50 little things that will make you instantly happier

For almost all of us, all we want is happiness. To be happy. Yet somehow we often perceive it as a phase, something that comes and goes in waves. That we have little control over.

Happiness is not a phase, instead, it is many fleeting moments; and tiny things that make us smile, or laugh. Much like how little drops form an ocean, little happy moments make our life full of joy.

Sadly, many of us wait for happiness to tap us on the shoulder and slap us in the face, oblivious to the fact that we can find happiness in the little (and big) moments in our lives, as they happen. If we look and capture those moments.

The last time you laughed at a joke, a moment of peace and calm, these are all the little moments that define happiness.

We must learn to cherish these little moments that make us happier, because this is happiness, and it is not distant. We are surrounded by it, and we are living it.

But, in case you don’t know what those moments are or need a little help (we all need a little help sometimes don’t we?), please read on for 50 little things that will bring you happiness.

Woman in sunshine head thrown back and arms behind her enjoying the sunshine.

50 little things that will make you instantly happier

1.     Having breakfast in bed, enjoying a Sunday morning in peace and calm. 

2.     Watching your favorite movie all over again. 

3.     Having your favorite meal from the restaurant you love. 

4.     Watching the sun go down, and rise. 

5.     Stargazing and talking about life with people you care about. 

6.     Finding money from your pocket that you’ve forgotten about. 

7.     Talking to friends you have not talked to in ages. 

8.     Sitting by the river, and letting the cold breeze tickle your face. 

9.     Making someone smile. 

10.  Having a yummy dessert. 

11.  Tending to the garden you have grown

12.  Watching the rain tapping the window.

13.  Enjoying a bonfire with the people you love. 

14.  Taking a nap in your warm cozy blanket on a lazy winter’s day. 

15.  Waking up early, only to realize you have more hours to sleep because it’s the weekend. 

16.  Smelling your favorite fragrance. 

17.  Listening to your favorite song. 

18.  Reading a good book in peace and quiet. 

19.  Picking up a hobby after ages. 

20.  Painting or drawing. 

21.  Drinking the first sip of your everyday coffee. 

22.  Baking a yummy cake. 

23.  The moment you realize you have finished all your assignments way before the deadline. 

24.  Having a pillow fight with your BFF. 

25.  Walking in the street decorated with Christmas lights. 

26.  Watching a baby smile at you, or when they hold your finger with their little hands. 

27.  Getting a parking spot right in front of the entrance. 

28.  Getting a seat in the crowded bus or subway train. 

29.  Buying a dress that you loved at the mall. 

30.  When you have a stress-free day after a very long time. 

31.  The smell of clean sheets and laundry. 

32.  Lighting a scented candle and enjoying the fresh fragrance while doing nothing. 

33.  Receiving a compliment for your hard work or talent. 

34.  Having someone by your side in your tough time. 

35.  Spending some time with your pet. 

36.  Taking a hot tub bath.

37.  Dancing like nobody’s watching.

38.  Singing at the top of your voice. 

39.  Walking barefoot in nature. 

40.  Popping a bubble wrap. 

41.  Having a self-care session for yourself. 

42.  Going on a short drive. 

43.  Playing a game with your friends. 

44.  Getting a new haircut which you are confident about you won’t regret later. 

45.  Watching your old photo albums. 

46.  Accidentally dropping something without leaving a scratch

47.  Going on a holiday after a long time.

48.  Having a whole day to yourself.

49.  The moment after you tear yourself out decorating your home, and find it was worth it.

50.  Having a deep conversation with a stranger.

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Woman in sunshine head thrown back and arms behind her enjoying the sunshine.

Claim your happiness now

Well, these are just fifty, but there are a million more. You have to remember, we are unhappy when we find happiness in things we don’t have.

The goal should be to find happiness in the things we have and the moments we are present in. You just have to be mindful and cherish the present while you can.  

What is your perception and idea about happiness? Feel free to share them with me in the comment section; I’d love to hear them. 

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