55 Cheap And Easy Meals You Are Going To Love

We all need cheap and easy meals to feed our families when we have more month than money.

But finding cheap dinner recipes that everyone likes can be difficult at times.

The more mouths you have to feed the more difficult it can become.

Then there are the times when your inspiration is running low.

When you want to come up with cheap easy healthy meals to fill everyone up but your creativity has totally deserted you.

Using my go to list of cheap and easy meals below makes your meal planning so much easier and will really help you to save money on your groceries.

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Cheap dinners are perfect when your budget is tight

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Be Choosy About Your Meals

As I explain in my post all about meal planning, choosing which foods to buy should be influenced by what is on offer at your local grocery store.

Always factor in meatless meals as these really can be extremely cheap meals.

Additionally don’t plan meals based on beef if chicken is on special offer.

If you can’t steer your family away from meat or you are focused on keto or paleo diets then be flexible with the meats you use.

Meat on special offer is perfect for being frozen for later use.

Focus on the cheaper meats that I detail in my post on the best cheap foods to buy when broke.

If you don’t already have a crockpot/slow cooker then I cannot urge you enough to get one.

Some of the cheapest and easiest meals you can make are crockpot meals.

They are also perfect for when you are busy as you can prepare meals before work and have it ready when you arrive home.

Perfect! For families I always recommend a large crockpot. You can batch cook meals for the whole family so you cook once and eat twice.

Below are my recommendations for crockpots for all family sizes. Although we are now a family of two, we still use our large crockpot because of the versatility it gives us. Whole chickens or bulk cooking are easy when you have a large crockpot.

Best Slow Cookers/Crock Pots For One Pot Meals

Slow Cookers (or Crock Pots) are the perfect tool for many of the tastiest one pot meals. Dump your ingredients in, go to work and come back to a tasty dinner.

These are some of the best slow cookers you can get. Choose the one that suits your family best.

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Get your free meal planning meal bundle so you can organize your favorite cheap & easy meals and shop for them with ease

Cheap and easy healthy meals are the perfect combination. They help you save money and they’re healthy.

Choosing the right tasty recipes can result in extremely cheap meals costing less than $1 a person – perfect for the tight times.

39 Cheap And Easy Meals On A Budget

Cheap and easy dinner recipes is what you need when you are living on a super tight budget. Some of these recipes work out at less than $1 a portion! Keep these for those extra lean times when your money has dried up.

For even more cheap meaty recipes check out my post on cheap chicken dinners.

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Meatless Monday seems to be gathering momentum but don’t limit yourself to Mondays, choose any day that works for you.

Twice a week is great for your purse. Check out the 10 cheap vegetarian recipes below for meatless dinner inspiration.

Want more vegan inspiration? Check out my post on easy cheap vegan recipes.

11 Vegan And Vegetarian Cheap And Easy Meals

Vegan and vegetarian food covers a huge, diverse range of flavors and cuisines. They are often cheap, easy AND healthy meals which are all bonuses when you are trying to find cheap recipes to feed your family. These 10 cheap dinner recipes will have you coming back for more and who can blame you when they are so tasty?

6 Cheap Keto Dinner Recipes

If you follow a keto diet/eating regime then you will love these 6 cheap dinner recipes which are packed full of yummy'ness. If you are not sure what to make for dinner tonight why not try one of these cheap and easy keto meals to satisfy your hunger? Also great for paleo lovers.

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Get your free meal planning meal bundle so you can organize your favorite meals and shop for them with ease

Pin this to your Pinterest boards for later so you always have these recipes to hand!

pinterest images of different meals

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