10 Simple And Beautiful Homemade Food Gifts For Christmas

If you’re not a brilliant cook but want to make some tasty and gorgeous looking homemade food gifts for Christmas presents then these are for you.

Homemade food gifts are ideal presents when you are trying to save money or are working to a small budget.

Christmas can get very expensive when you add up presents, food, drink and socializing.

Keeping your Christmas present costs down and learning how to do Christmas cheap, will pay dividends for your finances and help you start the new year in good financial shape.

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Homemade Food Gifts for Christmas That Anyone Can Make

I always think the best homemade gifts are ones where you have spent time and effort creating something unique for your loved ones.

And making gifts that don’t cost a fortune are winners for us all.

But if you’re like me and worry that your culinary skills are not up to this task then worry no more!

These homemade food gift ideas are perfect for you and I.

Easy to make and look fabulous.

Don’t fancy cooking up gifts this year?  10 Best Homemade Gifts For Christmas – No Cooking Required!

10 Simple And Beautiful Homemade Food Gifts For Christmas

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Rosemary Olive Oil

Image credit: Eating Richly

3 bottles of rosemary oil on a window sill

Specialty oils infused with herbs and spices provide an added little something to recipes and many people love to use them.

Yet for something so simple you can pay a fortune if you don’t make your own.

My best homemade gifts that are requested year after year are this rosemary olive oil and it’s sister, chili oil.

Both very easy to make but when presented in stylish oil bottles look expensive and elegant.

Homemade Seasoning Salts Recipe

Image credit: Eating Richly

wooden spoon with aromatic seasoning salts

Continuing the condiments theme, these seasoning salts take your cooking to a whole new level of tasty.

You can buy ready made seasoning salts but why not give the gift of fabulous tasting seasoning?

Making these are incredible simple.

Present them in these little spice jars with ribbon and a cute wooden spoon and you have a winning gift every cook will want to receive.

Cranberry Chocolate Chip Cookie Gift Jar

Image credit: Honey and Lime

jar filled with ingredients for cranberry cookies

Homemade food gifts in a jar can be among some of the easiest homemade food gifts you can make.

And this cookie in a jar recipe is even easier than most.

In fact, this would be a perfect gift to make with kids to keep them busy in school holiday days prior to Christmas itself, it’s that simple!

For more cookie recipes check out these gorgeous Christmas cookie recipes.

Sand Art Brownies

Image credit: call me PMC

large red ribbon around jar containing sand art brownies ingredients

I love the look of this brownie recipe in it’s jar with the red and green sugar.

It reminds me of seaside holidays and the colored sand you could buy.

Hence it’s name I guess!

These are perfect if you want to make your gifts a week or two in advance.

When you bake biscuits to give as presents this involves baking the day or so before which I consider too stressful.

I don’t like leaving present making until the last minute if at all possible so this homemade gift suits me perfectly.

For more tasty Christmas food gifts in a jar check out this post: Fun And Tasty Christmas Food Gifts In A Jar

Simply Sensational Cream Cheese Truffles

Image credit: Confessions of an Over-Worked Mom

close up of chocolcate coated cream cheese truffles sprinkled with coloured sprinkles

Chocolate might not be in the recipe title but that’s what drew me to this recipe.

That and of course how easy it was to make them yet they look super professional if I do say so myself!

I’ve not tried to make them into cake pops/truffle pops but they could be a really stunning as a dessert center piece don’t you think?

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Vegan Chocolate Truffles

Image credit: Rhian’s Recipes

3 chocolate truffles on a plate one of which has a bite taken out of it

If you’ve read any of my other posts you might have seen a little theme developing – chocolate!

I love chocolate and have a little bit (or a lot!) most days.

DD2 is also partial to yummy chocolate but went vegan last year which meant the usual homemade food gifts of chocolate were out.

However these vegan chocolate truffles are perfect for her.

They are so smooth and gorgeous tasting she almost didn’t get any!

Healthy Caramelised Nuts

Image credit: Rhian’s Recipes

caramelized nuts on a blue patterned plate

If you have family that prefer healthy homemade food gifts then these caramelized nuts will go down a treat.

Not only are they delicious and healthy, they only take 10 minutes to make. My kind of cooking!

If you’re giving these as a homemade food gift for Christmas then place them in a cute spice jar, add a label and Christmas ribbon and you have yourself a beautiful savory gift.

Nuts in Honey

Image credit: Almost Bananas

3 jars of nuts in honey with blue paper wrapping over lid

Homemade food gifts are something given throughout the world.

This recipe comes from Slovakia and tastes all the more exotic as a result.

You can buy honey roasted nuts in most stores but they are often really dry.

Nuts in honey however gives you all the taste (and more) without the dryness.

If your intended present recipient is not a nut lover you can replace the nuts with a variety of seeds. Pumpkin seeds are particularly good in this recipe.

Reindeer Marshmallow Pops

Image credit: Midget Momma

Christmas scene with reindeer marshmallow pops standing up in a glass filled with green and red chocolate buttons

These marshmallow pops are probably one of the best homemade gifts for kids you can make with or without your kids.

Although they look like cake pops, because they are made from marshmallow there is no cake to make as part of the pop.

Super quick to make and super simple. My kind of gift making!

Only a few ingredients – yummy chocolate being 2 of the ingredients (my fav).

If giving as little gifts for visiting kids you can wrap them in cellophane and tie with a pretty ribbon.

Fragrant and Festive Pomander

Image credit: Pink Fortitude

orange pomander with red checked ribbon hanging in a Christmas tree

Now I know this post is about homemade food gifts for Christmas but I never said you had to eat them did I?

I had to include this little gift as pomanders are so traditional and smell wonderful when hanging from your Christmas tree.

Some pomander recipes seem really involved but this one is simple yet achieves a stunning decoration as a result.

You could make them as Christmas gifts if you are happy to make them a day or so before giving.

No need to wrap, they look fabulous as is!

Homemade Food Gifts For Christmas

I hope you find some inspiration for your homemade food gifts this year. If I can make these then I am totally confident you can.

The best thing about these food gifts is that they will be made with love, by you.

What more can your family and friends want?

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