2020 The Trumpeter’s Lips 

My brother has been buying Viz ever since it first came out. It would seem you are never too old for a Viz manual.

It’s rude, it’s viciously funny and totally un-politically correct.

Some people may be offended by it’s content, which is what makes it so funny.

You may disapprove but believe me you won’t be able to stop yourself from having a sneak peak when you order this manual.

viz 2020 annual

VIZ Annual 2020 The Trumpeter’s Lips 

Enid Blyton Books For Grown Ups

Five on Brexit Island  and  Five Give Up The Booze

Enid Blyton is a beloved children’s author who has had a 21st century makeover with a new series of books aimed at adults.

These are laugh out loud books which use original illustrations in a very different context.

I think I’ve read at least 7 of these books now but these two are both topical right now.

enid blyton for grown ups - 5 on brexit island
enid blyton 5 give up the booze

Five on Brexit Island

Five Give Up The Booze

Squatty Potty Toilet Spray

This is a must have for everyone’s guest bathroom, as well as being a fun gift to open!

These sprays create a protective layer to trap smells and stop them escaping.

Your guest bathroom won’t be complete without one!

squatty potty toilet spray

Squatty Potty Toilet Spray

Stocking Stuffers For Those In Search Of Calm

The Little Book of Hygge 

This book was one of my favourite stocking presents last year. A little book but it is packed full of calmness.

Just what you need after a few days of holiday madness. Reading this book will give you a wonderful sense of calm.

the little book of hygge

The Little Book of Hygge 

Lagom: Not Too Little, Not Too Much: The Swedish Art of Living A Balanced, Happy Life

This book is like the sister manual to the Little Book of Hygge.

You could describe lagom as being about just enough which fits beautifully into the fabulously frugal lifestyle.

If you want to focus in on “not too little, not too much, but just enough” then this book is perfect for you.

It reminds me of Goldilocks.

lagom, not too much not too little

Lagom: Not Too Little, Not Too Much: The Swedish Art of Living A Balanced, Happy Life

Stocking Stuffers For New Year Resolutions

Joe Wickes – Veggie Lean in 15

Most of us will set ourselves new years resolutions centered around health once the festivities are finished with.

Why not provide a helping hand with this great book packed with a hundred vegetarian recipes and 3 Body Coach HIIT Workouts.

All the meals can be prepared in 15 minutes flat – perfect for your meal plan and busy days.

joe wicks lean in 15

Joe Wickes – Veggie Lean in 15

Gordon Ramsey’s Healthy Lean & Fit

And if your favorite person wants to incorporate fabulous fit food including meat into their new year then Gordon Ramsey’s book is the perfect gift.

Love or hate his style in the kitchen, his food is to die for so healthy, fit food from Gordon is bound to be a hit with everyone.

gordon ramsey book health lean and fit

Gordon Ramsey’s Healthy Lean & Fit
I hope you find these stocking stuffer ideas helpful for all your last minute present ideas.

You don’t have long so get cracking and click on over to buy your stocking stuffers now.

Have a fabulous Christmas!

These stocking stuffers are just the thing for last minute Christmas gifts. There's a Christmas stocking present for everyone. #stockingstuffers #stockingpresents #christmaspresents #christmasgifts

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