7 ways to save money on Gas

One of the ways to be smarter with your finances is to learn to save where you can.

Not spending as much on the things you HAVE to buy; like somewhere to live, the food you eat, and fuel for your car to get you to and from work.

Why pay more to buy the same thing, right?

Being smarter with your finances helps you budget better and makes your money go further, putting you in a better financial position.

Saving money on gas therefore makes for good financial sense.

Paying for the fuel in your car

Many of your journeys are likely to be essential. Getting to work, to the grocery store and seeing family and friends.

So you need to regularly fill up at the pump and we all know how gas prices have a habit of creeping up each month.

What if you could do the same number of miles but spend less on filling up? Easy win!

Let’s look at some brilliantly simple ways you can save money on gas, without upgrading your car.

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If you can save money on gas, do it!

Easy wins to save money on gas

1. Tires

Make sure your tires are properly inflated, aligned, etc. When the tire is over or underinflated, it can impact the mileage.

If your alignment is off, it can reduce mileage while also causing some unnecessary wear and tear.

Check with a professional to determine the necessary inflation and get your tires aligned.

Even though it may cost a few bucks, it can save you a great deal more than that in fuel efficiency.

2. Lowest gas price

When you fill-up, look for the lowest gas price.

This does not mean that you should drive all over the place to find the best gas. If you’re in the US, look on something like GasBuddy to determine the best local gas prices.

In the UK you can use PetrolPrices to find the cheapest fuel near you.

There are all kinds of gas price tools available, whether phone apps, or websites, so check before you fill up, and you could save a great deal.

3. Slow down

Driving the speed limit is great for fuel-efficiency.

Did you know that according to the Consumer Federation of America reports that you can reduce fuel consumption by 7% with every five miles per hour you sow down on highways?

This can be thirty cents or more a gallon on savings when you slow down five miles per hour.

This means close to a dollar when you slow down fifteen miles per hour. Just driving a little slower could greatly impact your fuel expense.

4. Regular maintenance and servicing

Getting a service and tune-up can help you save money on gas because your car will run more efficiently. It will burn gas more efficiently, and in return, boost mileage.

Your car cost you a lot of money so it makes sense to look after it and make it as economical as possible.

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Stretch your fuel as far as possible

5. Lay off the brakes

Riding your brakes reduces fuel efficiency and can mean replacing your brakes more often, which is also really costly.

Only use your brakes when you want to slow down significantly or come to a complete stop.

Take your foot off the accelerator rather than braking; it will save you a lot in gas.

This style of driving is sometimes called hypermiling and fans of it go to great lengths to maximize their fuel efficiency.

6. Keep your car empty

Using your car as another storage solution is costing you money. The heavy your car is, the more fuel it will consume to get you from A to B.

Find someplace else to store all those bits that end up in your boot. It makes it easier to keep your car clean when you have less stuff in it too.

7. Reward cards

If you have the credit, then take advantage of gas card benefits, or put gas on a credit card that gives you other benefits, as this can be great to get you a little more from your gas purchases.

Always pay off your cards in full each month though. Otherwise the advantages are wiped out by the interest you’ll pay on your outstanding balance.

Saving money on Fuel

There are a lot of ways to save money on gas; the best thing you can do is just drive more carefully.

Pushing the limits of your car or breaking speed limits uses more fuel and you run the risk of expensive repairs or a traffic offence.

Use cruise control if you have it. This will help you drive more smoothly, and this can translate into a more fuel-efficient driving experience.

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