100+ cheap, fast easy recipes with few Ingredients (5 Or Less!)

When money is tight and time is at a premium there is nothing better than having some fast easy recipes with few ingredients that you can rustle up without thinking.

Your food budget is the one area you can cut, cut and cut some more when times are hard. But to do so successfully you need to be able to use cheap ingredients and cook cheap meals.

And 5 ingredient or less recipes are your budget savior.

Because the less ingredients you need to buy, the cheaper you can potentially get your meals.

I am not a confident cook so 3-5 ingredient recipes are my favorite meals.

They are invariably fast easy recipes with few ingredients – some of my favorite tasty ones only have 3 cheap ingredients!

There’s much less chance of me making a mistake or getting confused when there are only 5 ingredients or so. And they invariably are so simple to make that even I can make them.

I’ve collated this list of taste of home 5 ingredient recipes for you because having a go to list makes your life just that bit easier doesn’t it?

Whether you want 5 ingredient chicken recipes or 5 ingredient vegetarian recipes or you hankering after that taste of home, these 5 or less ingredient recipes have got you covered.

I’ve even got you some 3 ingredient recipes for dinner if that is your jam.

Why You Need Fast Easy Recipes With Few Ingredients

5 ingredient or less dinner recipes are the perfect tool for you to use when you are trying to eat on a budget.

Many of them use cheap ingredients from your store cupboard so you don’t need to be buying many of the ingredients.

You’ve also got some 15 minute meals 5 ingredients or just 3. There’s never an excuse to resort to takeout when it takes just 15 minutes to get a meal on the table.

And crucially, cheap few ingredient recipes are so easy to make such that you can prepare them at the end of a long day and perhaps even with one eye shut.

Although best to keep both eyes open when you have a sharp knife in your hand.

I am a great believer is keeping things simple.

Simple recipes often invoke the taste of home, of a time when you couldn’t buy veggies out of season or the more exotic ingredients we can take for granted these days.

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Your questions about Recipes with Few ingredient that are fast to make

Why easy dinner recipes with few ingredients?

Easy dinner recipes with few ingredients are great for busy people who want to make a delicious meal without much fuss. When you’re pressed for time, it’s sometimes difficult to think of a meal you can prepare in advance that will keep well and have few ingredients.

What do you eat with limited ingredients?

Keep it simple. 5 ingredient or less recipes are what you need when you have limited ingredients. Use what you have and don’t buy more.

What can I make with ingredients in my fridge?

The cheap ingredients in your fridge lend themselves to either a nice mixed stir fry or why not make a warming and delicious soup with them?

What can I make with no food?

You can’t magic meals out of no food whatsoever but if you’ve got noodles then you’ve got a meal.

If you’ve got canned tomatoes then you’ve got a 2 ingredient meal. With a can of tuna you’ve got a yummy 3 ingredient meal.

What can I make instantly to eat?

If you really mean instantly then toast with peanut butter, ramen/instant noodles or something cold out of the fridge will give you instant satisfaction.

What can be cooked in 2 minutes?

Instant and ramen noodles cook in 2 minutes, as does breakfast oats (porridge), fried egg, microwave rice and any leftovers you have in the fridge. If you want pasta then you’ll need a bit longer as most pasta shapes take 8-10 minutes depending on their thickness.

How do you make 3-minute oats?

3-minute oats (or porridge as it’s known in the UK) is about the simplest, healthy hot breakfast you can make. Measure out your oats and place in a good sized bowl, add water or milk to suit and cook for 2.5 minutes.

Keep an eye on it to make sure it doesn’t bubble up and over. Lower the power if it’s rising too far. Once cooked add toppings to taste. Cream, sugar, berries, honey are all common favorites.

What to eat that is quick and easy? What is a food that you can cook easily?

Omelet/omelette is extremely quick and easy and also delicious. Just season and grate some cheese in 2 minutes from the end. Pasta with tuna and mayonaise os super simple, as is baked potato with a topping like grated cheese, tuna or leftover chili.

What is the easiest thing to cook?

For actual cooking I consider pasta to be the easiest thing to cook. Just boil some water, pop the pasta in and let it gently cook for 10 minutes. You can have it drizzled with a little olive oil and seasoning or add a jar sauce with some grated cheese for a more filling meal.

Why 3 or less ingredient recipes?

3 or less ingredient recipes are unbelievably easy and quick to make, using minimal ingredients. This is a great type of recipe for busy people who don’t have a lot of time to cook. You save time prepping the meal and there’s no long recipe to read either.

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Fast Easy dinner recipes with few ingredients

You really cannot get much simpler than 5 or less ingredient recipes can you?

They are fast easy recipes with few ingredients, perfect for those days before your next paycheck arrives and you really can’t afford to buy any more groceries.

Don’t give in to the feeling that you need to go buy more groceries, these dinner recipes have your back.

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