67 Cheap And Easy Savory Snacks To Make At Home

I love savory snacks, for when I’m needing a little pick me up but it’s not yet time for something sweet.

Now you could say any time is sweet time, but I try to be good for the majority of each day.

Which means sweet things are reserved for either after dinner or the weekend.

Unless I’ve fallen off the wagon in which case everything goes and usually the sweeter the better!

Snacks are those little treats to both fill you up and make you feel good. 

I can’t imagine life without snacks in it, even if I may eat one or two more than I should.


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Snacks Versus Your Grocery Budget

The killer for me though has always been the cost of store bought snacks. 

Because they can add up to quite an expense real quick.

Let’s get real, when you are feeding a family you cannot get away with buying a 6 pack of one snack for the week.

That might last only a day in many households.

And in all honesty a 6 pack of one snack for a couple isn’t enough either – or is that just the hubby and me?!

The  reality when you have a very limited budget is that you know snacks are a luxury that perhaps you shouldn’t be buying.

Cheap homemade snacks is what you need.



Snacks And Time

It goes without saying that my focus is always on cheap AND easy to make snacks.

When you live frugally you are making a determined effort to save money on every aspect of your life.

Which means that things can take a little longer to achieve.

Washing needs hanging out not throwing into the dryer.

Dinners are made from scratch not delivered to your door.

Cars are washed by hand, not taken to the car wash.

So you and I don’t want to be making homemade snacks that take forever to assemble.

That, to quote my Dad, is “too much faff”!


48 Cheap And Easy Savory Snack Recipes

We all know that perhaps we should only eat 3 square meals a day but with so many delicious savory snacks to try it seems a crime not to make and eat a few doesn't it?

Store bought snacks can quickly add up and eat into your budget so these cheap and easy savory snack recipes are perfect for when you are feeling the pinch but still want a cheeky snack,

Easy Is Key

I am not a great fan of cooking and I detest making pastry (that whole thing of rubbing butter in flour sends shivers down my spine!)

So I used to buy snacks as cheap as possible which means they weren’t always healthy or even that nice tasting.

Until I finally bit the bullet and stated making my own.

I thought I would be spending hours in the kitchen making some nice, healthy snacks that would then get wolfed down in record time.

Leaving an empty snack tin and the need to start all over again.

And to be fair, that did happen the first few times.

But then we got used to the idea that really tasty (healthy!) snacks were always available and so there was no need to eat them so quickly.

Finally we could have snacks we really enjoyed and they didn’t mean blowing our super tight grocery budget.

But they had to be easy to make snacks because I am no gourmet cook, nor did I have time to be baking every other day.

Quick and easy is my kind of cooking. And tasty of course!


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