15 Easy To Make Sugar Scrub & Body Recipes For The Perfect Gift

Sugar scrubs have always been my luxury item.

Because they usually come at a seriously luxury price.

For too long I either denied myself any sugar scrub treats at all or I made do with cheap, inferior ones.

And then I found the frugal way to have as many sugar scrubs as my heart desires – make my own!

Now there is no stopping me.

But I don’t just make them for myself, that would be rather selfish don’t you think?

Sugar scrubs are the perfect gift at Christmas time and for a beautiful birthday treat for your girl friends and family.

They smell great, they look great and they feel great.

They are a little bundle of greatness, fullstop.

And always one to keep an eye on effort, I love the fact that making a sugar scrub doesn’t take too much time nor do you need a ton of weird and wonderful ingredients.

Why not choose 3 or 4 and make them for your family and friends this Christmas?

They will be over the moon for such a sweet smelling pot of gorgeous sugar scrub and won’t believe how easily you made it.

I have collated these 15 easy to make recipes all in one place as your go to resource for a pot of loveliness.

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9 Yummy Sugar Scrubs You Have To Gift

These gorgeous smelling sugar scrubs are perfect for gifting this Christmas, or for girlie birthdays. Use beautiful jars and decorate with ribbon to really set off these scrubs.

It’s Not All About Sugar Though

Sugar scrubs are perfect for gifting but sometimes you want to switch things up a little.

Especially if family or friends have sensitive skin, scrubs might not work for them.

If a sugar scrub isn’t right for them then these gorgeous smelling alternatives are sure to be a winner this Christmas.

6 Body Beautiful Gifts You Will Want To Make

What can be easier than 5 minute recipes to make wonderful smelling gifts you might struggle to give away? Because you love them yourself so much!

Gorgeous DIY Christmas Gifts

I love that these sugar scrub and body recipes are not only so easy to make but also with a few little trimmings are more beautiful than anything you could buy in the shop.

And significantly cheaper too.

Give your family and friends a little pot of love today, they’ll know it came from your heart, not your wallet.

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