10 Best Homemade Gifts For Christmas – No Cooking Required!

If you’re like me and not a brilliant cook who can rustle up little delicacies to give as beautiful gifts.

What gifts can you make that don’t involve cooking?

What are the best homemade gifts for Christmas you can make that don’t cost a fortune in materials and don’t involve intricate kitchen skills?

We all know Christmas and holiday time can become very expensive, very quickly.

Learning how to do Christmas cheap, by focusing on homemade gifts can really help cut these costs.

When you’re determined to save money for your longer term goals, spending out hundreds of pounds on gifts you hope family and friends might like doesn’t make sense.

Giving gifts that have cost you time rather than money is the answer.

The best homemade gifts are made with love and your family member will enjoy it all the more.

Top 10 Best Homemade Gifts For Christmas: Frugal And Easy To DIY

I’ve put together my top 10 best homemade gifts for Christmas.

These are all fabulously frugal handmade, homemade gift ideas that you can make easily.

They don’t cost much and they are all super easy to make. Being simple to make is my number one criteria.

I’m just not artistic and can’t be dealing with too many separate steps and ingredients!

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10 Best Homemade Gifts For Christmas – No Cooking Required!

Easy Beach Christmas Ornaments

Image credit: Coastal Wanderings

close up of shell ornaments on a christmas tree

If you live near the sea or have a shell collection that needs a new lease of life then this homemade gift idea is perfect for you.

It’s very frugal, it’s re-purposing things you can pick up for free.

And they look super cute on your Christmas tree!

DIY Hand Warmers

Image credit: The Mummy Front

DIY handwarmer with instructional note attached

For those of you who can follow instructions and don’t mind a bit of sewing, these hand warmers are the best homemade gifts to make.

You could churn out quite a few in one go and I know everyone who receives them will love them.

Use warm, Christmassy fabric and you’ve got some great stocking fillers people will love.

Wall Mount Bookshelf

Image credit: Spring Lake Homestead

wall mounted bookshelf DIY project

For something different but super useful, how about this lovely little bookshelf?

Practical, stylish and lovely to look at.

You don’t need to be a carpenter, just able to follow the simple instructions (and we can all do that can’t we?)

DIY Holiday Star Sign

Image credit: Family Food and Travel

DIY holiday star sign made from red ribbon on a wooden block

Another fabulous homemade gift to make using wood is this gorgeous holiday star sign. So simple!

But such an effective decoration don’t you think?

Perfect for those family members who are always a bit harder to buy for.

Easy DIY Photo Coasters

Image credit: Fun Money Mom

DIY coasters with photographs on them

When you’ve got kids, I promise you that the best homemade gifts for Grandparents will always be pictures of them.

But we only have so many surfaces for pictures so why not give pictures in a slightly different form?

A useful, usable form?

These tile coasters are functional and fab. And so easy to make!

Reindeer Handprint Towel

Image credit: Midget Momma

reindee handprint tea towel hanging up on cooker

Staying with the theme of kids, how about a towel adorned with your child’s hand print?

Grandparents and family members will love the thought that has gone into these homemade Christmas gifts.

Getting your kids actively involved gives it that added fun factor.

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Sugar Scrubs

Sugar scrubs make the best homemade gifts for Christmas for both friends and family.

Teens especially will love them.

The fantastic thing about making sugar scrubs is they use everyday cheap ingredients and take no time at all to prepare.

These 3 sugar scrubs are among my favorites:

Clove Cinnamon Sugar Scrub

Image credit: Total Wellness Choices

pinterest image for homemade body scrub clove cinnamon

This body scrub has Christmas written all over it with the cinnamon and cloves.

There’s nothing like those two spices to get you into the Christmas spirit.


Skin Nourishing Rose Sugar Scrub

Image credit: Beauty Crafter

rose sugar scrub in open topped glass jar

This rose body scrub will delight the teens in your life who are loving the pink look.

In fact I think most females in your family would love to receive this scrub as a Christmas gift.

It’s so beautiful and the smell is gorgeous.

Peppermint Sugar Scrub

Image credit: Pink Fortitude

overflowing glass joar of peppermint sugar scrub on wooden tabletop

Who doesn’t need a bit of peppermint to pep them up occasionally?

The answer is to have a peppermint sugar scrub.

You get the peppermint aroma whilst having the luxurious feeling of a gently sugar scrub.

Weighted Tie Blanket 

Image credit: Parenting Chaos

pinterest image for how to make a weighted blanket

Finally, this gift will take a bit more time and is for a very special recipient.

If you read through why a weighted blanket is so important for some children then you’ll know that every minute spent making one will be worth it.

Still very easy to make, just more time required.

But so very worth it don’t you think?

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pinterest image for best diy xmas gifts homemade
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  1. Hi Tuppeny – I love all of these DIY gifts. PINNED and sharing on FB! Thank you for including my Peppermint Sugar Scrub. My heart is full of gratitude. Happy Holidays! Hugs, Holly

    • Hi Holly! Thank you for sharing, your peppermint scrub looks good enough to eat. And I am the biggest fan of your pomander – it evokes such lovely traditional memories 🙂 Thanks for popping over x

    • Hi Marcia! DIY is the way to go! You save money and your loved ones receive much love in the form of your DIY gift. Thanks for stopping by!


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